Dispossession of one people by another may follow a spectacular conquest and genocide event, or it may be a much more gradual process, a salami slicing accumulation of tiny individual losses which take a lifetime but which, by the end of that lifetime, has transformed society beyond recognition and in a way very much to the disadvantage of the dispossessed. This is the familiar “boiling frog” analogy – the frog doesn’t realise the water is boiling until it’s too late.

The analogy applies all too strongly to the position in our own country. Yet another tiny, but significant, dispossession was announced recently with the news that the English faculty of Cambridge university has hastened to comply with the demand of the university’s Students Union “Women’s Officer”, a Nigerian woman called Lola Olufemi, that the English course should be “decolonised” by including more African and Asian authors, necessarily leading to some white authors being dropped. This raises all sorts of rather obvious questions, one of which might be: “isn’t this rather racist, or does racism only work in one direction?” or “who exactly is being ‘colonised’ now?” or “isn’t your presence in this country, Miss Olufemi, entirely due to the colonisation which you deplore?”

In all of this Cambridge is following Oxford university which announced two years ago that it was overhauling curricula across humanities and social sciences to make them more “diverse”.

A valuable comment came from Gill Evans, the emeritus professor of medieval theology and intellectual history at Cambridge who said “it goes with calls to stop teaching predominantly western or European history as well as literature. If you distort the content of history and literature syllabuses to insert a statistically diverse or equal proportion of material from cultures taken globally, you surely lose sight of the historical truth that the West explored the world from the 16th century and took control – colonially or otherwise – of a very large part of it. It is false to pretend that never happened.” Quite so.

These developments in our universities, following a long process of multi-cultural and anti-racist schooling throughout the primary and secondary sectors, are no mere academic spats. Such changes to the syllabus will gradually infect the whole teaching and cultural area as those educated in these faculties take their place in the wider world. Thus the effect of the changes, and certainly in part their very purpose, is to deprive our people of a part of our cultural and historic inheritance. It is that inheritance, together with the ties of ancestry, which is the foundation of our ethnic identity and of our claim to the possession of this country, our homeland; hence dispossession.

The craven abandonment of England and Englishness by left-wing academics is no great surprise, but so far to the left has the pendulum swung that when, inevitably, it comes crashing back there are going to be a great many people with (figurative) bloody heads. There may be little sign here of the pendulum swinging back just yet –  although Brexit, hated throughout the academic world, may be an interesting harbinger of things to come. The real good news is the rise and rise of the alternative right in the United States and hard right movements in continental Europe; what happens there will come here in its own good time.

By Frederick Dixon © 2017

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8 thoughts on “Dispossession

  1. It has long been known in patriotic circles that academia, especially in the humanities and social sciences has lost its supposed independence and has effectively surrendered to cultural Marxism. Perhaps until the mid 1990’s there remained some academics with a more traditional perspective but these have now all been replaced by a new generation. History is being constantly misrepresented, with inappropriate and misleading emphasis of the involvement of black people at various periods of European history, or that Islam has always been part of the history of the British Isles.For example The First World War was effectively an internecine battle between European nations which considerably weakened the white world and the involvement of other races was marginal, but undue emphasis is given to the latter’s participation. We must resist efforts to undermine our Traditional European values and Western Civilisation in the wake of an insidious multicultural and diversity agenda, manifesting both in the Universities and wider society.

  2. Diversity always means white people have to give up something. i have been following British politics on youtube and from what I see, IT IS OVER. Great Britain is done. what is left is that the carrion eaters are picking over the bones of Britain and scarfing up all the British taxpayer dollars they can in order to ship all the money overseas to third-world countries who [can boast no great] achievements [and merely] destroy every possible piece of antiquity/architecture/art/literature/science/great knowledge that they can. They are out to pillage and destroy Britain and the rest of Europe and all these Social Justice Warriors and otherwise Feminist leaders are totally onboard with the destruction of Western civilization. all that is left to do is sit in the ashes and weep for all that is lost and all that will be lost very soon. Tommy Robinson is like Jeremiah alone in the wilderness. The cowards in Britain castigate Tommy and any EDL-type folks for being willing to stand up to the Cuckoos and Cowbirds that are taking over, and I saw [a disreputable] muslim politician bragging about how much British money was being shipped to [the Third World], and he was bragging about how they are going to grow in numbers and send more and more money to those third-world hellholes.
    poor Nigel is in such an untenable position–he is trying to acknowledge that there are good and worthwhile immigrants who are decent citizens whilst at the same time we all know that a big element in Brexit is stopping the immigration of parasites. thus he has ended up having more people angry at him than before. [Don’t] the Queen and the Royal Family know that these [immigrants despise] them … for being white? and of course, they have graciously said that they would allow the Queen and the Royal Family to remain as long as they paid that goofy tax that muslims get to extract from non-muslims. Without a bloody revolution wherein the Brits decide enough is enough (not likely to happen), all you have left is: Welcome to the NEW DARK AGES.
    p.s. My uncle was a Cambridge-educated Shakespearean scholar so anyone can see why this latest nonsense by dummies makes me want to tear my hair out and scream.
    read it and scream:
    UK Foreign Aid Budget: The Top 10 Countries That Receive The Most Money

  3. Cultural Marxism has been in our Education system since the 1950s and so intrenched its gonna take a lifetime to remove and to honest I can only see it getting worse, Cultural Marxism is in every walk of life including the Right of Centre in politics…PC is destroying this Country.

  4. Academics have taken the easy way out for long that they deserve all they get. I can’t wait for their tenth-rate professors to be replaced by third-world illiterates.

  5. I am going to be the devils advocate here and present a contrary view although I do not have firm opinions on the subject and I am just sitting on the fence. It seems to me that a faculty of English literature should be obliged to offer a curriculum that includes writers who use the English language whatever country they come from. After all some of the most treasured examples of English literature were written by Irish people like Sean O’Casey, Oscar Wild and Samuel Becket, so in order to be consistent they ought to include also Nigerian writers who write in English such as Sefi Atta. It could be argued that there is a greater cultural distance between us and Nigerians compared to Irish, and that despite the common language their literature needs to be studied as a separate subject. However, the cultural distance between the British and Nigerians may not be as great as it seems. In the 19th century Nigeria was not a British territory, but it was a protectorate of the UK, a distinction that may seem academic because like the Irish they were forced to adopt British laws and institutions and the educated among them adopted our language. Since then Westernization has grown apace thus diminishing the cultural distance between them and us further. This begs the question of why some Nigerian writers seem happy to confirm to this trend rather than assert the value of native languages like Yoruba by using it in their writings. This desire among the non whites to become more like us is something that Western Spring has never considered. However, it does seem odd to me that an African dancer, for instance, would want to make a career in the classical ballet in the West. Does this choice mean that they depreciate their native dance traditions over those of the West?

    1. This whole issue revolves around one’s interpretation of the phrase ‘English literature’.
      Is English literature the literature of the English, or is it literature that is written in English, and if it is the latter, does it have to be written in standard English (the Queen’s English) or can it be in a dialect, some form of ‘broken English’ or patois?
      I am not interested in the thoughts of non-Whites, whether written in some form of English or otherwise. Therefore, I believe English literature to be the literature of the ‘English’, and by ‘English’, I mean the indigenous White people of the British Isles including the sister nations; the Scots; the Welsh and the Irish, and our descendants around the world, wherever they may live.

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