Fair Trade for British Dairy Farmers!

By Max Musson:

Milk 3During the last few days dairy farmers in the UK have mounted a number of protests at supermarkets aimed at drawing attention to their plight in which supermarket chains that dominate the wholesale milk market in this country have been paying too little for the milk they produce.

On average it costs farmers 16p per pint to produce milk, but they have only been offered 12p per pint by supermarkets, meaning the farmers lose 4p on average for every pint of milk they produce.

The supermarkets sell milk for an average of 23.5p per pint, claiming 11.5 pence to cover ‘processing costs’ and to provide them with a profit.

Supermarket spokespeople have blamed this crisis for UK farmers on a world overproduction of milk which means they are able to obtain milk from abroad for little as 12p per pint and it therefore appears that they are exploiting this situation and using it as leverage against British farmers to force down the price of the home produced product.

Many of us will find this situation strange in view of the fanfare with which supermarkets have pledged their support for the principle of ‘Fair Trade’.

Milk 2Fair trade is a social movement whose stated goal is to help producers, primarily those in developing countries, achieve better trading conditions, that is, secure a price for their produce that gives them a liveable margin which promotes sustainability. It would appear however that when it comes to British producers, no such generosity is forthcoming from supermarket food retailers and this situation smacks of anti-White racism. It would appear that ‘Fair Trade’ only applies to non-White producers in the Third World who must be protected from market forces, but not to White producers in Europe, who must strive to operate at the mercy of market forces.

Under Fair Trade rules, a milk producer in the Third World for example would be guaranteed a price per pint that would cover the costs of production, plus a margin sufficient to provide the producer with a liveable income. The terms of business imposed on British dairy farmers however have been such that not only are dairy farmers not provided with a liveable income, they are not even paid enough to cover the basic costs of production.

The overall price paid for milk has dropped by 25 per cent in the past year, causing farmers to face rising debts or go out of business – farmers in Scotland have claimed 19 farms have closed this year alone, and many are on the brink of bankruptcy.

Milk 1It is high time retailers, and especially supermarket retailers in this country, realised that social responsibility, like charity, begins at home. According to the Daily Mail, Tesco, Sainsbury and M&S are the only major supermarkets who are currently paying dairy farmers more than 16p per pint I would urge all patriotic British people to consider transferring their custom to these supermarkets in the short term. Furthermore, it would appear that Morrisons are the first of the major supermarket chains to agree a 10p per litre premium per pint that will be paid to British dairy farmers from later this autumn onwards to enable them to stay in business and this is an initiative that we at Western Spring applaud and expect to see other supermarkets following, although the question must be asked, why it is not possible to introduce this initiative immediately?

By Max Musson © 2015

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3 thoughts on “Fair Trade for British Dairy Farmers!

  1. Walter Greenway

    - Edit

    There was little wrong with the Milk Marketing Board.
    The board was set up years ago to protect the interests of farmer, customer and market equally during similar times to this.
    It was broken up and sold off despite many protests and the running costs adding very little to the price of a pint of milk.
    Thatchers government and her cronies at the time talked up a non existent butter mountain and how greedy farmers were etc.. Which in most cases was far from the truth.
    This situation was predicted but unfortunately many small producers have long disappeared and now supermarkets milk customer and farmer alike.
    Our islands are being invaded by invaders meaning we will lose more fertile land and that will exasperate problems which need not have cropped up in the first place.
    Meanwhile the young farmer, his family, along with their future mean absolutely nothing to the New World Order.

  2. I will watch Morrisons carefully. as I fear they might add a little extra for themselves.
    I think the NFU should post a complete list of all retail chains highlighting those who pay a fair price and those not, that people using smaller outlets can alsochoose for themselves to back British. I would be interested to see if the daily delivery companies pay a fair price, if so it maybe worth switching to, especially if the delivery person is also British.

    At the local farm shop yesterday another customer asked if they intended to start stocking locally produced milk, sadly the reply was negative!

    But we must also remember that with so many cut backs many more people are now having to watch every penny they spend!A small rise here and a small rise there may well push some over the edge. Sad to think that all the so called “economic benefits of mass immigration” have led to this, more poverty.

    It isn’t only farmers struggling to make ends meet!

  3. It is sad to think that this countries farmers were considered the most efficient in the world for the size of our island, it is even sadder to think that every politician in this country has worked to undermine its very foundation.
    As we all know it starting way back, this was put into opperation by the very people who are supposed to be looking after the interests of people and country.
    It also puzzels me as to why parties on the right never mention the Lima Declaration, if this had of been exploited to the full our population would be better informed as to what has happened since 1975.
    One can’t help but think that the usupation of this country has been stage managed by those who have no allegiance to it,if you examine their backgrounds you will find that their parents or ancestry are not English. There are however others who are just strange for want of a better word and we see many of them in Parliment and around us.

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