Essential Truths – The First Prerequisite

By Max Musson:

Arno Breker 4In the opening article of this series, I explained why it was important that we nationalists do not rely upon the capricious fortunes of a mere political party in order to advance our cause here in the UK. Furthermore, I list the Six Prerequisites that will be essential if nationalism in any form is going to be successful in securing the salvation of the British people – the first of which prerequisites is the establishment of what I have described as “A minimum of 650 MP quality local leaders and activists, who will be our candidates in an election”.

In this the second article of this series, I will explain why it is essential that we have these people and furthermore, what their precise role will be.

The twin track strategy that we at Western Spring advocate requires us: to establish a nationwide network of 1,000 or more White enclaves, which will if they can be sustained, provide the minimum necessary to secure the physical survival of our people, irrespective of whatever else might happen; and to prepare for a future moment of destiny, when we will as a movement challenge the rotting edifice of our current corrupt political establishment for control of these islands, our traditional island homeland.

The first element of this twin track strategy is both our ‘safety net’ should all else fail and the means by which we establish 1,000 or more strongholds for our ‘New Tribe’ of militant, racially conscious White people – the vanguard of our revolution. The second element represents a campaign for the restoration of our birthright and the subsequent salvation of our entire nation in perpetuity, and both mean that we will need at least 650, but ideally 1,000 or more local leaders of the highest quality.

Let us now examine the role, or more precisely the roles of these local leaders:

The first role is to oversee and lead others in the establishment of a White enclave in their local area. They will be the ideological and spiritual leaders of our enclave communities of militant, racially conscious White people. They will be the spokespeople for the enclaves and the people that others should feel able to turn to for guidance in times of need and ideally each enclave will have several subordinate or apprentice community leaders to support the manifest local leader in his or her role.

The local leaders will build management teams composed of local people with particular skills so that the enclaves grow and flourish under their direction, providing affordable housing for those who need it, stimulating the growth of nationalist owned and controlled local businesses and enterprises, providing work for those who need it.

Arno Breker 1The local leaders will also have responsibility for providing for the spiritual and pastoral needs of the individuals within their enclave, and in this respect will fulfill the role traditionally filled by the Parish priest. Holding weekly religious gatherings, conducting ceremonies – becoming a constant presence in the lives of their parishioners – there to celebrate their birth, there to witness rites of passage and advise them over their choice of spouse – attending weddings and naming ceremonies – and there to hold their hands and deliver the last rites when life finally slips away.

The local leaders will be responsible for contingency planning and for the defence and protection of the enclaves and as such will need to have under their command a body of disciplined and well-trained men and women of military age.

As all will no doubt appreciate, these local leaders will be exceptional people with bold charismatic personalities, with excellent communication skills, with cool heads in troubled times and most importantly, honest and caring, with the kind of integrity that will win the respect of those they lead.

Most importantly, the local leaders will need to have excellent influencing skills and be able to persuade others to join us – to swell our ranks and help us build and expand our enclaves – and in this role they will be the recruiting sergeants of our movement.

We at Western Spring have devised a funding programme that will generate the money we need to pursue all of our objectives and which will enable us to engage aspirant local leaders on a full-time basis and provide them with a livable income within 12 to 18 months. In this way we will have an advantage that no other nationalist movement in this country has ever had before, a large body of high quality, full-time activists driving the growth of our organisation.

The value of such a body of full-time activists cannot be over-stated. If we think back to the bad-old days: a local organiser would be expected to do a full days work; would then need to spend some time with their spouse, in order to avoid ending up in the divorce courts; would need to spend some time with their children; would need to spend some time on DIY and gardening and car maintenance; and then in what little time they had left, spend hours posting leaflets through people’s letter boxes – and then in what little time they had left after that – they would be expected to follow up the enquiries derived from that leafleting. As anyone who has tried to fulfill such a role on a spare-time basis will know, it is virtually impossible to do justice to the job and from my own personal experience and from interviewing many other ex-BNP organizers, I know that only around 1 in 3 of the enquiries received from all that leafleting activity were ever properly followed up. The organizers simply did not have the time.

Arno Breker 2The twin-track strategy devised by Western Spring overcomes all of the manpower problems that have dogged and hampered British nationalism in the past. It will deliver the key activists that we need on a full-time basis, and through them the growth in members that we need, the local leadership that we need and the funds that we will need to fill our war-chest so that when the time comes we will have the wherewithal needed to make a realistic bid for supreme political power in this country and secure salvation for our people.

As always, our plans are ambitious and challenging and the roles that we offer our members are equally demanding, but I am convinced we have dormant within our nation enough people of the right quality and with the right mental attitude to carry us forward to victory.

I believe there will be many people, young and not so young, reading these words and feeling that they have unfulfilled potential. That lying dormant within them is the seed of future greatness and the desire to see it realised. I hope that you dear reader are one of those people and that you will email me,, and take your first step towards becoming the epoch making charismatic warrior priest that you always knew you were.

By Max Musson © 2014

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10 thoughts on “Essential Truths – The First Prerequisite

  1. Ha! I so am a charismatic warrior priest!

    But yes, it’s a very exciting prospect: activists being able to designate the bulk of their time to activism. It’s such a waste for bold and bright minds to be stagnant in the disenchanted labour market, or festering in idle unemployment.

    I just hope the longevity of this project is fulfilled. Obviously this is all conducted with long term goals in mind. I just hope this – as many things do – doesn’t become reduced to a warring of egos.

    Good luck, fellas.

  2. I like it … and I’ll western spring and check back in .

    White nationalism begins with White tribalism .

    And we don’t want to be melted in your melting pot … Team White .

    1. In one sense that is correct, Vic. Communities are formed and cemented when lots of individuals decide they want to ‘commune’ with others for whom they care.
      Our society once had a number of agencies that used to make regular home visits to others within their community, either to promote community based services or to provide pastoral care.
      During the 1950s, residential areas of our towns and cities would patrolled by local police constables on their ‘beats’, in such a way that a local constable would become familiar with the residents of the area and would be familiar with the vulnerable people who needed protection and with the delinquent people who needed watching. They patrolled on foot, so that they would talk to and pass the time of day with the people of the community they served.
      Similarly, GPs practices were deliberately sited within the communities they served and district nurses and midwives all served designated local communities with whom they would have personal ties. The GPs children would go to the local school alongside the farmer’s children and the midwives’ children, the and the police constable’s children, and there they rubbed shoulders with the factory workers children and the milkman’s children etc.
      Like the police constable, the local GP would have a regular home visits round in which he/she would call on those people who were old and/or vulnerable to health problems, so that medicine could be preventative and not just reactive. Tradespeople like milkmen would deliver milk every morning to every household in their local community and they too would build up a relationship and a rapport with their customers, looking out for and often reporting back to the GP if they noticed someone vulnerable was seriously ill.
      Insurance companies like the Prudential also realised that there was value to them in commercial terms in having local representatives in each community who would have a regular round selling insurance and collecting premiums. Not only would this promote business for the Prudential, it would also help in determining that insurance claims made by policyholders were valid claims and not fraudulent. It would have been very difficult to commit insurance fraud in a situation in which one’s children go to school with the local Prudential representative’s children and in which that representative was a regular visitor to one’s home, and of course, insurance fraud was almost unheard of in those days.
      A true community is created when people ‘commune’, i.e. when they lived together and conduct their lives in such a way that they routinely interact with others from their local area with whom they share a common identity and feel a social bond.

  3. Sounds good in theory…………..but it will never happen.
    Nationalist ideology will never come to the fore through the democratic process in this country; the establishment will make sure of that.
    Best chance is through a subversive / violent campaign. Not that I would champion such a course, but history would point to that being the best way of changing things to our advantage.

    1. Some people believe there are only two ways that power can change hands, and if it is not ‘legitimately’ through the electoral system, it must be ‘illegitimately’ through violent revolution and the force of arms. This is not so however, the truth is that power can change hands in a number of different ways, with varying degrees of perceived ‘legitimacy’, depending upon one’s point of view.
      How our national revolution eventually comes about will probably involve a number of factors and will probably result from a very complex course of events, but if we follow the broad strategy that we advocate here at Western Spring there is every reason to believe that we can be successful and in a way that the majority of the British people will regard as both legitimate and ‘democratic’, in the true sense of those words.
      Let us have no more pessimism or defeatism. If you can’t see how we will win, then I suggest that you keep readying the pertinent articles published on this website until you do, because anything is possible as long as we believe it so, whereas nothing is possible if we don’t.

  4. The essential idea of changing the system from within is the only way to change the system, right? People create social structures based on a variety of factors, so if you change the conditions, the behavior (the culture) changes.

    I haven’t read or experienced enough at this stage to understand every way an oppressive system can lose power; but at they say, ”There is more than one way to skin a cat.”

  5. Let me give you a new perspective on this. Yes all white enclaves are great. But in practice how does it work? In South Africa a few such attempts have been made. Orania is the best known but it is a farming community andblacks don’t want to live there. Some complexes have gone up where not even black maids or workmen are allowed. It immediately draws the attention of the government and white liberals and they purposely target the place, using the law to ensure blacks move in. The same happens at universities. After any racial incident the government targets the institution and floods it with non-whites. I assume the same will happen in the UK in the name of diversity and tolerance.
    In practice, flying under the radar may work better. Allow one or two non-white families in. Moderate ones who are more or less assimilated and who don’t want the social problems. In South Africa it is called window dressing. It removes unwanted attention while white people remain in control. We give the impression of being tolerant and hence didn’t get unwanted attention when we formed a private security company: all white.
    The white man must remain flexible and only fight battles he can win. At the moment the tide of non-white infiltration will not be stopped. Allow one in, treat them respectfully, but isolated, then close the doors. The rule of thumb is once a place goes 10% non-white the battle is lost and whites start moving out and going elsewhere. Keep a few tokens as window dressing.
    The biggest threat isn’t the non-white when managed. It is the invasion of white liberals. At all costs keep them out. Mixed race couples, out spoken liberals who will promote multiculti etc. will poison the palce and ensure diversity.
    Another lesson is how did the Afrikaner overthrow the british? He put right thinking nationalist Afrikaners in low level management posts. They didn’t kick out the british nor fire them from government posts. It worked. They slowly choked off the ability of british bosses to do anything from below, and eventually took over the civil service and military. The mistake was then saying ‘whites only’. Advocating it is the mistake. Practice it silently. Don’t say whites only. But in practice do it under a different guise. Like all white social places now. Just say it is a private club, members only.
    End result is some de facto white only places that don’t draw attention and comply with the law.

    1. You are quite right, Kradmelder, this is what we call adopting a policy of ‘stealth’. Something that is fundamental to all of our strategies.

      1. Stealth is the secret behind the success of the Jews. Stealth is a strategy that must get ahead be tempered; small successes that don’t draw too much attention from potential enemies.
        If one studies the Jews you will see they take control via enclaves. Their enclaves may not always be physical, but can be monopolies of certain key economic sectors, like media, banking, music etc where influence is multiplied. Where physical presence gains power they do that as well. By dominating New York and California in the USA, where the bulk of the Jews live, they ensure their candidates win those 2 states and all the electoral votes. In this way they exert great influence on presidential candidates, trying to woo Jews to be elected. Funding both parties and lobbying as well also helps.
        For whites, stealth can be: hire whites whenever you can, avoid buying goods made in china wherever possible and buy European made, bolstering white jobs.

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