Culture Camp 2014

By Max Musson:

Culture Camp 3This weekend saw the first of a planned schedule of inspirational events designed to promote White pride, personal development, health and fitness among young White people, through a collaboration between three organisations: Sigurd, the newly emergent British based, Odinist, physical culture group; White-Rex, the longer established Russian based mixed martial arts, music and physical culture group; and Western Spring.

Over thirty people gathered in a scenic beauty spot in the Brecon Beacons for a weekend of camping and activities designed to enthuse them with a sense of racial pride, and to awaken the ‘Spirit Warrior’ within, through a packed programme of both physically and mentally demanding challenges. And the results were truly inspiring.

White-RexThe programme included sessions led by a senior representative of White-Rex, assisted by a British based mixed martial arts instructor, designed to build confidence and competence in dealing with physically threatening situations in which participants might be confronted by one or more attackers or by attackers armed with knives. These sessions involved grueling full contact practice fighting from which participants often emerged bruised but undaunted, and measurably more confident in their own abilities thereafter.

The organisers spoke at length about the virtues of camaraderie, our Pagan spiritual heritage, assertiveness, self-sacrifice, self-discipline and endurance, and there were lighter sessions involving hiking, hill-climbing, the traversing mountain streams and bathing in natural rock pools.

Sigurd Ad Sept 2014 300 pixDuring the evenings good humour abounded as comrades shared food, told jokes and sang inspirational songs. Individual attendees were drawn from a variety of nationalist organisations, several from National Action, thus providing clear evidence that with good will on all sides and a true desire to put the interest of our race and nation first, nationalist unity can become a reality.

A great time was had by all, but as Sunday afternoon drew the event’s proceedings to a close, weary from the weekends exertions, participants, who had initially been ‘strangers’ but who had become comrades, packed away their tents, said their goodbyes, and made their way home, determined to meet again at the next event in the series, and with a sense of exhilaration that we had been present at the birth of something truly great.

By Max Musson © 2014

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46 thoughts on “Culture Camp 2014

  1. This is very hopeful. It is one of the ways in which we can begin to build a youth movement which will capture the imagination of the coming generation. On the other hand, I’m rather relieved that I’m much too old for all that running around on bleak hillsides!

  2. I can say this was a truly worth while thing, it pushed us all to our very limits and really was an achievement completing it.

    anyone who’s serious about protecting our heritage should check out and see when the next event is available.

    expect some bruises and aching muscles!

  3. I ‘spose you realise the evil, faceless urchins planning this NEW ORDER are not

    going to be too ‘appy about this. The reporter said during the news item the ” idea of

    teaching children a second language is in preparation for a Global order”.

    1. No, they won’t be happy, but our children should be encouraged to learn a second language, a European second language, so that greater co-operation between we British and our mainland European brothers can be more easily facilitated. French, German, Russian, Polish, Italian, Spanish, and Greek. These would all be useful second languages.

      1. The languages that were being spoken about were not European but Oriental. Maybe they see something that we don’t

        1. I think it’s more that they have intentions that we don’t.
          It is important to have within our number some people who speak ‘foreign’ languages, so that we can interpret their communications. And by ‘foreign’ languages, I mean languages from lands where our ‘foe’ ‘reigns’.
          More important generally, however, is that we have a widespread ability within our people to speak the other languages of our White brothers and sisters on the continent, so that we can win their hearts and co-ordinate our activities to our mutual advantage.

      2. I am glad you said that Max. In Australia, which as you know, has not lagged in the Cultural Marxism (CM) stakes, primary and secondary school children have been encouraged more and more to take a second language. Admittedly, we lagged behind Europe and the UK in that regard. But guess what? It is Asian languages being encouraged, not European ones. Our teaching profession is in the vanguard of CM and Asian languages are seen as perfect vehicle for advancing multiculturalism and promoting Asian immigration, thus indoctrinating our young.

        Certainly there is a case for some Asian language capacity here due to our location, and for economic reasons, but the trend is to obscure our European heritage. I am in my sixties and became proficient in an Asian language at university in my twenties, but I studied French at high school first. Our young Australian students now will be soundly indoctrinated via the Trojan Horse of Asian language studies.

        I am glad to see some progress in the UK doing a bit to counter the prevailing leftist intellectual climate that is menacing the Western world. Good luck with it.

    2. Considering Nationalists are aware of the attempted NWO then learning a 2nd language is not going to subvert them. Being able to better communicate with European Nationalists helps with practical things as well as increasing our awareness of the jewel of Europe and so further invigoration to resist.

      Sometimes it seems like we know more about Racial Nationalism in the USA than in France, Belguim, Germany etc down to language.

  4. Pleased to hear the event went well. Hoping to join you guys at next years gathering.
    Well done to everyone involved.

  5. Yes good news but as other have said, expect the authorities to start taking an unhealthy interest in this!

    1. There is no reason why the authorities should be alarmed by the prospect of a group of citizens improving our fitness and our ability to defend ourselves against attack. This is the natural reaction that any reasonable person would expect at a time when government are ‘stupidly’ allowing millions of potentially hostile foe-reigners into our country, thousands of which openly declare their ultimate intention to wage violent war against our culture and our civilisation and to establish Sharia Law and a Caliphate, a situation in which our foe will reign over us.
      Nature abhors a vacuum, and in the absence of any measures taken by the government to promote the defensive capability of our people, it is only natural that our people will want to take matters into our own hands.
      We are not planning to take the offensive, or to commit acts of terrorism as our foe does. We are merely improving our ability to ward off attack when it inevitably strikes — as it will do if our governments continue with their death-wish policies.

      1. But that’s precisely why they will take a hostile interest in this, they do not want our kind to defend themselves in any way!
        The more docile the better as far as they are concerned, stay in, stay warm, watch “X factor”!

        1. So , Let them take an interest . Let them do what they want . Do you want your country back or not ? Nobody said it was going to be a Sunday picnic. So what i say , let the authorities take a hostile interest , what are we going to do ? Sit on our hands like good little boys and girls whilst everything our ancestors fought to acheive is snatched out from under the feet of the British chidren yet to be born? As our Russian comrade said , ” we have violent immigrants willing to cut off a white mans head in the street in broad daylight and film it on their phones , they have proved that they have no respect for us or our way of life or our laws and society.” Now , juxtapose that with worrying about special branch taking photos of you. Besides which no laws were broken .

  6. Learning two or three languages is of upmost importance. In England, we are lucky because many of our European kinsfolk speak our Mother Tongue; but we should still learn to be multilingual. It also improves the mind: learning a new language make you smarter!

    It’s great that the nationalist scene has finally woken up! Boring, depressing meetings will not attract the best of our young people (like the ones at the camp!) into the nationalist cause. They want martial arts, intelligent conversations, physical fitness, and general fun — also, they need brutal, fiendish discipline so they can reach their full potential. Culture Camp provides all this.

    Through a selection process, the nationalist cause is destined to get the best of our kinsmen into the cause. The anti-White left are yesterday’s news; all they will attract is the worst of our people: the perverts, the drugies, the NWO lovers — the nationalists are better than them. Look at how the lefties leave Glastonbury — drugs, litter, and needles everywhere — that’s a reflection of how they think.

  7. It’s great to see such an event organised for, but not exclusive to, our youth. It was especially heartening to see that this event was not exclusive to those involved with the organisations named above and was instead open to all or brethren in the Cause. Great bridge building. Well done to all involved.
    However, I suppose I’m not the only one left wondering when there will be an event, a conference?, organised for those more interested in, and best suited to, theory, ideas, and practice.

  8. Why alienate people who aren’t Pagans by only talking about our Pagan spiritual heritage? We have a massive spiritual heritage, including 2,000 years worth of well documented Christian heritage. The British Church was the first Church and had the primacy at every Church council. We were also the centre of Druidry before that. Our heritage is our heritage, making artificial divisions between Pagan and Christian is disingenuous.

    Christianity grew from White people the same as ‘paganism’ did. Its what our paganism grew into.

    1. We have not sought to alienate Christians, nor have we sought to alienate Cosmotheists or Creationists. The simple truth of the matter is that the majority of the organisers of Culture Camp have Pagan beliefs and wished to give the event a Pagan ‘flavour’. We await an approach from a Christian, Cosmostheist or Creationist group wishing to similarly promote the fitness and self-defence capabilities of our people, and when we receive such an approach it will be warmly welcomed.

      1. Thanks for answering. I guess there arent many people knowlegable enough about it that are still young, fit and healthy. Wales is full of sites associated with Celtic Christainity, There are stone circles at churches and stones built into churches carved in our old alphabet. Loads of sacred wells dotted around that go back to pre-Christian times too. Im sure there would have been some interesting stuff around where the camp was held.

        1. My friend, as long as the religion is an expression of our race-soul I can’t see any problem. I personally don’t care what religion a person say they are, I only car of they agree with this statement: STRENGTH AGAINST THE MODERN WORLD!

          Our kinsfolk often have different theological beliefs — big deal! All we should care about is what these people believe pertaining to our ”right” to defend our race, culture, and nation from the System. If they are nationalists, and if they believe in the 14 WORDS, who cares about theology? We do, however, need to practice religious rituals that concentrate on the most important aspect of our struggle: BLOOD AND SOIL.

    2. History disagrees there, the early christians were almost exclusively Jewish, with the rest being converts. The early christians were known to exhibit the same manner of ritual infant murder that Jews in Europe were known for for centuries after. It was only after Saul of Tarsus began proselytising amongst “the goyim” that the religion spread to ethnic Europeans. Christianity was forced on Europe thereafter, eventually molding into something more European (Christmas, Easter, Saints etc.) but remaining an alien faith.

      1. Perhaps it is rather a case of churches being at stone circles, indeed many ancient sacred sites were destroyed and had churches built upon them.

      2. Thats not what our British records say about it Serpent slayer.

        Heres a brief outline of it:

        A lot of our true history has been suppressed. This secular historian gives a good outline of what our history really is as well:

        They suppressed the Welsh language to try to hide our real history.

        Im doing a radio programme with Bill Finck on Sunday about these subjects if anyone is interested.

        7pm British time, 2 pm Eastern standard time.

  9. Culture Camp 14 pushed me physically and mentally . On a spiritual level it provided an environment to connect with other Nationalists , some travelling from their European homes overseas , with our natural suroundings in the Brecons and with our ancestors .
    Our rememberance of their struggle to provide protection for us , their future descendants , through the gaining of land , territory and then protecting that land that soil for the benefit of our future descendants is undoubtably one of the core principles for which we fight.
    Looking up towards the stars on the Saturday night , those same stars that our ancestors gazed upon , whilst they sat around a hearty fire and ate the food that they had hunted and killed earlier that day , as a family , a tribe , a people who without that shared communion of blood spirit would have perished.
    So too , we Whites today in the modern multiracial environment that has been thrust upon us must reconnect with that blood spirit that provided protection for our ancestors , whilst we seek to create White enclaves in the near future .
    CultureCamp 14 saw the beginnings of something truly awe inspiring.
    Thankyou to the organizers , assistants and all in attendance for making CC14 a very memorable experience.

  10. I only wish I had gone, managed to take myself out of any upper body work for a few weeks. I had no idea how big an affair I had to pass up on. I’m an avid hillwalker myself, I rarely take the paths either, I feel like I could have added something even if I was in no state to takes part in the fighting stuff.
    Hope there is another one and well done to all involved.

  11. This looks really excellent. One tip I must advise is to preserve confidentiality and to expand through the contacts existing participants have so undesirables cannot get in easily.

    Also, don’t forget to leave your batteries out of your phones when having a chat. They have the technology to put smart phones on to transmit what you are saying. Make it hard for them, even just for fun of it.

  12. This does sound like a fantastic program,I hope that others will pick up on the utility of it and organize similar programs and events in their own location. As you said, it is a great way to really bring people together. Tossing people in with one another in the midst of a difficult challenge that requires teamwork to overcome is, in my opinion, the natural way of building such bonds.

  13. Sounds great! Similar activities have taken place more covertly for many years – perhaps with a little less of the physical stuff.

    Out of interest, does this signify a more pan-European ‘White Nationalist’ approach, or was the focus still on Britain, or England?

      1. A sort of ‘unity in separateness’? Sounds healthy. I suppose I’d feel privileged if I could visit Russia and participate in their equivalent events as guest, and then return home having learnt something from them and perhaps offered them something in return.

  14. What was the proportion of men to women? To what extent did the talking involve the utmost importance of having children, preferably starting young? From a few views of Sigurd/Hyperborean Apparel websites I noticed that they use some images of women lifting weights or involved in martial arts, why both are important, the primary goal of any of nationalists women is to be a mother, ideally a mother of many, not a shield-maiden who will literally stand fast in the shield wall. No doubt, such ‘misogynous’ utterances will raise the ire of a few, but I put that down to the brainwashing of the current paradigm: motherhood is the ultimate achievement for the female half of the new übermensch people. Be strong, be martial, be feminine, but above all else be a mother; our men folk must be good fathers. Start early, do not fall into the trap of modernity of waiting until early middle age (30+ is not young), aim for four to eight children, some of our ancestors raised substantial broods regardless of their economic situation. The übermensch must reject the ‘nuclear family’ model of 1.6-2.4 children.

    1. There were four women out of a group of thirty one: one teenager, two women in their early twenties and more mature lady who is still young at heart. Furthermore, two of the women were mothers, one of whom is a mother of seven children.

    2. Unlike the left they would’ve had to cope with if they were mixing with degenerate leftists, the women at the camp were exposed to nationalists: we all acted like gentlemen. None of us would’ve even dared swearing in-front of the women! The camp fire was burning all night — put it that way….

    3. In many warrior societies women joined in the defense of the tribe.and supported the men.

      Do not become too bounded by ‘traditionalism’ as such a structure could be viewed as suppressing the male folk just as much as the female. The man is the ‘King’ of the household while he is the peasant to the aristocrat.

      When looking to the NSDAP Hanna Reitsch was an excellent test pilot while Leni Riefenstahl was a groundbreaking director. It brings no advantages to us to expect women to follow such narrow ‘roles’ when on the opposing side the marxists (appear) to offer them the world.

    1. The form of government that should prevail in the post-multicultural state will very much depend upon circumstances at the time.

  15. This is a very significant break through in the Nationalist community. It is activities such as this, the promotion of a folk community that will see European Nationalism flourish. By gathering together and sharing a common bond, non political groups (in the traditional sense) such as Génération Identitaire in France, White Rex in Russia and now in the UK through the Sigurd Culture Camp and groups like National Action like minded people are able to share ideas and build networks. This was very difficult to achieve before the internet but now the pieces are finally falling into place and long may it continue.

    What we can’t achieve through the political system, we can achieve by association and community.

    1. The Sigurd project is currently undergoing some revisions, but normality will be resumed shortly. Your patience is appreciated.

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