Come on Vinnie, spit it out!

By Max Musson:

Vinne JonesI don’t like to publicly criticise celebrities, but sometimes celebrities make statements apparently demonstrating sympathy with the genuine concerns of the ordinary people of this country, but in such a mealy mouthed fashion that they do more harm than good by creating confusion.

The ex-soccar playing film star Vinnie Jones is in the news currently following an interview in the Radio Times Magazine, in which he ‘lambasts’ his native Britain as being “past it’s sell-by date”.

“There’s nothing to come back to here,” the star of the film Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels has declared.

“To me, England is past its sell-by date. It’s not the country I grew up in. It’s a European country now. If someone blindfolded you and put you on a plane in LA, and you landed at Heathrow and they took it off, you wouldn’t have a clue where you were.”

He added: “I just think we should get our own house in order before we open our doors. It’s mind-boggling to me.”

These remarks have been interpreted by most media commentators as expressing dismay that ‘England’ has been transformed by immigration to such an extent that it is no longer recognisable, and while this is true of many parts of England, primarily London and most of the large towns and cities of Britain, the over-riding nature of the transformation that has taken place can hardly be described as ‘European’ in character.

Clearly, the nature of the transformation that has taken place in those parts of Britain that have been most affected by immigration, is primarily non-European.

There are a substantial number Eastern European immigrants, primarily Polish immigrants, who have come to Britain in recent years, but these Eastern European immigrants have in the main been the least disturbing and the least ‘transformative’ in that they are racially White and are of an ethnicity that is, of all of the ethnic groups immigrating into Britain, culturally one of the least different to our own indigenous culture.

Could it be that Vinnie Jones has a particular dislike of continental Europeans and people from Eastern Europe in particular – a dislike so severe that it causes him to completely overlook other aspects of the real transformation of substantial parts of England and in particular the area around Heathrow Airport?

Vinnie no longer lives in Britain and has apparently taken up residence in Mullholland Drive, in Hollywood Hills district, just north of central Hollywood. This part of Los Angeles is home to the second largest metropolitan Jewish community in the world, a Jewish population that is primarily Ashkenazi, i.e. central and eastern European in origin and so it would be strangely inconsistent if Vinnie’s dislike of the ‘transformation’ of England is based upon a profound dislike of people from central and eastern Europe.

Furthermore, in October 2012, Vinnie hit the headlines over an incident in which he was videoed, and appeared to be kissing a 26 year-old female Russian singer named Lama Safonova, rather too passionately for his wife’s liking.

It would appear therefore that Vinnie’s dislike of the transformation of England is not primarily related to any ‘European’ aspect of that transformation, unless of course, decimal currency and the metric system of measurement weigh particularly heavily in his estimation?

Vinnie’s statements do not appear to make sense, unless of course, his references to the ‘Europeanisation of England’, something which clearly hasn’t happened, are in reality ‘fig-leaf’ statements expressing an as yet unspoken dislike of some other profound aspect of immigration into Britain that Vinnie feels unable to express publicly?

It would be so refreshing if for once a celebrity had the courage to actually speak out clearly and uncompromisingly.

Come on Vinnie, spit it out!

By Max Musson © 2013

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  1. Anglo-Australian Alliance

    - Edit

    In 2007 Morrissey (of the band The Smiths) was not so tight-lipped:
    “Although I don’t have anything against people from other countries, the higher the influx into England the more the British identity disappears. So the price is enormous. Travel to England and you have no idea where you are. It matters because the British identity is very attractive. I grew up into it and I find it very quaint and amusing. Other countries have held on to their basic identity, yet it seems to me that England was thrown away.”
    “You can’t say, ‘Everybody come into my house, sit on the bed, have what you like, do what you like.’ It wouldn’t work.”
    To their credit other celebrities have spoken out too –although at this moment their names escape me.

  2. It is called ethnic cleansing or genocide Vinnie! No two ways about it.

    Still how important is that compared to the FA cup?

  3. I think that Vinnie is most likely to be like many people in this country, ie. a bit unclear as to what to think beyond the easy to grasp and relatively safe narrative that floats around in the air.
    He might have heard a general media discourse (or populist newspaper discourse) about the European Union running the show, the influxes of European immigration, the general “multiculturalism” of this country and wider Europe – whether it be France or Germany or the Netherlands, or Italy…..That is, after all, what tends to dominate the media.
    Perhaps it is also like when I went to a town near Cologne in Germany several years ago. It was hardly recognisable as being all that German aside from the language on signage and the majority of people you heard. You had the same metal and glass architecture, the same kinds of seats in the train stations as here, the same Costa Coffee and Burger King brands hawking their wares, you had Africans and Turks and Chinese milling around the shopping centres… times I thought I might as well have been in Blackburn or Manchester.
    There is not much character or uniqueness when nations are put through the mincing grinder of globalism. Whether it be brands, fashions, music, multiracialism, Islamic issues, everywhere is getting the same, getting bland, getting uniform, and indeed, getting ever devoid of Whites.
    Whether Vinnie Jones could ever grasp hold of that particular nettle (or not) remains doubtful, whether it be mentally or publicly taking a stand.
    Whilst I personally would not rush to put words in his mouth, I suspect that Vinnie Jones feels a sadness at what has become of this country but at the same time would never like to think of himself has having a ‘problem’ with other races in this world on a one to one basis or know how to separate the two things properly.
    If this is the case, then, like many people in this country, they will grasp hold of the ‘acceptable’ and more media driven explanations for it.
    Therefore, perhaps in Vinnie’s mind, it really is the “European” nature of how things are all becoming the same, how we are under the thumb of the Europe Union on many issues; and given that the only immigration that the BBC feels it can cover criticism on is “Eastern European” immigration – that, like a pavlovian dog, will be the response issued ‘from the top of his head’.
    We just happen to know different, and as a result, we know how to dissect these kinds of issues and have come to understand what is really important, no matter it being, as Enoch Powell once said, “a poisonous nettle” to have to grasp hold of.

  4. I hope there are more celebs like him speaking out on what is really going on. What about Jeremy Clarkson? I know his career would go tatters if he speaks out what is really going on!

    1. I think JC is one of those who is well rewarded while he keeps to the script but see how quickly his career would end if he steps out of line.
      Anyone seen much of David Starkey recently?

  5. Well from what I have seen of some of Europe is that it’s not what it was, with the same heavy influx of the 3rd world & moslems.
    Perhaps that’s what he means by “European”?
    The fact he lives in a place that was probably built on in recent years & was probably orange groves before & has little history as such, means he’s not making a lot of sense.
    But I guess he knows where his pay checks come from & doesn’t want to bite the hand that feeds him.

  6. I am not overly interested in football so know little about Mr Vinny Jones, but I do easily recognise his modus operandi when negotiating the liberal immigration maze.

    Let me don my BBC liberal spectacles, and whilst I’m at it I’ll grab my liberal lexicon filter.

    First off, most folk alighting here will be familiar with what I’m about to say and more, (and articulate it better than I) but just in case we have a few lurkers looking for clues as to what the hecks going on in our nation, then it might inspire them to do some research and catch up on the curve as it were.

    If your not familiar with liberalism’s world view then you’ll find it is most important to learn how they think, for they don’t think the same as folk who visit here.

    What’s this got to do with Vinny Jones I hear you ask? Be patient- be patient.

    Liberals have a code all of their own when dealing with immigration, they have a world view that people of the world slot neatly (not always) into their filtered categories, which acts similar to the football league in terms of promotion and relegation.

    Liberalism views groups in terms of traditional victims and oppressors, and they seem to have a table of what group belongs in what category. I’m afraid I’m not privy as to how they calculate what group belongs where and in what what order of ascendancy, but I suspect there is much maneuvering and jockeying for position.

    This victim-oppressor filtering comes into its own with governments dealing with identity politics, where you have a multiplicity of communities such as Muslims, gays, feminists, immigrants, criminals, gypsies etc. All of this is most important in the ‘everyone is equal’ world of the liberal, it is central in ensuring everyone is treated equal in outcome. Except their leaders of course, who are more equal than everybody.

    Bearing in mind all of the above, there is one other most important area when dealing with liberal immigration, especially in the European context (EU-Britain) and that is there are two types of immigration, one being European immigration into Britain from the EU and the other being from outside the EU, such as from the Third World (or others – say the dominions).

    It is also important to understand how the liberal media, (who are our unelected arbiters of victim and oppressor group status) dictate to us ‘cattle’ as how these groups must be treated.

    The BBC (media) are masters of deception. When discussing negative connotations of migration into Britain the BBC looks through its filter and always slags off the EU immigrant, whilst (all of the time) skilfully omitting migration from Third World countries, which focuses Britain’s woes as being solely due to the EU, Thereby giving third world migrants a free pass. Unfortunately, our people do not notice this deception by ommission and obediently go chasing the BBC ball into the long grass. It happens every time, our people seem never to catch on what the BBC is all about. It is interesting to note that Nigel Farage and UKIP use this ploy.

    It’s a scam, I would venture third world migration outstrips EU immigration by several factors.

    Zero tolerance to the right. The MSM see Britain’s whites as the uber oppressor of past deeds done, and have no problem in denigrating-vilifying them as oppressors, indeed, smearing them as knuckle dragging racists. In the eyes of the liberal MSM, white (EU migrants) are looked upon as they do the British, but when dealing with the non-white victim groups, whites must prostrate themselves before the other in penance for their forefather’s perceived misdeeds..

    Have you never wondered why our media can slag off EU migrants with impunity and pitch them against the host nation’s white? Well now you know, all whites are racist.

    The counter, and other half of zero tolerance to the right, is all designated victim groups are given a free pass, it is the most heinous of crimes in the 21st century to portray oppressed victim groups in a negative light, and it is here we arrive at last – to one Mr. Vincent Jones.

    Mr Jones is probably well aware of all these things highlighted above and is most likely playing a canny game, referring exclusively to European immigration and not Third World migrants – who are the untouchables.

    Vinny I suspect, knows perfectly well that if his criticism strays into the no-mans-land of Third World immigration, it would be ‘clear your desk time’ for him, and he would never work again in the entertainment media.

    1. You are almost certainly right Observer, however once a celebrity has amassed a fortune of several millions from their work as an entertainer, one would think that such a healthy bank balance would embolden them somewhat and that they would manage to summon the courage to speak their minds.

      1. To be honest if I had millions I would shut up & be more subtle by funding & supporting things that further what I favour.
        People who have money & say things that are not PC frequently find their businesses & the like sabotaged & ordinary life difficult.
        Once a tipping point has been reached then that’s different.

  7. Don’t think the penny has dropped yet for a lot of folk, that the upshot of all of this is the extinction of whites off of the face of the planet.

  8. It comes to something when we start dissecting the words of Vinnie Jones in order to find hope……..
    However, his cautious toe into the waters of the acid which is dissolving the British way of life does perhaps indicate a broader acceptance that something has gone wrong. We can only hope.
    Of course, the ideal for us would be some sort of standard bearer – if the Great British public have taught us anything over the years it’s that they’re always ready to follow – as long as its a celebrity their following.
    If we had somebody with the speech making abilities of Galloway it would be a start – at least he has a platform in Parliament, albeit voted in by immigrants. Whatever happened to Kilroy-Silk? Oh yes, spoke out of turn, career in tatters. Of course, as loathsome as the man is, if Clarkson spoke out we would instantly have a number of seats in Parliament (although I seriously doubt he is one of us, merely a journalist who relies on the odd piece of shock value).
    It’s hard to believe that there is not one celebrity, maybe with their most productive days behind them, who wants to put their neck on the line. Maybe because most of them are hiding their hedonistic and paediphilic exploits of the last 5 decades?
    How about the new BNP – Brucies Nationalist Party? Nick Griffin on strictly Come Dancing? I’m a closet Nazi, get me out of here?
    Our biggest enemy as time runs out is the apathy of the masses fed on celebrity culture. Perhaps our greatest weapon is to turn the cult of celebrity on its head.

    1. I suppose it neatly illustrates how afraid for their livings “celebrities” are if they say the “wrong” thing!
      Shutting the likes of us up comes next with all the opt in crap when accessing the internet, supposedly to protect our kids from “porn”.

  9. So true,fellow white Europeans are fair game to lambast in the supposed anti immigration press but even a hint at opposing non white immigration and you are accused of being a Nazi who wants to kill 6 million jews

    1. Yes that tired old cliché is getting a bit thin for most people & they can see through it & understand what is really going on.

  10. Mind you I had a sharp reminder recently of how the middle class here just don’t see any problem with immigration at all, they only see upside, it’s as though they got blinkered when they went through the university system.
    What chance have their kids got?

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