Of British Blood and British Earth by J. R. Bell

The author J R Bell was born in 1945, the son of an army sergeant and a wartime nurse. He is a retired solicitor and in his first book, Of British Blood and British Earth, which is dedicated to the memory of his parents, he seeks to explain and justify the need for the maintenance of racial and cultural identity. He advocates the union of the White Commonwealth countries, and advances a means by which this might be achieved.

In his forward, the author explains: “Patriotism, and its adult child, nationalism, are concepts which in this day and age are fashionably regarded with suspicion and often with hostility. It is my belief that such indifference or antipathy risks the destruction of influences which are immensely creative and life-enhancing, giving structure and depth both to society and to the life of the individual.

“In the white English-speaking world there are two aspects of nationalism which are now particularly difficult but which I believe are essential components of nationalism for anyone who derives his or her ancestry from the British Isles and derives satisfaction from that fact. The first aspect is the maintenance of racial identity, by which I mean that populations of British origin should remain of exclusively European ancestry derived wholly or mainly from the British Isles and avoiding amalgamation with peoples of alien descent. The second aspect is that which was once known as ‘Greater Britain’, the organic union of all white English-speaking lands.

“If we put these two aspects together we have ‘racial nationalism’ which, in its British context, means the creation of a racially exclusive Greater Britain and it is that which is the purpose of this book, to explain and advocate.”


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