Essential Truths – The Third Prerequisite

By Max Musson:

Arno Breker 1No revolutionary political movement can succeed in toppling an existing corrupt regime without a vast network of friends within the existing political establishment, without a 5th column extending deep into the enemy’s power structure, which can corrode that power structure from the inside and sabotage its efforts to suppress the new movement. This is true, irrespective of whether the new movement aims to gain power electorally, by extra-parliamentary means, or by force of arms.

An issue often overlooked by nationalists who are overly focused on electioneering, is that just as we nationalists are excluded and marginalised politically by the current regime, so too are many other non-political people excluded and marginalised for other reasons, cultural, religious or economic etc. These people will often harbour a sense of grievance against the current regime, which because they are non-party political, they may regard as the ‘art establishment’, the ‘literary mafia’ etc.

Such people will often lose out to competitors who are less able or gifted than they are simply because the competitors belong to an organised minority that covertly provides them with a ready made support network and a ‘leg-up’ at a vital moment in their careers.

Our ‘outsider’ may not understand the reason for their ‘bad luck’ and may have laboured for decades with mounting frustration and if we can approach these people and give them the helping hand they need to make a giant leap forward in their careers, then they will not only feel gratitude towards us for this, but they will be open and receptive to our political arguments and will hopefully feel inclined to repay our favour at a vital point in the development of our revolution.

We will all be familiar with television talent competitions such as ‘The X Factor’ and ‘The Voice’, and we assume that the winners are fairly decided by an unbiased public vote, yet there is much evidence to suggest that this is not so, that certain contestants who fare unexpectedly well, have previous connections with the judges or others involved in the production and receive fortuitous treatment at vital points during the competition, or receive the blind support of a minority group whose votes are enough to skew the result in their favour.

What many of us will not be aware of is the vast number of amateur singers, actors, dancers, sculptors, painters and writers from within the indigenous White population, whose careers stall and very often fail, simply because they do not receive vital funding during their developmental years. The fates of these unfortunate people are very often decided by the various quangos set up to award bursaries, scholarships and grants from central and local government, the National Lottery, and the many arts charities that exist.

What the public often do not realise is that the dignitaries who sit on these committees are frequently political appointees, heavily weighted in favour of religious, sexual and ethnic minority groups, and as I have often pointed out, it is not necessary for such committees to be constituted by a majority of minority appointees for their decisions to become skewed and dominated by the interests of minority applicants, it is often possible to completely dominate the decision making of a committee if just 30% to 40% of the committee is composed of a sub-group who vote as a bloc, and the decisions of these arts and literary quangos are often rigged in favour of ethnic minority talent to the exclusion of White people.

It is no coincidence that when singers and musicians perform on television nowadays, unless we are considering classical music or classical forms of dance, the backing singers are almost always black, the majority of the backing dancers are black and the majority of backing musicians are black. We must contrast this with the situation that existed just thirty years ago, when ethnic minority artists, as one would expect, comprised only a minority of the backing artists featured on television. Can it be that a whole generation of white people have grown up almost totally bereft of musical, dancing or singing talent, such that television producers have been forced to make do with ethnic minority substitutes, or is the selection process involved heavily biased against White talent?

I think we know the answer to that!

Arno Breker 3As a consequence of the above, there are legions of young and highly talented young White people for whom the ladder to success is blocked. Youngsters whose talent is such that they could more than hold their own against the kind of people that are paraded before us as ‘stars’ by the mass media, and while it is iniquitous that this situation exists, it does provide us within nationalism with an opportunity.

Often the difference between success and failure in literature and the arts can be very small, the factor which decides who goes on to better things and who falls at any particular ‘hurdle’ can be astonishingly small, and this means that a well funded nationalist movement can give an awfully large number of our youngsters a ‘helping hand’ at a critical time in their careers, at very little cost to us in terms of hard cash.

Such a ‘helping hand’ need not even be one of funding, but may simply be a matter of writing letters of support to the appropriate bodies, or of voting at the right time, or of showing support by buying tickets for the shows and the performances in which they feature or of buying the works of art they have produced.

Imagine the kind of subtle support that we might receive, subtle but of critical value if give at the right time, from large numbers of performance artists, sculptors, painters, and writers who know that they owe their success to a helping hand that we gave them when they were unknown? This would not necessarily be overt political support, but support in helping to shape the cultural milieu in which we operate, creating a vibrant counterculture in which the values that underpin nationalism are reinforced and supported.

Imagine also the kind of subtle support that could be given by a large number of police officers, army officers, civil servants, doctors, scientists, newscasters, journalists, authors and government officials, whose careers were given a boost through the timely intervention of an ‘army’ of covert nationalist activists. Nationalists, whose activism lies in networking and advancing the careers of other nationalists, rather than in futile street demonstrations and futile electioneering?

Arno Breker 4Furthermore, as I have stated elsewhere, there is much to be gained by building a 5th column extending into the establishment political parties themselves, through ‘entryism’

In traditional Labour areas there are large numbers of White Labour voters within whom the habit of voting Labour is so entrenched that they cannot seem to break it. I have often encountered such people during doorstep canvassing at election times and have been confounded when they tell me that they are opposed to mass immigration, EU membership etc., but still intend to vote Labour, because their fathers did and their grandfathers before them. They conflate loyalty to their forebears political beliefs with loyalty to a political party, even though that political party clearly no longer upholds the beliefs of those forebears.

We should therefore employ the judo technique of using our enemies inertia against them, and through entryism we can as our numbers grow, influence the selection of candidates, so that our members are selected as local Labour candidates, and in this way, our people can vote for ‘our’ Labour candidates and all of the brain-dead, ‘Labour till I die’ voters can also vote for them and we can get our people elected, virtually unopposed.

Once elected, our people will nominally represent the Labour Party, but they will of course place the needs of our people first and will use their influence to protect and where possible promote our enclaves also.

In traditional Tory areas we will similarly practice entryism into the Conservative Party and in this way, we will build up within local government, hundreds of ‘friends’ and may even find ourselves in a situation in which our ‘Labour’ and ‘Conservative’ politicians get selected to represent the establishment parties in ‘safe’ parliamentary seats.

Arno Breker 2This is a strategy that we have already trialled and which has proven to be successful. All that is needed for us to really capitalise on this strategy is for nationalists across the nation to eschew electioneering as overtly nationalist candidates, to form local covert nationalist associations and to begin gaining entry as ‘individuals’ into the dominant establishment party in their ward/constituency.

Once inside an establishment party, our people simply need to act as a bloc, ensuring that our people get elected as the officers of the constituency organisation, and therefore have the capacity to ensure that our people get selected as candidates.

Again, it is not necessary for our people to become a majority on any selection committee, or in any local constituency party, with 30% to 40% voting as a bloc we can dominate the decision making and within ten years, we could have literally thousands of our people elected to local government, county councils and even elected as members of parliament, all acting in such a way as to subtly skew developments in our favour and waiting for the crucial time when with their weight behind us a ‘tipping point’ will act in our favour and our revolution will move swiftly to the ‘end game’, an ‘end game’ in which we achieve ‘check mate’ and with that, sovereign political power.

By Max Musson © 2014

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5 thoughts on “Essential Truths – The Third Prerequisite

  1. Max,

    I totally support this idea and have often thought along these lines myself. This strategy was used to great effect by the militant tendency in the 70s, 80s and was if i remember correctly was (supposedly) abandoned by them in the 90s. Some well known names from those days like derek hatton came in via this tactic, didn’t the evil ken livingstone trick his way into power as head of the GLC on the coattails of the militant tendency.

    I believe that we could use entryism in many instances, even in the ordinary companies and organizations in this country. If we could get people into jobs like HR or other influencing roles.

    The main obstacle to this is of course the fact that we have not managed to organize ourselves properly. We need to try to find a way to unite all the Nationalist groups and then develop a coordinated plan of attack. It is no good having all these small individual groups.

  2. Valhalla Valkyrie

    - Edit

    I am becoming more receptive to the idea of infiltrating local parties as it allows people to keep their heads down whilst being a morale boost to the movement. It also makes them paranoid about the enemy within. I would also expect working in them to be good for intel and learning how the system works for other Nationalists.

    One of my issues with it is that for somebody to be put forward for council seats and higher positions they need to put in a large amount of time visiting meetings and canvassing to be given the chance to stand included the desired career credentials. Such activities could work against a potential Nationalist candidate in the area as well as add ‘energy’ to their otherwise fairly non active grassroots organisations.

    Countryside Tory seats would still be good though as I expect they have less competition and the candidates can be a bit more Nationalistic in what they support e.g. more money to support areas which happen to be White. By continuing to be active you can then get the support of the people. Come the next election the Councillor can then run as an independent as the local residents already support him rather than a party. Thus the Councillor would no longer have the local party whip looming over them which could see them otherwise expelled.

    1. No V.V., come the next election, the nationalist ‘cuckoo in nest’ would stay put, thereby denying a genuine establishment candidate the opportunity to replace them, they would continue to pay lip service to the ideals of the establishment party they represent (Labour, Tory or LibDem), while covertly working for the interests of the indigenous British people. That is the whole purpose of this exercise.

  3. I think before election as an MP a Nationalist should seek local politics even as an independent if needs be. I know two BNP supporters and ex-members serving local town councils. They were both ‘co-opted’ and have been on the councils now for two years. Learning the tricks of the trade and gaining support amongst the electorate. (Whether either attempt a General Election I don’t know. But the seed has been sown).

    I’m convinced once one Nationalist MP is elected (even if still technically an Independent) some Labour and Conservative MP’s would ‘cross the floor’ or at least form some form of alliance with them, eventually leading to bigger gains in the future .

    1. You still seem to be labouring under the misapprehension that entryism will be a short term tactic in order to get a few nationalists secretly elected and that they will ‘come out’ so to speak, once they have their ‘feet under the table’. This is not the intention. The intention of entryism is so that we can build up a large number of elected politicians who despite nominally representing the establishment parties will pursue nationalist policies while in power, and who will use their political influence to protect the nationalist enclaves that we will be establishing all over the country.
      Until we have a mass media capability as described in the next article in this series, there is no point openly fielding nationalist candidates in elections.

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