Exposing the Exposers #1

A number of people have expressed disquiet during the last year over the proliferation of undercover investigations and so-called exposés of what is euphemistically referred to as ‘the far right’ by the police, by the mass media and by malign NGOs such as Hope-Not-Hate, and it is perhaps appropriate for us to examine in detail the kind of people, and the organisations that are driving a desperate campaign to demonise and vilify honest patriotic groups and individuals who are merely trying to save our nation from looming disaster.

Starting with the murder last year of Labour MP Jo Cox, the media went into overdrive to float the idea that her killer, Thomas Mair, was not just a sad loner, a victim of ‘Care in the Community’ style healthcare that allowed a mentally ill man to run amok, but that he was a ‘terrorist’ and representative of a rising tide of ‘far right terrorism’ that the public should be every bit as fearful of as we are of the Islamic terrorism inspired by very real terrorist organisations such as ISIS.

I have already explained why Thomas Mair’s killing of Jo Cox was not an act of terrorism, but a politically motivated murder, and while some may not appreciate this distinction, it is both valid and fundamental to our understanding of recent events.

Prior to the day of her murder I doubt that many people, nationalist or otherwise living outside of her constituency of Batley and Spen had ever heard of Jo Cox or of Thomas Mair. They were, without wishing to be too pointed, nonentities as far as most people were concerned and it is only the brutal nature of her murder that has subsequently won widespread sympathy for Jo Cox, it certainly wasn’t the politics she pursued while alive.

Jo Cox’s murder is now invoked every time there is a so-called exposé of ‘far right’ activity. She has taken over from Stephen Lawrence as the more ‘appealing’ face of multicultural martyrdom, more appealing merely because she was a young, attractive looking White woman, but her murder had nothing to do with anyone active in nationalist politics and it is a falsehood to claim otherwise.

The first of this year’s so-called exposés was a brief news item produced for ITV News and syndicated out to a number of other news outlets including the ITV website where it can still be found.

This programme, entitled, ‘Exclusive: Former members of banned terror group meet at far-right training camp’ implied outrageously that a perfectly legal hiking and outdoors activities weekend incorporating an afternoon of self-defence training, was a secret training camp for members of National Action the group proscribed by the Home Office. Of course this is not stated in so many words, but the message is heavily implied throughout.

The programme focused on an event organised by Legion Martial Arts Club (LegionMAC), which was advertised quite openly on the Legion website and on Facebook. This was therefore, most definitely not a secret event, and it was open to anyone applying through the proper channels to attend.

The only secretive aspect to the event was that the precise location was kept confidential until the day before the event started as a security precaution to limit the possibility of violent Antifa demonstrators turning up and making a nuisance of themselves.

Another security precaution was that we made every effort to ‘vet’ the people attending in order to prevent trouble-makers from attending and spoiling the event.

Had a member of the police or a journalist approached us honestly and asked to attend the event, this could have been arranged without any problems. Nothing illegal was planned, nothing illegal took place and nothing was said by anyone who attended that they would not have been willing to say publicly. There was no need therefore, for ITV to go to great expense to secure a place for one of their undercover journalists. Nor was there a need for the journalist to assume a false identity and so rudely and dishonestly film other attendees at what was a private event, without their knowledge or consent.

After the event. I received an email from ITV News informing me that an undercover reporter had attended the Legion event and his findings would be broadcast on 20th March in the evening news, and that an online story would be published also. The sender of this email did not divulge their name, signing off as ‘ITV News specialist producer’. I believe this email to have come from ‘specialist producer’, Becky Kelly.

The news broadcast was attributed to Rohit Kachroo, the supposedly, bright, rising star of ITV News, who was appointed Security editor in 2014.

The so-called exposé claimed that two of the attendees at the Legion event were former members of National Action, when in point of fact only one of them was, however the most striking aspect of the programme was that it was so lacking focus and content, relying on innuendo in an attempt to convey what was a rather garbled message. In fact the whole thing was a bit of a damp squib and out of potentially twenty-six hours of secret filming by the undercover reporter, all that ITV found usable was approximately three minutes of short clips spliced together, showing nothing very much. This was a pitifully small ‘harvest’ when one considers the months that ‘Vlad’, as the reporter called himself, must have spent building up his ‘back-story’ on Facebook and the £150,000 budget this programme probably consumed.

Counter Terrorism police who received alarming reports of a secret ‘far right’ terrorist training camp will have had some of their time wasted before realising that nothing untoward had taken place. Indeed, so uninterested were the police that no-one attending or organising our event was even contacted by them or asked to make a statement.

Furthermore, despite the sensationalism employed by ITV in promoting their so called exposé and syndicating articles out to some of our daily national and regional newspapers, the Youth Hostels Association were forced to admit that we had conducted ourselves impeccably in terms of the hiring of their facilities, we had paid promptly, we had not abused their facilities and their premises were left clean and tidy.

The Derbyshire Times reported the chairman of the management committee of Youlgreave Village Hall saying the committee had accepted our booking in good faith after being told we were a sports club. He added: “It was a complete shock when we saw this on the news – it was unexpected because they appeared credible”.

Yes, we appeared to be “credible” as a sports club, because that is exactly what Legion Martial Arts Club is!

He continued, “They used the hall for a couple of hours to do some fitness training and went and had a meal in one of the pubs, causing no trouble at all.

“They were just ideal users who didn’t make any mess and cleared up after themselves”.

How about that? We were “ideal users” who conducted ourselves impeccably, “causing no trouble at all”. It would seem therefore that the so-called exposé achieved nothing at all, apart from alarming unnecessarily the Youth Hostels Association and the Youlgreave Village Hall Committee, and apart from wasting police time with spurious allegations.

Let us now turn our attention to the people who perpetrated the undercover filming and the misreporting of what had taken place, Rohit Kachroo and Becky Kelly.

Kachroo has a vested interest in promoting multiculturalism because he is of mixed race. His mother is Jamaican and his father is Indian. He and Becky Kelly were presented with an award at the 2017 Asian Media Awards in the category, ‘TV Report of the Year’, for their fake news exposé of our Legion event.

Asian Media Awards as we might anticipate is another of the racist organisations that have come into being in recent years to promote the specific interests of the Asian community in Britain.

Their website states, “Established in 2013, the awards aim to highlight the ground breaking work of reporters and producers in highlighting issues affecting race relations and human rights”.

Asian Media Awards, “showcases the very best talent working in the Asian media and those working in the mainstream media”.

So, let us end this article by ‘showcasing’ the ‘unique talent’ that is Rohit Kachroo, as seen in his most famous outside broadcast, demonstrating clearly his scintillating grasp of spoken English and his uncanny ability to define in precise and cogent terms the key aspects of the news we so urgently need to hear:


Our readers may be amused at the sight and lack of sartorial elegance displayed by Rohit Kachroo, wearing what appears to be, a jacket and shirt that are possibly as much as two sizes too small. Perhaps they shrank in the rain?

Spurred on by his recent award, and not quitting while he is ahead, it appears Rohit Kachroo has commissioned more ‘undercover investigative journalism’ targeting advocates for the indigenous White people of Britain and I will be reporting more fully on Rohit and his associates in further articles, so we can all gain a fuller understanding of the little games they play.

By Max Musson © 2017

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25 thoughts on “Exposing the Exposers #1

  1. I’m pissed off that the undercover reporter used the name Vlad, how dare he? I spoke to James at the last London Forum event and when he told me I was livid. Did anyone get any photographs of him?

    1. Yes, the use of “vlad” was unfortunate as it caused confusion. All these infiltrations are apt to sow unfounded suspicions, which can be worse than the actual effects of any such infiltration.
      The one benefit is as a reminder that all we need to do is to try to be decent people and say in public what we say in private.

      1. ‘… we need to do is to try to be decent people and say in public what we say in private’.
        Exactly, Stead.

      2. “be decent people and say in public what we say in private”,

        and say in private what we say in public, that is, no loose and foolish talk: the Enemy has ears and is everywhere. Meantime we should just simply and soberly speak the Truth.

  2. Having been a target myself, which i am sure you will cover in time, i can only ask, what did they achieve?
    When we consider, there has been three infiltrations, this year, over immeasurable time, costing money and resources, what has the British Public learned from them ? In brief, Western Spring, is not a training site, and that there was not a nano second recorded in months and months, of following us around, that could constitute any illegal offence, nor any sinister plot revelations, or salacious gossip.
    Yet, what they have done, is recklessly, create a culture of fear, by selective editing, that puts innocents in the way of harm. I know that one of the women targeted along with me, is now seriously frightened.
    Yet, in keeping with Jo Cox, they are quite happy to use the woman as a weapon, while hypocritically, and maliciously, editing footage in an attempt, to have one of nationalisms women harmed, by implying that they are extremists. They base this on the knowledge, that although their reporting got nothing, the mere suggestion, will be swallowed whole by a gullible British public.
    It’s worth pointing out here, that during the National Front parade in Grantham, their lone, female, undercover reporter, would have been in hospital that night, if the National Front men, had not protected her, when the UAF broke through the police cordon. Frustrated by not being able to injure anyone on the parade, they instead, assaulted a police officer.
    I warned the tv producer, in my defence statement, that these things have a habit of backfiring. The more savvy of the British public, after seeing their so called evidence, are left asking ‘ And ‘?
    In my opinion, this is not just a political attempt to demonise our people, it is an attempt to invoke violence and stir racial hatred, something the Muslims accused Hardcash Productions of doing, following secret recording in a London Mosque. After all, race wars, religious wars, and class wars, make great tv, which in turn, swells their bank balances.
    Broadcasters are governed by OFCOM, who regulates, that it must be in the public interest, to warrant secret recording. Yet, after scrutiny of the three infiltrations, following an entire year of covert operations, there is not a nano second of public interest, in any of them.
    As we know, there are vast amounts of Nationalist websites and Social Media groups out there, and the one, overwhelming question, on every one of them, following the announcement of Jo Cox’s killer, was ” Who the hell is Thomas Mair?”.

  3. All part of the plan to make the “Right” look as dangerous as Jihadists & so to try & stop the public shifting to the “Right”.
    Many of the public are “Right wing” but don’t know it, because they think wrongly that they would therefore be a “Nazi”, such is the propaganda they have been subjected to.

    1. They are desperate to try to make out that so-called far-right terrorism is every bit as prevalent and dangerous as other, more widely-recognised sources of terrorism. I think this will ultimately fail as the data and the news headlines every day speak for themselves. I haven’t heard anyone in the admittedly small sample size of people I know expressing fear or outrage over the threat of far-right terrorism: people tend to acknowledge that this is not a serious danger to our society.

  4. Michael Woodbridge

    - Edit

    You can rest assured Vladimir that you’re far the better looking of the two Vlad’s. The imposter made some excuse about girlfriend trouble before leaving early, which wasn’t surprising really.

    1. There’s only one real Vlad as far as I know, and that’s me! All others are fakes, cheats, frauds, and impostors. We need enhanced vetting, as I have mentioned to Stead in conversation. Although I don’t mind the odd infiltrator (I think the free publicity does some good), it’s worth implementing increased security to protect the attendees that do not wish to be filmed.

  5. This article made stunning reading, Max. I read it twice to make sure that I am not reading satire, then again to take in all that is said. And now I’m reeling: It is possible for this country’s media to tell the public that a group of people who had gathered for a private outdoor social event are right-wing terrorists whose intended strike was somehow prevented by Rohit Kachroo! Pathetically bumbling and stuttering though Rohit’s delivery is, it is unmissable that his purpose is to frighten the public with news of the existence of a dangerous White terror group in its midst.

    So a crude invasion of privacy and a massive lie that amounts to the grievous libelling of a group of people can be broadcast by a major TV channel without consequences to the broadcasters! This is not tolerable.

    A media law is overdue in this country. Clearly, journalists are a mixed bunch, and as Rohit and the ‘special’ Becky Kelly make apparent, some of them are cheap liars. Regulation of the public media and of the behaviour of journalists cannot be left to journalists. Instead, there must be a national media law, and a body to administer and enforce it. (Hungary has had such a law since 2010. It was amazing how quickly that law called to order the entrenched-over-sixty-years bolshie news media that thought that lying and libelling is its reason for being.)

    1. Hello Sophie, You seem to have assumed that the video clip I included in this article is part of Rohit Kachroo’s report of our Legion event, but this is not so. That video clip is Rohit Kachroo’s report of a different matter. I included it merely because it demonstrates that Kachroo is not the slick operator he likes to think he is and it is funny to watch him getting tongue-tied and humiliating himself on live television.
      The televised and online report of our Legion event can be found here: http://www.itv.com/news/2017-03-20/exclusive-former-members-of-banned-terror-group-meet-at-far-right-training-camp/
      As you can see, while the ITV report of the Legion event was intended to smear by association with National Action and to imply that we were National Action meeting in contravention of the Home Office proscription order, the language used relies heavily on innuendo to convey notions that it would be provably libellous to state in so many words. This is still outrageous, but not quite so brazenly outrageous as your first impression.

      1. Thank you for your correction, Max. As ou say, the ITV report is ‘not quite so brazenly outrageous as your [my] first impression’. But it stll amounts to a pretty nasty lie, albeit by innuendo. I stand by my call for a Media Law. Join me? 🙂

  6. As Trump pointed out during his presidential campaign, the media is a special interest group Its main function now is no longer to report news but to pursue a political agenda. That agenda is to promote globalism, multi-culturalism and open borders (but for White nations only). Anyone who dares to oppose this automatically gets trashed.

    The media is the biggest estate in the land. It is the enemy frontline and its primary purpose is to wage cultural and psychological warfare against the White population; to undermine its confidence, to rewrite & rubbish its history, to instil feelings of guilt and self hatred, and to portray Whites everywhere in the worst possible light as evil, wicked folk who do not deserve to exist.

    What has the media to say about us which has not been said or written about umpteen times before, anyway? They are all variations on the same boring – and factually inaccurate – theme. Establishment ‘journalists’ are pedlars of lies and purveyors of muck, nothing more & nothing less. They are all writing to the same script.

    I didn’t see this particular programme but I did watch C4’s Angry, White & American produced by some Black hack Guardian ‘journalist’. It included an interview – or rather a confrontation – with Richard Spencer (pre-Charlottesville, I think). The interviewer – if that is the correct name for him – came across as someone with a huge chip on each shoulder and a well sharpened political axe to grind.

    Professional journalists – i.e. real journalists – are objective, not subjective. They look for facts to report, and they do not bore others with their own opinions. They do not rudely interrupt those they are interviewing, and they normally show the interviewee show some respect, even if they personally disagree with the sentiments expressed. But all that went out of the window on this occasion.

    There was no attempt to present a rational, balanced or objective analysis. Instead, viewers were treated to the rant of a self-opinionated and ill-informed anti-White racist Black bigot. The farcical ending came when he threw a temper tantrum and peremptorily stalked off in a huff, declaring the ‘interview’ with Spencer to be over. His behaviour was puerile, petulant and very unprofessional.

    But that is the level to which political journalism has now sunk.

  7. I’ve noticed for some time now that the British media are increasingly building a case that depicts white nationalists as the new brand of terrorism. They’re going to report less of islamic attacks and more materialised scaremongering of right-wingers plotting to attack people instead. Doesn’t matter how innocent those it accuses are, the treacherous journalists with their communist sympathies will do whatever it takes to further their cause.

    It’s worth noting that this is all happening under a supposed “right-of-centre” government. Yet we’ve witnessed, without doubt, the most hard-left social engineering in modern history.

    We’re moving into uncharted territory, and it’s genuinely scary times to live in. I am literally afraid of the government and the overarching establishment, because my opinion and will to survive as a people and culture contradicts their intentions.

    1. Hi Steve, You have it in a nutshell. It is indeed very worrying when we realise that our government is absolutely determined to pursue policies that will progressively marginalise our people and eventually lead to our extinction. What is more, they have implemented legislation that criminalises any resistance to this eventuality and they have the willing collaboration of the mass media and what was formerly our nation’s leadership elite.
      We must therefore alert our people to what is taking place and progressively mobilise them into a nationwide resistance movement. That is the mission of Western Spring.

  8. Max. I went through the Kachroo clip and I could swear I heard you trying to stifle laughter which, it has to be said, was well deserved. Affirmative action hires are always 2nd rate

    1. That’s not me stifling laughter, Tony, it’s the ITV cameraman. The amazing thing is that the news reader (Julia Somerville?) managed to keep a straight face.

  9. Very worrying indeed – when terror groups start going around behaving impeccably and tidying up after themselves! This kind of terrorism must be nipped in the bud before it gets genuine terrorists a bad name.
    But really, to me, the idea of a terror group hiring the village hall is more like a scene out of Dads Army!
    And with that content-less ‘reporting’ I don’t think the media are going to stir up much hatred of us.

    1. The absurdities of this situation are plain to see for those of us who are awakened to what is going on. Sadly however, there are many among the sleep-walkers who lap up the rubbish spouted by the media without giving it a second thought.

  10. I am consistently disappointed when these undercover “journalists” manage to worm their way into the ranks of nationalism despite nationalists’ so-called “extreme vetting” measures. This vetting needs to get better fast.

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