Batten Down the Hatches

Max Musson’s article on the disastrous ineptitude of the Conservative campaign in the recent general election leads me on to explore one or two further implications of the debacle – and it was a debacle no matter how much Mrs. May’s supporters protest that she actually won the election – perhaps she did, technically, but we all know who really won it.

In Paul Nuttall’s resignation speech he said that within eighteen months Ukip would be “bigger than ever” (not bad for a party which in two years has collapsed from four million votes to around 600,000). Clearly he expects that Brexit will be betrayed in some fashion and Ukip will profit accordingly. Nigel Farage added to this expectation when he hinted that he might undergo another of his reincarnations – surely he’s already had nearly as many as Dr. Who – should it look as if Brexit was not going to be delivered. Why these fears?  Because Arlene Foster, the Leader of the Democratic Unionist  Party, Mrs. May’s likely allies, has expressed her opposition to a hard Brexit, and anything other than a hard Brexit is not a Brexit and will not deliver immigration control.

Although the Labour Party is committed to Brexit, it’s representatives, including Mr. Corbyn himself, have repeatedly made it clear that the economy comes first and that they will support nothing which does not include a free trade agreement. As the EU is unlikely to offer any such agreement which does not come with the “four freedoms” attached, there we have a soft Brexit again.

A continuation of freedom of movement with a net inflow of EU citizens of 250,000 to 350,000 per annum might well stimulate renewed growth for Ukip, but it is unlikely to be sustained in the long term because of a new phenomenon observed at this election, a greatly increased “youth vote”. Young people are, as we all know, way more relaxed about immigration than their elders, and as they themselves climb the ladder of the years they take those attitudes with them, while those elders drop off the top of the ladder at the rate of half a million per year. Conservatively minded people like to think that as young people age they become more conservative; they do, but what they become more conservative about are the attitudes and values which they have brought with them from their youth. So electoral pressure about immigration and related matters is likely to slacken as the years pass, even if immigration itself continues unchecked.

The inexorable advance up the ladder of the years of those who are now young, opens up the very real prospect of a far Left government within the foreseeable future, perhaps as early as 2022. Imagine a government of “social justice warriors”! Imagine the effect that that might have on us! That is another reason why it is essential that we do not delay in the creation of our community of mutual support, assistance and protection which I outlined in my article “The Folk” published at this address on the 24th April – it is a survival capsule within which our people can survive and thrive. To mix my metaphors: there’s a storm coming; batten down the hatches!

By Frederick Dixon © 2017

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14 thoughts on “Batten Down the Hatches

  1. I think that todays youth need a good dose of real fear and hardship, to make them realise what they are about to throw away. So far, the media and the establishment have conspired to hide a lot of the negative aspects of our new Multi Culti society, and the days past when Labour was in power circa Mr M Foot etc. Having said that, when it comes to the hardship caused by tuition fees, I would have been very tempted to vote Labour if I was still part of that generation.

  2. Y’all are just as screwed as your cousins here in the USA. it was clear back in the 1990s that Brussels needed to be brought down and that never happened, and now they think they own you and the rest of Europe, and indeed they think they own everyone and everything. Arm yourselves and stand up when confronted. of course, you may end up like Tommy–castigated and beaten down for standing up . . . . perhaps an army of hackers could bring down the Beast in Brussels so that their database is ruined. or maybe you will get lucky and ISIS will destroy the power-trippers in Brussels. so much for trying to be 100% politically correct. and speaking of politically correct, I will NEVER understand how the current Mayor of London acquired enough votes for that office. just because he can speak English like a Lord does not mean he is English or cares about the English people. what a mess. face it: your elections are just as rigged as ours here but the UK vote riggers have done a more efficient job than Hillary managed to do here. I hate to see this. no need to play the blame game vis-a-vis Ms. May–she has no real power regardless of what happens.

    1. Frederick Dixon

      - Edit

      Agreed – the Mayor of London is no Englishman, but he was elected because London is now just a city which happens to be in England, not an English city.

  3. I wonder if the (apparently corrupt) Russian government would sell a tract of land to a UK identitarian/survivalist group so that we can recreate a community in our own image that is of devoid third world interlopers and the usual tranche of sanctimonious intolerant liberals. It has happened before, Patagonia anyone?

    1. Good idea. Russia is vast. I expect (and welcome) the opportunity to make a stand and die here when the time comes. But we should have contingency plans in place for our children and grandchildren.

    2. This is an idea that appears superficially attractive, but the downside is that for a whole plethora of practical reasons only a very small number of people would ever take up the idea and emigrate to what would most likely be some otherwise uninhabited Siberian wilderness — uninhabited because even the Russians don’t want to live there.
      There have been projects to create nationalist enclaves in remote parts of Britain and these have all floundered because moving to them invariably means leaving behind everyone else in your immediate circle of friends and family and going to live in a part of Britain that is hundreds of miles away and in which employment prospects are near zero.
      Such a prospect might appeal to a small number of unemployed nationalist men, but it has proven to have little appeal as far as people with strong family ties are concerned, women who don’t want to move hundreds of miles away from their mothers, and people with elderly and vulnerable relatives they would not want to desert, etc.
      It is far better for nationalists to identify places within Britain, that are not too far away from where they live already, that are still predominantly White, where there are still reasonable employment prospects and where house prices might make moving there attractive, albeit that vast tracts of uninhabited wilderness won’t be on offer for free.
      In most parts of Britain it is only necessary to look 50 miles or so further north to find an area in which the house price differential will make it possible to buy a house the same as the one you have already with little or no mortgage. A Couple with a £75k mortgage on a three-bed semi valued at £300k could move from Luton in Bedfordshire for example, to somewhere like Kettering or Rushton in Northamptonshire and find an identical house to the one they currently live in valued at £225k. That move would enable them to start a new life mortgage free and rather than live in Luton, which is 60% non-White, they could live in a town that is 90%+ White and realistically begin work creating a militant White society with the will and determination to stay White. This is the way forward!
      This project can be taken up by almost anyone and it does not involve moving to a wilderness hundreds of miles away from their friends and family, and it offers the prospect of being financially better off as well as having a better quality of life. People already living in Northamptonshire could look further north and benefit in the same way by moving to Rutland, Lincolnshire, the Fenland or East Anglia, people living in Hampshire could move to Warwickshire and so on.

      1. Surely you have forgotten about the Afrikaner’s pioneering community in South Africa known as Orania and situated in a remote wilderness. Although the Oranians reject the labels ‘whites only’ and ‘white nationalists’ they have demonstrated that members of a European ethnic group can create an advanced society from scratch in sparsely populated wilderness just as our ancestors did when they colonized North America, South Africa, and Australia. Therefore I think that it is perfectly feasible to create a new, exclusively English, settlement in Northumberland if the will is there to do it.
        The alternative that you suggest is probably more realistic. This might not have the romantic appeal of a pioneering settlement created by idealists, but it is something that everyone can participate in by making a deliberate choice about where to move house. It is not even necessary to choose a location that is 90% white for whites to group together according to a study by social scientists that I read. They discovered that ethnic enclaves form without people making a conscious choice in most cases, and that it is only necessary for people to continually move to an area that in 10% more white for a process of sorting to occur that will ultimately result in an area becoming 90% white.

  4. A far left government is only possible because of the ignorance of youth. They have no knowledge or interest in history, heck they have no knowledge of contemporary times either. All they need do is look at the damage Socialist Hollande did to the French economy to know the left leads to ruination. Failing that they just need to look at Venezuela or Southern Europe. One term in office is all Hollande got, he knew he’d never get reelected, it would be the same for Corbyn. Unfortunately ignorant people seem to only learn from personal experience.

    Despite that I don’t believe Corbyn would win the next election. May ran a horrendous campaign and is a very poor communicator. She was all about more austerity hitting vulnerable people and even worse the elderly who always vote in large numbers. Corbyn did the opposite and promised the earth for ‘free’ to all and sundry and still lost. May does need to go as she won’t be trusted again. A new charismatic Tory leader with a completely different and better manifesto would restore trust in the Tories and a new election, in my view, would see Corbyn easily defeated.

    The downside is that Corbyn has indeed changed politics in the UK, at least until the next election. As he promised everyone ‘free’ stuff the Tories will have no choice but to do the same at the next general election. None of which for either side is deliverable without severe repercussions in a nation drowning in debt.

    Once again a friend of mine told me to get the hell out of Britain but where would I go? The lunacy is everywhere today.

  5. I don’t know what to really say, the system is corrupt to the bone. We can talk all we want, but the fact is no changes will be made.

    That’s why I now starting to avoid the media again because it’s nothing more than just constant bad news to mess up with your mind.

    Also in the states, an alt-right coffee business are donating 5% of their sales to causes like Daily Stormer and Suidlanders.

  6. Another thing to mention, Britain First are now starting to contest elections again.

    In one sense, good on them, but they always end up standing in areas where there are UKIP and nationalist parties contesting to get elected. After all those years, nationalist parties are still wasting their money on deposits and still don’t get elected, hence the reason they don’t take any note on Max Musson’s advice about electioneering.

    1. Whilst I admire the efforts of Britain First I doubt whether they will ever become an electoral force.The members/demonstrations etc however are useful to our cause.

  7. I think enterprises such as risingsuncoffee and perhaps small entrepreneurial efforts is one way forward.We must ensure that all our money,white money goes back into our coffers,for the benefit of all whites.I have always had a policy of ‘no profit’ for the aliens.I shop mostly locally in an effort to boost our own.

  8. When Frederick Dixon wrote ‘young people are, as we all know, way more relaxed about immigration than their elders, and as they themselves climb the ladder of the years they take those attitudes with them’ he revealed the endless capacity of humans to adapt to situations that they are born into, however oppressive, fantastic or grotesque they may seem to outsiders. We look at history and marvel at how our ancestors could have been so accepting of things like witch trials, gladiator shows and human sacrifice. Today we are in a situation where net immigration is six times higher than it has ever been before 1990, and hundreds of thousands of Africans are moving into London, which to most of my generation seems grotesque and fantastic indeed, yet our young people have never known anything different so this becomes their normality. A similar situation existed when I was a youth. I could never understand why old people were so unhappy about uncontrolled Commonwealth immigration, because I had grown up in a London with ethnic enclaves – West Indians in Tottenham, Turks in Wood Green, and Indians in Southall. Therefore this level of multiculturalism is what I would feel comfortable with today, and most people of my generation would not want to turn the clock back to how Britain was before 1948.
    I do wonder sometimes, if when our young people see old British movies, they appreciate how much post war immigration has changed Britain and changed the British people themselves. If they do appreciate this change does it make them feel a twinge of regret?

    1. Frederick Dixon

      - Edit

      “…..does it make them feel a twinge of regret?” Probably not in most cases. Why should it? Are they not taught, are we all not endlessly told, that immigration is good for Britain? What no-one seems to pick up from that mantra is just how “racist” it is about the White British – that the (almost) all White, all British society which saw us through two world wars was somehow inferior to the ethnic chaos which now prevails.

      I’m too young – although only just – to remember the beginnings of the mass non-White immigration into London and elsewhere, so like you I grew up with those enclaves already in existence. But unlike you I WOULD like to turn the clock back to before 1948 – well, only in some respects; I wouldn’t want to go back to a world of coal fires, steam trains, fag ash, and rationing – all things which I do remember only too well!

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