Building White Self-Esteem — Love Yourself and Love Your People

By H. Millard:

Disillusioned youthMany Whites, and especially those who are easily suggestible, have become racially and socially impotent and are drawing negative self-images and low self-esteem from  the anti-White society that surrounds us today. This is breaking their spirits.  They are internalizing self-hate and group-hate.  They will defend non-Whites and attack their fellow Whites and they’ll feel as though they have done the right thing and have the moral high ground.  Such Whites have lost their sense of identity as Whites and have accepted some other artificial identity that has them think of themselves as part of some clique or group that is not based on what is genetically real and essential but is based on some sort of belief, be it religious, political or social that they have let transcend and override their natural and authentic racial identity.

This is sad and pathetic but we see it all around us in society today as Whites seek to be non-White in conscious and unconscious ways. I sometimes call these sad White  folks, Shufflers, as, at least in my mind, they shuffle their feet as they look at the ground in front of them, as though they are human versions of beaten down and dispirited dogs, instead of boldly living as Whites.

However, proper intervention can prevent many Whites from falling into the self-hate trap. And, this is based on sound psychological principles and studies.  What Whites should be encouraged to do is take physical, calorie burning, rational and purposeful action along with others if possible, but alone at first if there is no other way, by physically demonstrating for a just cause–White survival and White rights.  Even just holding or waving a sign will help with this internal process of overcoming self-hate.

Of course, the actions should be legal (so long as the laws involved are just) and they should be peaceful. I’m mostly talking about holding signs or standing up for White rights if and when such rights are impinged upon in some way. And, in this regard, this may often be an individual action.  If you are discriminated against because you are White, don’t just try to be nice and not raise a stink.  Do raise a stink. Do take legal action. Do go to the press. Do burn some calories and do not just sit in front of the computer or do nothing. The idea here is to actually take the field and get involved, to work up a little sweat and to come out of the closet as a fully functioning White person with every right to be as you were born to be and not be ashamed of who and what you are and also to not be ashamed of your people!

WC 4cOf course, White haters know that taking action does work to keep Whites mentally strong and does build self-esteem and can bring many others to the cause and that’s why they will often mount counter demonstrations or threaten Whites who stand up for White interests.  What the haters of Whites want to do is convince Whites who demonstrate for White interests  that they are isolated and alone and that they are evil and that most other Whites don’t like them or their positions.  These haters try to do this as quickly as possible because they know that if Whites persist and don’t give up but show strength in their pro-White activities that other Whites will join them and then more and more.  So the haters try to stigmatize the early active Whites and either scare them into submission or scare away other Whites who may join them.

However, when a White who persists in what is a just and noble cause–White survival and White interests– starts to feel that he or she has some power and that their destiny is under their own control, they begin to feel pride in themselves and their people. Their self and group esteem grows and strengthens.  Meanwhile,  many  Whites who do not participate may feel their destinies are under the grips of forces over which they have no control, but it is their own inaction that helps make it so. To repeat: It is the control of one’s destiny by physical action that is important to send the right messages to both our sub-conscious minds and our conscious minds as well as to other Whites and non-Whites. It says, we are White, and we are proud and strong and those who don’t like us can stuff it, because we don’t care what they think.

By deliberately and self-consciously taking part in the process, this new pride and self-esteem are generated in the participants as they demonstrate to themselves as much as to others that they can exert control over their own environments and destiny and that they are standing up for a just cause. And what could be more just than our personal and racial survival and rights as White people?

The principle here is that attitudes follow actions. Do the physical and the attitude will follow.

This is similar to the way that Blacks evolved in their activism back in the ’60’s.  Before  particular anti-segregation actions were taken, and were still in the talking stages, many Blacks were opposed to such actions and many Blacks felt the actions would hurt their cause.  The actions were taken anyway and the actions then started to become looked on as favorable. When Black Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a White on a bus, many Blacks snickered at her much as many weak Whites today snicker at Whites who are standing up for White rights.  But, her action started changing attitudes.

Surveys were repeatedly done back then  that showed that many if not most Blacks felt demonstrations hurt the cause. But, what  actually happened  was that attitudes shifted in favor of the demonstrators.

National Action 1Something else needs to be noted here. It used to be said, starting in the  late 19th century, that “stateways cannot change folkways,” which means that government can’t change deeply rooted attitudes and behavior through state mandated coercive legislative, judicial or executive means.  And, there is truth to this in the sense that if the state stops its coercion, people will often revert to their prior folkways. However, so long as the government keeps up the coercion, the stateways will prevail.  We see this in attitudes about race and homosexuality today where the cowed population just accepts what the state is imposing in this regard.  The state knows that it is the coercion–the fear of the law–that is keeping  the population following what the state wants in regards to race or homosexuality ( or any other things the state wants to force on the population).

Leave aside homosexuality now but consider what  the state is doing to keep Whites from reverting to our previous attitudes about race.  It is  filling all previously White nations and areas with millions of non-Whites. This makes no sense unless the state wants to blend the races together and especially to blend away Whites through bedroom genocide–miscegenation. Remember, many non-Whites (and even sick self-hating Whites) in the world consider us Whites as though we are a virus harming non-White mankind. Those behind this genocide probably believe that when there are few pure Whites left, and instead many are mixed race, that there will be no more racial strife as there will be few pure Whites left to revert to the old attitudes about racial purity even if the state coercion stops.

And, as always, there is more than one track to this genocide. On another track but going the same way, the state is trying to convince opinion leaders (aka opinion molders) in all communities that conformity to what the state wants is good.  Then, these opinion leaders  work for free (because it’s part of their personality) and all on their own with their great natural drive to convince the population.  World views are maintained  primarily by simple conformity to  prevailing social norms and the opinion leaders help shape those world views. You may know many of these opinion leaders. They may be your neighbors.  These are the people who talk up everything that interests them.  If they get a new car, they’ll tell everyone how great it is. If they fine a new restaurant that they like, they’ll let everyone know about it.  It is just the way they are.

Throw in social rewards and punishments and reference groups and you see that society has the ability to inculcate an entire non-conscious ideology and world view into its citizens to actually create the underlying  premises and basic values which generate their interpretations of the world. Stray from the norms of your social group and you risk isolation and social disapproval; in other words,  such groups regulate beliefs attitudes and behaviors through the use of social reward and punishment.

In this day of social media, we are seeing opinions being molded by unseen others who are doing on the Internet what they used to do by personal contact.  We are, in effect, seeing anonymous Internet reference groups and opinion leaders who are shaping world views while hidden from view.  And, the state has a heavy but often hidden hand in this.

DiversityIt is up to awakened and conscious Whites to be the opinion leaders and to become members of the reference groups that shape White attitudes back toward a healthy respect for who and what we are and away from being Shufflers who feel like helpless leaves in the breeze with no control over their destinies and with broken spirits. Speak softly and speak with true love for yourself and our kind as you bring as many of our kind back to a healthy and loving self and group esteem.

By H. Millard © 2015

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8 thoughts on “Building White Self-Esteem — Love Yourself and Love Your People

  1. Walter Greenway

    - Edit

    White light exercise – the course.

    Day 1 – Walk to the front door, bend down to pick the mail. Tear up anything that has a picture of anyone that is not white on it. Walk to recycle bin and deposit the propaganda that came through your letter box.

    Day 2 – repeat exercise but before starting, jog to get a camera, then video film yourself exercising.

    Day 3 – repeat steps 1 and 2 but after completion run to computer and upload video to the internet.

    Day 4 – have the whole family joining in the exercises from Great-grandma to Great-grandchildren.

    Day 5 – a new National sport has been born.

  2. There was a “Panorama” programme about male suicide that has a lot to do with this.
    But of course it didn’t reveal if this mainly a White male problem.
    I wouldn’t mind betting it is, as we have been made to feel worthless by propaganda & the way modern society works.
    I’ve noticed there seems to be a scam with regard to temp work especially with regard to basic type jobs.
    I have seen several places that use temps (Factories & warehouses) have a high “churn” rate, a constant through put of new faces.
    These temps get a few weeks work if they’re lucky & then get laid off, even though the workplace continues to require new temps, they never get asked back again.
    Does someone gain by this constant flow of people being signed up but not in reusing people who are reliable but have been through the books?
    Also I have noticed many immigrants in this process & that they are more likely to be the ones in permanent jobs too.

  3. These white self haters are mostly white middle class cultural marxist, they look at themselve as more educated than the rest of the population..especially blacks and the white working class who they hate…they only interact with their own social class and would have limited contact or any idea how black people live..many will probably have deep racist feelings that they hide.
    The problem that we face with these people they are often in places of power…Banking, Law, Media, Government etc.
    Things will never change in this Country until they are removed…

    1. Yes Albert, the greatest resurgence, after the Great Depression, of any nation, was by the one that swept away the existing establishment and it’s cronies.
      Britain is long overdue a change in the make up of those who govern this nation, one more representative of the people. Ability is not the soul property of that pampered and sheltered class that you speak of.

    2. In fact if you examine their background or ancestry you will most probably find that it Is other than English, we have been envied and hated for being who we are. Of course you do have the oddball who is just contrary and hates to agree with anything just out of cussedness.
      The world is a strange place as you may well know, having been all over the world mixing withe strange characters nothing now surprises me as I have met my fair share of loons.

  4. My own prescription for fighting depression or a sense of depleted self-worth is this:

    1. I stopped watching TV. This removes half the problem, as much of what causes these feelings comes from the relentless messages of cultural-marxism and anti-white propaganda we get from exposure to mass-media.

    2. I’ve started reading old Norse and Germanic literature and mythology and learning about my ancestoral heritage. Reconnecting with your past is a great antidote to all the anti-white propaganda that is constantly pumped into our minds through mass media.

    3. Networking. Get involved with other folk both locally and online. If there are any events in your area that involve racial or ethic celebration and awareness, get involved. Germanfest or Oktoberfest is a good example. There are many events that celebrate Polish, Irish, Italian, German, or Scandinavian heritage that you can find on the local level.

  5. The quotation made by Millard “stateways cannot change folkways” is perceptive. He goes on to enlarge this idea with “government can’t change deeply rooted attitudes and behavior through state mandated coercive legislative, judicial or executive means”. It explains my own observation that the countries of Eastern Europe in 1988 reverted to what they would have been had not Soviet style regimes not been imposed them. It seems that 40 years of Communism had not changed the tastes and values of the people of these countries. In fact they had internalized the values of socialism to a lesser extent than the people of Western Europe had. Multiculturalism has been imposed from the top down by elites in the same way that Communism was, and has similarly failed to ‘change deeply rooted attitudes and behavior’. This has been demonstrated by the large scale white flight from London from which you can conclude that the white working class feel as much antipathy for Third World immigration today as they did in 1948.

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