Brexit – The Movie

Another highly informative video outlining the dangers facing us as a nation if we get it wrong and vote to stay in the European Union on 23rd June.

This video has been produced by people who are from a variety of backgrounds politically, and includes contributions from people with whom we would make very strange bed-fellows, but we should not let that detract from the information it contains and the powerful message contained.

Please make sure that as many people as possible view this video to ensure in so far as we can that the Brexit vote is maximised.

By Max Musson © 2016

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7 thoughts on “Brexit – The Movie

  1. Nationalist4UK

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    After watching this, this is why it’s very very very important to register to vote for this Brexit!
    This video needs to go out, share it on social media, email it to your friends. This is why it’s very important to get the word out!

    Well I’m trying to get Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer to publish the movie, this is why it’s very important for Americans to talk about Brexit as they do with Donald Trump. They will certainly help us to push the Brexit vote because it’s not a typical local council election, it’s a major election as it will affect Europe and the world!

  2. Nationalist4UK

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    Also I like to add that Facebook and YouTube are so desperate as they tried to censor this video since it came out last Wednesday. This is why it’s very very important to share it.

    This is not made by any mainstream media as the film is crowdfunded by people. 23rd June is very important and this is why we have to do our duty!

  3. Bentley Graves

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    Well done for posting the Brexit movie, Max.

    A few of us have watched this over the last week and have been sharing it around social media. I would encourage as many people who can to do the same.

    This film has been removed from YouTube and Facebook several times now, so incase it vanishes again, I’ll post a link to ‘Vimeo, who have it on their site.

  4. Michael Woodbridge

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    This film made a compelling case for Brexit and unlike the Euromonger propagandists largely refrained from insulting our intelligence. Its strength lay in the variety of views expressed, all advocating British freedom. Its weakness was in not extending a welcoming hand to the Front National of France and other genuine patriots such as those of the Golden Dawn in Greece or Jobik in Hungary. That such a film should wish to avoid the more controversial aspects of our cause is quite understandable that it should parrot the Establishment line by presenting them as a threat borders on the unforgivable..

  5. Some notable people on that film and excellent straightforward facts on the failing economics and laws of the European Union.
    As Michael Woodbridge points out the lack of understanding as to why the radical right are pushing forward in a number of European countries is a real weakness.
    I have just returned from a wonderful week in Athens, many of the local natives I spoke to were most interested in our Referendum and they hoped we vote out. The Greeks know they are powerless on the issue of economics and immigration because of the EU, however they understand unless the refugee crisis in their wonderful Country is not completely resolved their tourist industry could face detrimental consequences.

    1. It reminds me of how the seaside resorts got used to house DHSS benefit claimants & that then became a spiral of decline until the practice was reversed, the same applies to Greece.

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