Essential Truths – The Fifth Prerequisite

By Max Musson:

If we nationalists are to acquire sovereign political power, it will be necessary for us to engineer or participate in an event, series of events or process through which political power will pass to us from the existing regime, either suddenly or gradually.

5th Pr - 6At such a critical juncture, it is highly probable that the political establishment will take extra-ordinarily desperate steps to prevent a nationalist government from taking office and such steps will not stop short of using the armed forces, the police, or street mobs, or a combination of all three, in order to frustrate our efforts and sure up their faltering regime. We only have to look to Ukraine and the so-called ‘Colour Revolutions’ that have occurred in other countries, to see the kind of unconstitutional measures that New World Order (NWO) regimes will resort to during moments of desperation.

As I wrote in an earlier article, “If by some miracle of circumstances a nationalist party found itself making great electoral advances and at the end of a bitterly contested general election campaign looked likely to win, it is probable that the political establishment would take extra-ordinary steps to prevent a nationalist government from taking office.

“During such a closely run election campaign there would be claims by ethnic minority communities that they have been subjected to racist violence and intimidation. They would call for elections in closely contested constituencies to be declared null and void pending investigation by United Nations observers, and there would be rioting and violence perpetrated by ethnic minority gangs in the hope that by inciting retaliation from the indigenous British, they could provide the pretext for military ‘peace-keeping’ intervention by United Nations forces and the effective military occupation of Britain.

“The secret police in this country would similarly claim that they have evidence of involvement by senior members of the nationalist party in acts of terrorism and in planning the genocide of ethnic minorities following a transfer of power and they would intervene, using anti-terrorist legislation to arrest and detain without trial, large numbers of the activists, candidates and officers of the nationalist party.”

5th Pr - 7Furthermore, “On the morning following such a general election fiasco, the pre-existing LibLabCon government would remain in power. They would declare a state of emergency and declare that the general election result ostensibly showing a nationalist majority is null and void. Furthermore during the aftermath there would be a security clampdown on all known nationalist activists, following which, fresh elections would be held, which the LibLabCon would win, because most of the nationalist candidates and activists would be held in detention and their party organisation completely disrupted.

“Why do I believe this scenario would take place?

“Because the leaders of our political establishment have not just inadvertently presided over a calamitous decline in our nation’s fortunes and the flooding of our country by alien peoples, this destruction of our nation and this disregard for the well-being and survival of our people and our culture has been planned by them.

“They are not unwitting participants in an act of national folly, they are the devious and determined planners of treason against their own people and they know that if we ever regain control of our own country, they will face not just personal disgrace, but after due legal process, long prison sentences and in some cases the hangman’s rope.

“The leaders of our current political establishment are therefore not going to readily agree to a transfer of political power and will use every means at their disposal to prevent it – constitutional or otherwise – unless they have no other option and it is forced upon them.

“Are we at Western Spring therefore planning a violent revolution in which we hope to come to power through the force of arms?

“No, we are not. But what a [recognition] of the above means is that our rise to power will be a long and difficult journey that will involve much planning, much manoeuvring and great determination and while we will always seek to achieve our aims by legitimate and constitutional means – employing the ballot box as the principle means – we must from the very outset employ extra-parliamentary strategies and tactics in the pursuit of our goal, so that when the time comes, we will have more than just boxes full of ballot papers with which to force the issue and press home our case.”

democracy2In Britain we are used to constitutional politics in which following a general election, one government, perhaps a conservative government, will albeit reluctantly, step down from office in favour of a newly elected socialist government, and vice versa, and these transfers of power have taken place in a peaceful and orderly way as befits the British sense of fair play and respect for law and order.

Over the last one-hundred years however, a gradual transformation has been taking place within our society.

Firstly, there has been the introduction through mass immigration, of peoples from parts of the world where there is no tradition of fair play, nor respect for law and order, and where the temperament of the people is rather more excitable, group-centric and prone to violent frenzy than is found among the indigenous British.

Secondly, there has been the rise of liberalism, individualism and multiculturalism in which the rights of individuals and minority groups have come to be regarded as paramount over what would have been seen in the past as the ‘national interest’ or the interests of our nation as a whole.

Lastly, the rise of liberalism, individualism and multiculturalism, giving rise to cultural Marxism and political correctness has created a totalitarian dimension to the political milieu, in which views contrary to those of the prevailing regime are viewed not just as misguided, but evil and are consequently declared illegal.

Proponents of liberalism, individualism and multiculturalism have therefore come to feel justified in opposing any genuine opposition to the prevailing regime, by any means possible. And we have in recent times become used to liberals and leftists declaring: ‘no platform for racists and fascists’; ‘racists and fascists off our streets’; there is ‘no place in our society for racists and fascists’. Furthermore, we have seen liberals and leftists take steps to ban those they brand as ‘racists and fascists’ from holding public office or being employed in any professions that might give us influential within our society.

The rise of nationalism as a movement has therefore not been observed dispassionately by our opponents. There has not been and will be no stoic or fatalistic acceptance of the ‘inevitable’ on their part. They resist us at every step and turn in the most militant way possible: gerrymandering the electoral process; staging direct action protests in order to deny us access to public spaces; and resorting to violent intimidation, rioting, public disorder and terrorism if all else fails.

As a backdrop to this, we have seen the police in this country begin to retreat in the face of concerted group violence on the part of our enemies. In Northern Ireland, we have even seen the army and the security services do likewise.

KillerWe have seen ethnic minorities rioting in protest at the actions of the police who have simply been doing their duty, trying to uphold law and order. We saw PC Blakelock murdered and almost hacked to pieces while trying to quell riots on Broadwater Farm. We have seen hooligans, criminals and anarchists rioting over the Poll Tax and rioting over the death in custody of some petty black criminals, smashing shop fronts, looting and setting buildings on fire.

We have seen our government enter into a ‘Peace Process’, which amounts to little more than surrender and the appeasement of terrorists, and we have seen Rifleman Lee Rigby brutally murdered by non-White savages on the streets of our capital city. These are signs of what is to come, in a trend in which the organs of the state begin to crumble and decay, gradually losing their authority. In a trend that will lead to widespread disorder and violence on our streets, caused by leftist and ethnic minority mobs in response to the growth of our movement.

As we build our nationwide movement, Britain will continue to decline in keeping with current trends. The country will continue to be flooded by alien immigrants, those already here will continue to extend their power and all of the institutions of state and the infrastructure of our nation will decline, as has been the case for a number of decades.

Industry and commerce will continue to decline; there will be rising unemployment; all public services will become progressively more corrupt and inefficient; and the ability of the police and/or army to maintain law and order will progressively decay. In place of the police, immigrant ‘Warlords’ will gradually emerge, with their own private armies funded from the proceeds of crime and much of Britain will come to resemble a rather colder, wetter version of Pakistan, in which certain areas will become semi-autonomous ‘no-go’ areas as far as the legitimate authorities are concerned.

There are a range of potential futures for Britain, any one of which might come true.

It is possible that the authorities will manage to retain a large measure of control of this country, albeit that our society and our economy will continue to crumble, and if so the emergence of a Western Spring led nationalist movement acquiring political power by primarily electoral means, as described above, is a very real possibility. It is certainly the route to power that we would prefer, in that it will involve less potential for bloodshed and violence and less scope for our enemies to claim that our government is in any way illegitimate.

At the other extreme end of the scale, we could find ourselves in ten or twenty years time living in a state of virtual anarchy in which the legitimate forces of law and order have little or no authority over large swathes of our country. Furthermore, as I have alluded to above, we could find the bulk of the residual White population of Britain suffering widespread persecution and even naked genocide at the hands of armed non-White militias led by corrupt immigrant warlords – the emerging ‘British’ Taliban.

5th Pr - 3To those who think this is an alarmist exaggeration, I would point to the thousands of young Asian men of military age from Britain, who are currently refining their martial skills on the battlefields of Syria. Where do we think those young men will be in ten years time? And do we really think they will conveniently forget their newly acquired skills and revert to peaceful methods of Jihad when they come back to Britain?

Already we have experienced the 7/7 bombings in London and the recent brutal murder of Lee Rigby, but these are just the ‘tip of an iceberg’ in which there have been literally hundreds of racist murders over the last twenty years – committed against the indigenous White population of this country by immigrant gangs – and the names of some of their victims, Richard Everitt, Gavin Hopley, Ross Parker and Kriss Donald readily spring to mind.

Any government concerned about the long term security of the indigenous British people would at least take steps to isolate and neutralise the immigrant youths who are busily gaining experience of the principles of modern guerilla warfare abroad, but not the LibLabCon regime, they have made it a priority for the police, the army and the security services to recruit a disproportionately large number from the ethnic minorities into their ranks.

We have seen in Afghanistan the way in which newly trained Afghan soldiers and armed police have in the name of their religion, or as a result of an ethnocentrism that trumps any sense of duty and comradeship they ought to feel towards their British benefactors, have turned their weapons on the men who trained them. Therefore, should things go ‘pear-shaped’ at some future date, we Whites will not even be able to rely on the police or armed services of this country to reliably protect us.

So, what is it that we at Western Spring are proposing? The recruitment of a private army? A paramilitary force?

No, certainly not! Not under the current circumstances. It would be premature, not to say illegal, for us to do such a thing, especially at this time when the forces of law and order in this country can still be relied on, most of the time at least.

I would draw the attention of our readers to the provisions of the Public Order Act 1936, which states, ” … any person who in any public place or at any public meeting wears uniform signifying his association with any political organisation or with the promotion of any political object shall be guilty of an offence …”

Further the Act states, “If the members or adherents of any association of persons, whether incorporated or not, are … organised or trained or equipped for the purpose of enabling them to be employed in usurping the functions of the police or of the armed forces of the Crown … either for the purpose of enabling them to be employed for the use or display of physical force in promoting any political object, or in such manner as to arouse reasonable apprehension that they are organised …for that purpose; then any person who takes part in the control or management of the association, … shall be guilty of an offence …”

Clearly however, the authorities in this country have a policy of appeasement towards violent and potentially violent immigrant groups and respond with complacency to the gathering threat from battle hardened Islamist insurgents returning to this country. If we wait until that threat fully manifests in the form of armed enemy fighters on our streets before we begin to react, it will be too late. We must begin to organise in our own defence now, as fully as the law will allow, if our future efforts to defend ourselves are to be effective should a crunch point be reached.

At present a proportionate response to the looming threat to our future security would be the creation of a corps of militant street activists capable of presenting a significant physical presence upon our streets in support of our outreach programme and in support of our right to organise in our own ethnic interests. Such, a corps of disciplined street activists, composed of fit young men and women, should at present however, resist the urge to wear anything resembling a political uniform and should resist any temptation to usurp the role of the police, or act in such a way as to suggest any intention of using force to achieve political ends.

Of course, should the situation significantly deteriorate such that this country descends into corruption, violence and anarchy, then natural justice will grant the indigenous people of this country, the right to organise in our own ethnic interests and in our own defence in ways that might today be problematic from a legal standpoint.

The role of our militant activist corps will initially be to conduct imaginative, high impact demonstrations aimed at capturing the attention and winning the support of the disenchanted youth of our nation. At the same time, I would expect that they will present in such numbers and with such vigour as to deter intimidation or physical attack by our existing belligerent political opponents.

5th Pr - 4In this respect, our activists will simply be fulfilling a role, which augments the current role rightfully played by our police, in much the same way as the Community Security Trust (CST) provides security at Jewish demonstrations and festivals.

Against the backdrop of a future Britain in an advanced state of decay, our enclaves will come into their own, growing in size and number, as increasingly, the residual White population of Britain will come to realise that the only safe place to live in much of the UK will be within one of our enclaves. There our corps of militant activists will, as already discussed, increasingly fulfill to a security role, very much as the CST already do, and I believe under these circumstances we will increasingly be approached by rural communities eager to align themselves with us and thereby gain our protection.

The creation of a corps of militant activists will be fraught with problems, particularly if the role of the organisation is forced to undergo change in response to drastically deteriorating circumstances in which the police can no longer cope, thereby taking us into a number of grey areas legalistically. I would point out that our preference will always be for such circumstances not to arise and in a deteriorating security situation, we would always want to work with the existing forces of law and order, not against or in competition with them.

It is not with any relish that we face the prospect of having to respond to a political future in which the potential for us to endure violent confrontations with our political enemies and with criminal or terrorist gangs becomes increasingly likely. The current trend towards lawlessness, violence and anarchy is not of our making. It is the direct result of corrupt leadership and weak government on the part of the establishment political parties. The current regime are the architects of the dystopian future that now looms large on the political horizon and it is as a result of their policies that the above issues need to be considered and the need for a corps of militant nationalist activists is now so clearly established as an essential prerequisite in securing the success of our mission to acquire sovereign political power and the right of self-determination for our people.

By Max Musson © 2014

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16 thoughts on “Essential Truths – The Fifth Prerequisite

  1. Brin of the family Jenkins

    - Edit

    I agree completely with the assessment here.

    I’m not depressed, just angry with the manipulation whereas black in now taught as white in our perverted schools.

  2. Thanks for an interesting, percipient article, Max. You raise issues, and ask questions, that we’d all probably prefer not to address, but we must in order to be ready; the slide into strife is likely to be gradual. To underestimate the challenges ahead, and to be unprepared, would likely prove fatal.

  3. Kenny Bryant

    - Edit

    Exactly what is being done by Western Spring, or any other nationalist organization, with regards to a street presence?

    1. We haven’t started them and we don’t control them, but we are encouraging the growth of disciplined groups who are keen to stage public demonstrations.

  4. Valhalla Valkyrie

    - Edit

    I admit I have a greater appreciation for the importance for those on the inside being of help. I am sure there are some who would be on the inside who could be turned or to not follow what has been ordered of them.

    I would doubt the armed effectiveness of the Syrian fighters. Excited by religious zeal they don’t even bother to aim their guns but just shoot fully automatic.

    1. While they may be useless as individual fighters, the fact that they are well funded and in some way organised makes all the difference and we shouldn’t over look the danger.
      We have a population mostly deracinated, almost completely unarmed, the wealthy almost completely self serving and siding with the enemy out of fear, greed or delusion.
      On the other hand the Muslims are increasing in number and have mosques funded by Saudi Arabian billionaires cropping up everywhere telling them to breed more and fight in jihads across the globe. The police do nothing to disturb this in the name of “respecting the community” and other such rubbish.
      All the while our security forces weaken, become increasingly corrupt, but still strong enough to supress even the smallest of indigenous attempts to protect themselves.
      The Saudis could easily ship weapons into this country, use their sleeper agents in the security services and elsewhere to help them and essentially take control of large parts of the island.
      A Kalashnikov fired wildly is still capable of killing and what would we offer in response?
      Thrown rocks perhaps?
      I am very worried, their warriors may be utter bilge on a par with the Orcs in the Moria mines, but they far outnumber our highly trained ones in the armed forces and the few thousand soccer hooligans and nationalist activists we have.

      1. Valhalla Valkyrie

        - Edit

        They would not be able to do anything so overt as militarily take over the country like that for at least 20 years yet. To attempt it would be extremely foolish as that would bring the Whites together and dare I say it the Indians and Sikhs as well. They would prefer a apathetic and gradually weakening White population than Muslim control.

        A man with an assault rifle is not much in open warfare when facing a well trained, armed and discipline force with modern machinery of war.

    1. Brin of the family Jenkins

      - Edit

      Iv’e just been listening to the radio when the announcer asked, “Who are those, who are doing this then?”

      This was to stop listeners thought processes on, why our country is being changed, just who is doing it and why? Perhaps it should be answered with another big question.

      This is happening Globaly, is it reasonable to assume that our Internationalist leaders have not discussed privately how a New World Government might be brought about? followed by, Do you think this is all just coincidental?

      Just my simple thoughts on countering a diverse question that has no simple answer.



  5. In Greece or France once a Nationalist party gets anywhere, the others all gang up as they know if they don’t, they will be history if not in prison.

  6. I would so love to see our young men who currently seem to think being black is preferential to being white schooled in the disciplines of truth, to show them the failure cult of niggerfication, namely: rap, drugs and anti-social behaviour has actually been foisted upon them by an all hating enemy. For them to see the glory of their history, the beauty of their culture and the strength of their people and to lead them back to our side should be amongst the most important goals of our movement. Legion Martial Arts Club is definitely a step in the right direction and should, to my mind, be being pushed full on around the UK and Europe. We need a strong youth, with strong values and morals and we need to start the process of bringing them back to us NOW!

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