Essential Truths – The Sixth Prerequisite

By Max Musson:

Each of the previous five prerequisites described in the earlier articles in this series will require significant levels of initial funding if they are to be secured and this is why this final prerequisite, the establishment of a funding programme, is so important.

Funding 2Without funding, we cannot provide paid employment and will be forced to rely on unpaid amateurs working in their spare time, as all of the failed nationalist organisations of the past once did and as all of the failing nationalist organisations of the present currently do.

Without funding, our White enclaves will be tiny affairs, comprised almost entirely of the few nationalists who are financially in a position to sell up and move home to a different part of the country where there may be no work for them. The enclaves will grow torturously slowly and so slowly in fact that they will be too small to be of any use before it is too late.

Without funding it will be impossible to acquire a network of ‘friends’ in high places of any worthwhile size or influence and it will be impossible for us to acquire a nationalist media of any significant size, either by building our own, or by buying into existing media companies.

LeadershipWithout funding we will be unable to organise more than a rabble on the streets at best and we will find ourselves in the same state of powerlessness in which all previous and existing nationalist organisation in this country have become trapped.

Whether we like it or not, ‘money is power’ in the society in which we live, and if we want to exercise power, then we must be prepared to ‘feed’ our organisation with money. We either accept that we will never have the power to save our nation, or we decide that some how or another, whatever it takes, we will raise the money that we need.

Previous and all other existing nationalist organisations have failed to command membership dues at a level such that they might realistically expect to achieve their aims, because the leaders of those organisations have never really believed that our cause was worthy of realistic membership contributions, and as a consequence their ‘proposition’ lacked credibility. More importantly, the converse has always been true also. Their ‘proposition’ has always lacked credibility, for the simple reason that they have never had the courage to ask for a realistic level of funding from their members.

If some friends invited you and your spouse out for the evening, to make up a foursome for dinner at the Savoy Hotel in London, telling you that they had come into some money and that consequently the cost of the night out would be on them, and that you should expect it to be a no expenses spared occasion, you would rightly expect that they must have a budget running to several hundred pounds at least. However, if when you enquired as to the amount of their windfall, they told you that they had merely found a twenty pound note, the credibility of their proposition would suddenly look preposterous, and it is the same with the funding of a political movement.

When a political organisation sets its membership dues at just £30 per annum, what that organisation is doing is the equivalent of inviting you to go for a slap-up, no expenses spared night out at the Savoy, on a budget of just twenty-pounds. They are in effect telling you that there is no realistic prospect of them ever achieving power, and that everything you and they may do together, may fool you into feeling better, but it will not make a blind bit of difference to the eventual fate of our people, of your children or your children’s children. Everything you will do with that organisation will ultimately be a fatuous waste of time.

Some people argue that a nationalist organisation can have a nominal membership fee, and can then raise lots of additional money through various fund raising activities once lots of people have joined. However, this is not so. Such an organisation expects their part-time activists to waste what precious spare time they have, time that they might otherwise devote to political outreach and political campaigning, organising all manner of what usually turn out to be amateurish fund raising events, that usually raise relatively little money.

Funding 3They raise relatively little money because they are organised by people who are already holding down a ‘day job’ and who are already trying to take part in political activity in their spare time, and who have too little spare time left over to organise fund raising activities effectively.

Such fund raising is therefore inevitably inadequate in terms of the amounts raised and this means that the political activity that follows is inevitably organised on a ‘shoe string’, and by definition therefore amateurish by comparison with events organised by well funded professional politicians of the establishment parties.

Previous leaders have never believed the British public would be prepared to contribute more than £30 per annum and the current crop of nationalist micro-parties seem to compete with each other to offer membership subscriptions at the lowest possible level, in the hope that by doing so they will attract the largest possible membership.

In reality however, all they succeed in doing is to condemn themselves to operate their organisations on a shoestring, and to deny themselves credibility in the eyes of potential supporters. No one can seriously believe that a nationalist organisation operating on a shoestring will ever have the wherewithal necessary to defeat our enemies – the most powerful vested interest groups in the world.

PatriotismIt is therefore easier to recruit new members when one expects them to make contributions at a realistic level than it is to recruit new members by attempting to entice them with derisorily small membership dues. By ‘realistic’ level of contributions, We mean a level of contributions capable of enabling the organisation to achieve levels of funding that would realistically allow them to mount a credible challenge for political power.

At Western Spring we advocate membership contributions at the maximum level our members can comfortably afford. We don’t expect people to donate so much that their standard of living is adversely affected, but most people can afford £30 per month, some can afford significantly more than this and of those who cannot afford £30 per month, we simply ask that they try to get as close to that figure as their budget will reasonably allow.

Our experience is that we can achieve £30 per month as an average across our membership and our aim is to build our contributing membership to 300,000 within ten years. This will give us as an organisation an annual income of £100m per annum, enough for us to acquire the necessary prerequisites and make a credible bid for power.

In fact with £100m per year to spend, my belief is not that we will have enough money to simply win, but that we will have so much money that we cannot fail!

T.E. Lawrence, the great Lawrence of Arabia, a nationalist who many believe was murdered for his opposition to Zionism, wrote in his ‘Seven Pillars of Wisdom’, “All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible.”

The most important purpose of this series of articles is therefore to provide a vision of how we can equip ourselves with the vital prerequisites that our success will require.

DiversityWhen we as a people and as a movement realise that success is possible and we can visualise that success, then our motivation and our optimism for the future will flood back.

There is another old saying: ‘What the mind of man can conceive and believe, he can achieve’ – put quite simply, if we believe that success is possible, that belief in itself is sufficient to make success a possibility.

Join us my brothers and sisters – let our dream become your dream – act upon that dream and victory will be within our grasp!

By Max Musson © 2014

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22 thoughts on “Essential Truths – The Sixth Prerequisite

  1. While I accept the concept of paying a reasonable sum as a membership contribution, I am intrigued at your suggestion that in ten years there will be a membership of 300,000.

    That equates to the recruitment of 30,000 members a year, or 82 a day (without taking into account those who fail to renew their membership for whatever reason).

    Has any Nationalist group ever achieved that level of membership in the UK? I realise it might be possible to achieve that many “likes” on Facebook, but you are talking about members contributing hundreds of pounds a year, which is a little more onerous than clicking a button on a website

    I’m interested to know why you have chosen that figure and how you hope to achieve it.

    1. We have not stated that there will be a membership of three-hundred thousand in ten years time, but that there could be.
      This figure is based upon 600 membership recruiters recruiting 2 people per week each over a five-year period. Three-hundred thousand is the number of members the Conservative party had about 20 years ago. It is also one in three of the people who voted BNP at the last European elections. While such a membership figure is unprecedented for a nationalist organisation in this country, we believe it is a figure that is achievable and even if we were to fall short by as much as 50%, we would still have a massive organisation with massive resources.

      1. Beware the curse of the BNP….”Churn”.
        Attracting loyal long term followers is what you want.

  2. Thanks for that, but voting BNP is (maybe!) easier than paying £360 a year, every year for the rest of one’s life; and membership of the Conservative Party is most certainly cheaper.

    And how long will it take to you to recruit your 600 salesmen? While I admire your goals and ambition, I confess a to certain skepticism as to your figures.

    I hope I will be proved wrong 🙂

    1. No one is saying that you should abstain from voting if you join Western Spring. You can do both.
      Yes, membership of the Conservative Party is cheaper than £30/month, but that is why the Conservative party is funded by and run for the benefit of plutocratic oligarks.
      There is an old truism, that ‘he who pays the piper calls the tune’. We want the bulk of our members to be the ones ‘calling the tune’, not some secretive ‘Sugar Daddy’ with an agenda all of his own, and if we want to call the tune, we must be the one’s who ‘pay the piper’. It’s as simple as that!

  3. And how is membership currently progressing? Surely at nothing like 2 a day.
    What is required to ramp up membership?

    1. Recruitment is currently slower than we would like, but we are still in the ‘problem child’ quadrant of the Boston Business model, in which progress is still painfully slow relative to the effort exerted.
      What we need are more self-motivated people willing to become recruiters for us, and for more people to respond to our appeals for potential new members. It’s that simple.
      In time we will reach a critical mass that will drive us into the ‘star’ quadrant and our growth will then become exponential.
      Perhaps you would like to email me, ?

  4. So what tune do members get to call?

    And you didn’t explain where your 600 recruiters are coming from, nor what they are currently doing, nor indeed, what any contibutor can hope to gain from signing up for £3.5k over ten yrs.

    And grin, I notice you didn’t suggest I could contact you. Wrong gender ? 🙂

    1. Members have the opportunity to speak to me and voice their views or concerns regarding any issue. They also have the ability to speak to their local representative, who will probably be the person who recruited them and they will be able to voice their opinions to other members that they will come into contact with. They can call whatever tune they want, and they have the knowledge that Western Spring is funded by the general membership and is not beholding to a small number of mega-donors. Therefore if we pursue policies that are contrary to the interests or wishes of the general membership, there is the likelihood that they will cut off our funding.
      What I’m saying is that organisations that have merely nominal membership dues, and which rely on large donations from a small number of mega-donors, have little incentive to behave in accordance with their members’ wishes. Our system places the focus on the needs of the nation as a whole, not just the wealthy few.
      What members get for their £3,600 over ten years is the salvation of their people, our future existence secured and a future for White children.
      Finally Lucy, you seem so forward I didn’t think you would need further encouragement and would be sure email me the moment you felt ready. Please feel free to do so. 😀

    2. I might not be much of a feminist but I think more female input is needed compared to how the BNP or NF are seen.

      1. A female leader would be good. Perhaps quite naturally, nationalism and nationalist parties/organisations tend to be dominated by us men folk.

        I am sure that one reason why the French Front National is undergoing a resurgence at the moment is because they have a member of the fairer sex leading them. A woman can make a nationalist party seem less ‘threatening’ or ‘harsh’.

        1. The problem with that idea is that very few women are interested in politics and it would be good if nationalism as a whole could get a few more female members, let alone a female leader.
          Not to worry though, I am in touch with my feminine side. Will that do? 😉

          1. Yes, that is unfortunately true. Politics does tend to attract more men. I suppose its because we men are attracted to the notion of power and being in charge of things – a masculine trait for the most part. Women are more placid creatures generally and more content to go with the flow of events rather than to try to change them.

            Yes, that will do!

  5. It used to be said “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”.
    This is a pound a day to keep our destruction away?

  6. Crazy Englishman

    - Edit

    I feel that maybe because Western Spring is not in the public eye as a political group would be, some find it hard to trust and commit financially, there isn’t and probably will not be any physical signs of return for their contribution for years to come so it takes a lot of trust to commit a regular income.
    The six prerequisites in your plan seems to be sound and will provide an outcome either for total victory or at least a homeland of our own be it an annexation of England’s regions at worst. There are small details that seem to cause disagreement with commenters but are only of minor consequence and we can amend these as each stage comes to fruition, the desired result the overall accomplishment that we have has always been firm.
    The other outcome could be that Western Spring doesn’t have the resolute to see the job through as it seems to fall very much on Max’s shoulders, a heavy burden to carry for any man which is why I can only assume there are equally adapt folk in their own fields supporting him.
    If it were that Western Spring fell what would be left?
    But what would be left if it were not to of existed at all?
    Who has such a plan that would transpire in the timescale left and at worst leave us with some remnants to build upon?
    Our existing nationalist groups need to be utilized not competed against, issues need to be resolved and a place for them to coexist found within our movement if we can not convince the already active nationalists then our numbers will struggle, questions have to be asked of our self’s as to why were not attractive to them, are we talking about historical side issues that have no constructive importance in our goal and can only
    divide minds, can these issues not be reformed into a new concept that avoids distinctive portrayals of the past.
    The first time I contacted Max I stated that I wanted to support Western Spring and how I couldn’t see myself following other nationalist groups due to the public perceiving them overtly racist and fascist (succumbed to government propaganda), I have questioned my thoughts in the past am I wrong in thinking these foreigners are a parasite am I an evil NAZI, never have I had a change in my heart that has been constant my whole life, my conviction has strengthened there can be no half measures in our peoples fate, we need to get the masses at this level of awareness but offered on a silver platter.
    It has taken hundreds of hours to educate myself to a small level of racial, scientific and historical facts. How can we do this in a condensed form for the people? Whilst living immoral debased lifestyles being fed propaganda.
    The first prerequisite will be the silver platter offering a safe, upstanding and aesthetically pleasing communities, our message will be displayed in the living form.
    I know in the past people have asked why there isn’t a donation page on this web site?
    I for one would have donated several times if there had been, setting up a direct debit is a long term commitment which is why I presume you would sooner have it that way to be able to invest long term with an assured income whilst gaining only truly committed nationalists.
    I’ve had every intention of donating but an illnesses in the family has consumed time and mind, my donation will not be of the full amount at present, if there is anything that my spare time could help achieve in the Norfolk area then I would be pleased to offer it

    1. Thank you for your feedback CE, some of your points have validity and we are already working on changes that you should find encouraging. It is time however to make yourself known to us by emailing me, . I can then arrange to meet you for a more in depth discussion.
      You are right, we do ask people to take a leap of faith but it is not as great as you might think. The electioneering nationalist parties are going to be annihilated at the polls later this month as true nationalism is electorally eclipsed by the reactionary conservatism of UKIP, and we are going to need a new idea to lead us into the bleak era beyond.
      When we scan the nationalist scene, there is only one organisation offering radical new thinking, and that is Western Spring, so the decision as to whether or not nationalists should take that leap of faith is a no-brainer.
      Can we be trusted? … That’s a funny question coming at a time like this, when each month every tax-payer is forced to give hundreds if not thousands of pounds in taxes to a government that we know is actively engineering our racial oblivion. Why should risking another £30/m, more or less, present such a problem?
      £30 per month for five years amounts to £1,800. If in five years donors don’t see anything of value emerging from our enterprise, they can cease payments and will be just £1,800 worse off – the price of an old banger, or a one week off-peak holiday for two in the Mediterranean. If this country continues to spiral downwards into race war, chaos and corruption, will the price of an old banger make much difference to your quality of life at that time? Will the money needed for a week in the sun save you from the multiracial hell-hole? … I don’t think so!
      If for whatever reason our plans do not come to fruition, then the White people of these islands will face a very ugly future indeed, and making those monthly contributions is the only thing standing between our people and oblivion. Like I said, its a no-brainer! So please do get in touch. If we fail, it will not be for lack of effort or commitment on our part.

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