Essential Truths – The Second Prerequisite

By Max Musson:

This is the third article in the ‘Essential Truths’ series, and in this third article I will explain why it is essential that we create a network of White enclaves or consciously White communities across Britain, and I will describe what role they will play if we are to be successful in securing the salvation of our people.

Firstly, we must consider the probable fate of our nation and of the British Isles if current demographic trends continue.

Already the centres of most of our large towns an cities have become blighted by immigrant ghettos and the immigrant influx into our country continues unabated, spreading gradually from city centers; to suburbs; to small towns and villages, and unless something is done to halt it, multiracialism and multiculturalism will spread to every part of our land. Furthermore, as the immigrant population increases and spreads out, so our people will be squeezed out of employment, will be squeezed out of housing and living space and we will be increasingly marginalized and ultimately driven into extinction.

Nationalists are at present dispersed across our country, largely isolated and ineffective.

Our nation has no defensive perimeter. We are like an army whose defenses have been breached and which is in a state of increasing disarray as the enemy pours through overrunning our positions, attacking our flanks and attacking us from the rear.

Media Brainwashing 2We nationalists and our families are exposed to the dominant culture of multiculturalism and multiracialism; of materialism and consumerism; a culture in which the values underpinning nationalism and wholesome family life are denigrated; a culture in which our young are through a degenerate youth culture, systematically lured into drug addiction and sexual permissiveness; a culture in which men and women are pitted against each other and in which most marriages inevitably end in divorce.

If our people are to live again, it is essential that we find a way to end the isolation that we nationalists suffer; that we find a way to take control of the cultural milieu within which our people live and create a counter-culture capable of instilling within our people and reinforcing a healthy desire to resist the enemy; to live and to once more regain our self-determination.

To continue the earlier analogy of a nation in disarray, we must fall back to secondary defensive positions, to form ‘battle squares’, so that the enemy is no longer at our flanks and at our backs, so that having regrouped, we can once again drive forward and retake the ground we have lost. The move towards the formation of White enclaves is therefore not a matter of White people retreating into bolt-holes where we will hide from the advancing enemy, it is taking a strategic step back, in order that we might subsequently take several steps forwards and drive through to ultimate victory.

As I have explained on previous occasions, there is a common mistake of thinking of the remaining all White areas of Britain are as ‘enclaves’, which of course they are not.

One hears the uninformed declaring, “I already live in an enclave”, when in reality they merely live in one of the parts of our country that remain White by mere default, because no non-Whites have as yet chosen to live there. The inhabitants of such areas have not made a conscious decision to remain White and to actively resist the advance of multiculturalism and multiracialism, and should the influx of immigrants head their way, such communities would be largely defenceless in the face of that advance.

Our White enclaves must be ‘conscious communities’ composed of people determined to keep their communities White and prepared to militantly resist any moves to the contrary.

Nationalists must begin to assemble our people and our families in concentrated pockets in which we can act as ‘organised minorities’ thereby gaining disproportionate influence and control in those localized areas through Organised Minority Advantage (OMA). We must come to dominate the schools, businesses, shops and churches, and the parish councils, resident’s associations and neighbourhood watch groups, as outlined in an earlier article.

White Family - LargeThe creation of White enclaves will provide reservoirs of untainted White people that will secure the existence of our people and offer the prospect of a future for White children, conditional upon the people involved maintaining their resolve and their determination for our race to live on.

This is currently the vision of all other groups engaged in creating White enclaves and beyond this they foresee a time when through bitter struggle the enclaves they have created will expand through natural population increase and through selective recruitment from among the White remnants the collapsing multicultural society around them. As a worst case scenario, this is also what we at Western Spring envisage, but growth under such circumstances would by necessity be slow, the numbers ‘saved’ would be relatively small, and the ‘British’ people would pass through a very narrow demographic ‘bottleneck’, with the vast majority of our people perishing in the blood baths and persecutions that would inevitably accompany the coming racial Armageddon, when ‘Third World’ Britain finally collapses.

The Western Spring strategy therefore differs in one very important respect, that our drive to establish enclaves will be leveraged upon the generosity of a large number of financial donors, so that our expansion will be rapid, so that the number of enclaves created will exceed 1,000 in number, and so that the numbers of our people saved will be the maximum possible. The Western Spring funding programme is therefore an extremely important part of our strategy.

Our vision is that the enclaves will be our ‘Zion’ and the network of donors we are recruiting will constitute our ‘diaspora’ and just as Israel has triumphed over her Arab neighbours because of her superior funding and in large measure because of the high level of donations emanating from the Jewish diaspora, so our ‘Zion’ will triumph over the mult-culti cesspit that surrounds us because of the high level of funding support from our vast army of donors.

Groups advocating the establishment of White enclaves but who reject the notion of a wider funding programme, will suffer slow growth in the size and number of their enclaves because only people who have nothing to lose, and who by definition have little or no resources, will be willing ‘up-sticks’ and move to an enclave that cannot assure them of employment. Others who will be able to make the move will be those already retired and the small number of nationalists who are independent means.

Young couples with families and very little equity in their homes will rarely be in a position to move to an enclave on a self-funding basis, especially when there may be no work available and there may be only limited vacant housing.

Enclaves that take several decades to mature will find themselves ‘islands’ of White culture and White racial stock within a sea of immigrants and the increasingly coffee coloured remnants of the rump of our people. Mass immigration and miscegenation will by then have transformed our nation.

The inhabitants of the enclaves will probably be regarded with hostility or at best at best as relic communities in the way that Americans currently view the Amish.

If on the other hand, the creation of a vast network of enclaves can be accomplished rapidly through external funding from an army of donors, the enclaves could reach maturity within one or two decades, while there still exist substantial numbers of racially unsullied White people in the wider society. Then, with the demographic low-point reached much sooner, with less severity, and with the demographic recovery led by us starting sooner and from a far more advantageous position, the potential for us to succeed in reclaiming our land and regaining self-determination within the lifetime of most White people alive today becomes a very real prospect.

The Western Spring funding programme aims to create a fund from which development grants and soft loans can be made available to

entrepreneurially minded nationalists within our enclaves wanting to create businesses and therefore employment for other nationalists, and wanting to build affordable housing, thereby enabling nationalists with young families to far more readily move into one of our enclave communities. This will enable the enclaves to expand much more quickly than otherwise and it will also ensure that life within the enclaves and the life opportunities available will be better than will be available outside.

With consciously White communities composed of young families in addition to the middle aged and older retirees and younger single unattached individuals, there will be a healthy balance that should ensure the creation of properly viable and sustainable enclaves. Furthermore, with the accelerated development of the enclaves resulting from the funding programme, it will be possible for the enclaves to be far more selective and discerning in their recruitment of new members from the wider society.

The faster the enclaves grow and the more of them we create, the sooner they will begin to coalesce, thereby securing larger tracts of land for our people and acting as an effective impediment to the spread of immigrants.

Furthermore, the enclaves will act as power-bases for our community leaders, enabling them to secure election to parish councils, then borough councils and eventually parliament. The acquisition of political power through the creation of  enclaves is an organic strategy rather than an electoral strategy, but in the end it will be no less effective and once accomplished will secure us power for all time, rather than keeping us dependent upon the capricious nature of public opinion.

By Max Musson © 2014

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12 thoughts on “Essential Truths – The Second Prerequisite

  1. If there are any people left out there who still believe micro-parties are the only sensible things to be looking at and getting involved with, then they should read this and the other parts which I consider a ‘series of articles’ about the logical approach of Western Spring.
    Whilst I personally do still think that these micro nationalist parties can serve some degree of a purpose (that of a focal point for each other, an information network, propaganda outlet, policy statements, and so on), I have yet to see anything from these groups pierce the logic of the Western Spring approach.
    Okay, I admit that I think that some of the proposals and plans being put forward are a little bit optimistic and contain an element of wishful thinking in the face of a enormous task – but considering the alternatives on offer, nothing much else seems to make any sense to me, nor does it really need to be mutually exclusive of one another when it comes to other methods or activities. That is a beauty of Western Spring, you are not boxed in or confined to categories or allegiances.
    Although it may be unfair to bring this up, I have had my interest pricked with the recent “Operation Trojan Horse” said to be going on with the Islamic societies in Birmingham, Manchester and no doubt elsewhere. This is of course the accusation – and probable truth – that Muslims are putting a strategy into place within (but apart from), the wider system around us in order to establish their wishes and desires.
    I think it may be interesting to see not only how the strategists handle this apparent expose of their efforts, but how the authorities can possibly manage to prevent it, in perpetuity, in a city that is increasingly going to be less white and less liberal.
    Have they been too clumsy in their strategy? Have they been too hasty and too bold too soon? Can we learn from what mistakes they made, or learn from the way the state seeks to deal with the phenomena?
    Whether the state wants to recognise it or not, there is an undercurrent battle going on within this country that is not really identified outright or really spoken about. Sometimes it is not even consciously made, whilst at other times it is clearly a process of mind games and territorial control.
    On the one hand you have those people who are working for a specific interest and goal, and on the other you have the unthinking masses who sail through life oblivious or uncaring or being downright hostile to making choices and taking strong viewpoints.
    In such a game play, who are the ones likely to win? The ones advancing some sort of strategy and aims for something specific, or the ones who just flip flop through life with no real positions? I think those with aims and ambitions will win in such a scenario.
    Other groups, such as the Muslims (in this case) have their team. It should be obvious that there are going to be other players in the game too. This is a game where the state apparatus cannot make the rules any more, even if it wanted to do so.
    It is like them wanting to try and stop FGM and other such things – when you have, say, 6 Million Muslims in Britain, growing in numbers every decade, how on Earth are they really going to police such a thing? What happens when they are overtaken numerically and cannot even pretend to have a say in what happens?
    The country of the future is, in current turmoil and direction-less times, up for grabs. That is how it feels. That it is there for the taking; and ethnic minorities – particularly Muslims (considering their religious obligations) obviously feel like they are in a position to inherit it from us. They are playing the long game, by simply looking out for “their own” interests. Why should they do anything else?! Why are people shocked and surprised by this?
    If things like this “Operation Trojan Horse” are true, they are already well established in setting up their enclaves and beach-heads and are now pushing outwards… there should be a counteraction, and that counter action may well come in the form of Western Spring and similar ventures. It will certainly not come from the state, and they will certainly not rally to our defence.

  2. As I have commented previously Max (in other posts), and with all due respect to all the work and thought you have put into this project, I still can’t see it as being a priority, especial given the resources it would suck up.

    Devoting scarce resources at this stage to such a project is simply not cost effective.

    What is efficient is getting our message out, alerting Whites to the the ongoing destruction of Whites by YKW and the solution to that, to as many people as possible. The more that know, the more that will know in turn as the word spreads. Our resources should be spent on communicating to our people the problem and the right response

    Funding internet writers, bloggers, videographers, speakers, communicators and so on will give the biggest bang for the buck. Their activities will draw in new people, and new funds, in a virtuous cycle.

    We are being destroyed by poisonous anti-White propaganda, so the antidote is our own propaganda, that has potentially dramatic leverage because we have the truth on our side.

    The end result of effective wide-spread propaganda would be to make the enclave concept either redundant or a last ditch effort.

    1. I understand why you might think as you do Katana, but you make two fundamental mistakes:
      Firstly, you make the mistake of thinking that the Western Spring project precludes us from “funding internet writers, bloggers, videographers, speakers, communicators and so on”, but that is not so. This website is just one example of what we do and a major part of our work will be to fund the kind of activity that you regard as vital.
      The second mistake you make is in not realising that every nationalist political organisation ever formed in this country has made the tactical error of thinking that the British people do not know what is going on and merely need to be ‘awakened’, by our message of truth for them to be galvanised into action. This is not so.
      The majority of our people are well aware of what is going on, but they do nothing because they do not believe we nationalists can win. They don’t vote for us in sufficient numbers because they view voting for a political organisation that cannot win as a ‘wasted vote’. Instead, they vote ‘tactically’ for the ‘least worst’ of the parties they think can win.
      Before the public will vote nationalist or join nationalist organisations in large enough numbers to make any difference, they must first be made to believe that we can win, and this means that we must demonstrate that we have the wherewithal needed to win, i.e. the ‘Six Prerequisites’, or have at least devised a plan that will enable us to acquire those prerequisites.
      The strategy that you advocate is based upon the same basic error that has blighted the propaganda campaigns of each of the 40 plus nationalist political parties that have campaigned in this country over the last 120 years. It is a strategy that has failed every time for the reasons I describe.
      The strategies outlined by me on this website have not been designed because we believe they will be easily enacted, or because they ‘sound like fun’, but because length analysis has brought us to the conclusion that there is no other way. The “funding internet writers, bloggers, videographers, speakers, communicators and so on”, is a vital part of our strategy, but on their own such measures will not be enough.

      1. I’m aware that doing one thing doesn’t preclude doing other things, but you seem to be saying that all nationalist political organization previously formed in the UK were out of touch with the thinking of the British people? I find that hard to believe Max.

        1. I am not saying they were ‘out of touch’, I’m saying that they misinterpreted the motivations of the electorate. They assumed, as many still do today that the broad masses of the British people do not vote for nationalist parties and do not rise up against our corrupt governments, because they have yet to hear our message, and that if only we could transmit our message to all these apparently cloth-eared people, they would ‘wake up’ and flock to our side. This is patently not so!
          There cannot be a single White adult in the British Isles, outside of those in care, who are not aware that this country is being swamped with non-White immigrants; who are not aware that government is corruptly allowing it to take place; and who are not aware that unabated, immigration will result in the replacement of our white race with a coffee coloured people.
          Furthermore, there cannot be a single White adult who has yet to receive a leaflet from the BNP, the NF etc., or has yet to see a nationalist website or TV broadcast, telling them of the consequences of mass immigration, yet the vast bulk of these people still do not vote for nationalist candidates in sufficient numbers.
          The problem is obviously therefore not that we have so far failed to get our message out, it is that our message is dismissed because we are not yet regarded as capable of winning power.
          Repeatedly spreading our message will eventually attract more people, but alone it will not attract enough to make a difference. If this were not so, a nationalist government would have already been elected as a result of the efforts of the 40 plus nationalist political parties that have gone before us.
          We must stop ‘beating our heads against this particular brick wall’ and employ new tactics, to do otherwise would be madness.

          1. Disappointed in you Max, that you chose to only post about 10% of my comment for no good reason other than I disagreed with you, in a point by point fashion. I suppose you felt it would have been tiresome to rebut my arguments?
            I spent about about an hour and a half, or more, composing my considered reply, what with looking back at your previous posts, etc. Nothing remotely offensive, just straight up critique.
            If you want to build an effective movement you need to air fair criticism.

            1. Sorry, but I do air fair criticism, Katana. However, I had already rebutted your arguments and I don’t feel obliged to provide endless space for someone to simply repeat criticisms that I have already dealt with.

  3. I am wondering whether a White enclave in which people live close together who have rather significant cultural outlooks would work. For example some racial loyalists are fervently Christian while others wholly reject all spook worship. Some are of the “homosexual community” or even “the dog owner community” and so on. There are many ostensible White racial loyalists who would not be able to tolerate living in proximity to one another. This is all the more likely among people who are very strong minded and opinionated.

    Oriana in South Africa keeps itself Calvinist, which helps to avoid this multiculture pit fall, for it is possible to have an all-White multiculturalism after all.

    A significant level of segregation even among our own race is important for stability surely?

    Christians and Creators are even on divergent evolutionary trajectories!

    1. Challenges of the sort you describe will undoubtedly arise, however I don’t believe they will prove to be an irreconcilable impediment to nationalist unity.

  4. I like it Max. Admittedly I can see an awful lot of hard work, hard times and hard choices ahead, but, for the most part, I would readily jump on board.

    I am a carpenter, have been for 20 years, a trade I think would be most useful in such an undertaking. I currently work for a UK Midlands housing association which supplies social housing for a medium sized city. Whilst the pay is not great, the job is secure and I supplement the basic pay by covering 24 hour emergency call out one week out of every three. I have always enjoyed being a carpenter as each day I create something which I can be proud of. However, since joining my current employer 2 years ago, I have began to hate my working day. Social housing in an inner city means immigrant housing. My day may now consist of attending a property inhabited by muslims. Since they refuse to use water directly from a tap, it must be `blessed` first, they, over a period of a couple of years, soak the bathroom floors to the point they rot and need replacing. A job I now have to perform. Then there are the african tenants who don`t understand the build up of water behind their kitchen sink rots the worktop to the point the entire worktop, and usually the kitchen unit beneath, needs removed and replaced. These are but 2 of a multitude of problems that immigrants cause to OUR social housing due to their complete inability to follow basic care/hygiene routines. I won`t go into the issues that somali`s cause in case anyone is eating or of a sensitive disposition!!!

    As we slip further and further into the hell of multicultural Britain I see this becoming the norm. Whilst it now probably accounts for one fifth of my working week this can only continue to rise. As a Nationalist and a PROUD racist, can you imagine what this situation is doing to me. Sure, I could leave and find another job, but jobs which offer me, my wife and 3 children this level of security are few and far between. Trapped between my beliefs and the need for £££`s. A rock and a black place!

    I meet every day people who feel the exact same way I do. Nearly every single white tenant whose property I attend feels the same resentment, frustration and impotence in the face of the ever spreading brown stain. It is just as frustrating not knowing what tell them or where to send them. Finding Western Spring will hopefully at least solve this problem and give me a place to send these lost but willing defenders of our realm.

    It is my greatest wish that I might align myself with a movement that has enough foresight and drive to bring together the myriad fractured Nationalist groups who currently, through their inability to unite, are more help to our common enemies than the plight of white Europe. Listening to Matt Tait`s talks on Youtube and seeing the initiative of Legion Martial Arts does make me believe that with enough members working towards the same goal we may well awaken and recruit enough of our people to make a very real difference. To that end I wish Western Spring a bright, positive future and pledge my support, energies and time to the cause. Onwards with positivity to victory!

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