An Audio Interview with Max Musson

From Radio Aryan: “Max Musson joins Sven Longshanks for another Aryan Insights interview, this time to talk about Left Wing Terrorism and why the extreme Left should be banned in the UK under the Terrorism Act of 2000.

Max starts by giving us some background information on the killing of Jo Cox and explains why it was a politically motivated killing and not terrorism. After that he describes what primary and secondary terrorism are and why the government were able to make this description apply to National Action, who were never accused of any violent crime.

By the government’s own standards, the antifa groups in Britain are primary terrorists who openly use violence against people and property for political purposes. There are then other groups on the Left such as Unite against Fascism and Hope Not Hate who then glorify these acts, applauding them and encouraging more. This is also covered by the Terrorism Act, yet it has been used only against National Action so far.

If the government wish to be seen as even-handed and not discriminating against any particular political ideology, then they have to start prosecuting and banning these Leftist thugs and the rest of the Left should be distancing themselves from them, unless they wish to be seen as supporting terrorism too.

Max gives a few examples of this behaviour on the Left, including a report of them lying in wait to ambush Brexiteers after a protest, so they could be picked off one by one as they left a pub and the recent attack on property and the elderly disabled at the South West Forum.

In order to get these groups banned there are a few things we can do. We can get a petition together like the Jews did against National Action, we can write to our MPs and we can also get a British ethnicity advocacy group together. In a multicultural society every community needs an advocacy group and we as White people do not have one. This is something all Nationalist organisations should be working towards, as there are no arguments that can be made against forming one by the Government, as they admittedly no longer represent our interests, but only those of these advocacy groups.”

The full interview: Aryan Insights: Max Musson – Left Wing Terrorism

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6 thoughts on “An Audio Interview with Max Musson

  1. Perception of Far Left or Alt Left, from the general public, is based on previous, libelous, gutter press, such as the now, criminal and defunct, News of the World. Certainly, the challenge with the BNP was to print the most disgusting libel, which was always at election times, in the hope, they would sue, and thus, use up party funds on legal fee’s. Even if the tabloid, lost the case and it cost them several thousand, it was worth it, to disrupt them at election times.
    The general public, are not aware of the workings of nationalist parties and so assume, they are all one entity and deem every Organisation as something dark, and to be feared. We know there are 13 or so, different Orgs, many, not even compatible with each other, let alone the mainstream. When innocent people get hurt, the attitude by most, is that, they all deserved it, because they are all violent Nazi’s who, if they got into power, would go out on horseback, rounding up, anyone with remotely coffee coloured skin and dropping them in the Med at the mercy of sharks, as Labour MP, Margaret Hodge told a congregation of black Christians during the battle for Barking in 2010. Sadly, we have a nation of trusting souls, who believe that if it’s on TV, or in the newspapers, it has to be true, and this is seized and acted upon by the Left.
    In any notable movement in history, the power that drives and fuels that movement, is a sense of injustice. Examples are, the African-American Civil Rights Movement during the 50’s, born out of a sense of injustice at unfair treatment. The Suffragette Movement, began in the mid nineteenth century, but really came into being in 1903. Again, it was born out of a sense of injustice at women being denied a vote and unable to stand in elections. Fast forward to modern day, and we see the emergence, of Black Lives Matter, and while wholly inaccurate, born out of a sense of injustice, over a false perceived image of disproportionate shootings of unarmed blacks by white police officers in the USA. Yet, to them, the injustice feels real.
    These later Organisations such as Black Lives Matter, cause cities gridlock and affect others trying to go about their business. They carry out more disruption, yet, are not banned.
    Authorities and general public find endless supplies of empathy for the people affected from feelings of injustice, yet, when it comes to nationalism, they fail to recognise that the nationalist movement, is born of the same sense of injustice.

  2. The huge danger from things like the banning of NA or the persecution of MW is that it may create a feeling in some of “If I am to be hung for a lamb, it might as well be for a flock of sheep”.
    On a more general level grumbling resentment will fester & may manifest itself in unexpected & unpredictable ways.
    A trigger event like an islamic terrorist atrocity could spark an asymmetric reaction.

  3. I am heartened that some of the MSM have not accepted HnH stories at face value & have debunked them, some of the stories about Brexit racism for example.

  4. It is not clear that Joe Cox’s death was political, although that is the impression given from the conventional reports.Tommy Mair had been suffering depression and may not have been of a sound mind to understand the consequences of his own action. It has been claimed that he was facing eviction from a council house he had lived in for 40 years and may have requested Mrs Cox’s assistance to intervene on his behalf. He may have thought that she had not shown sufficient concern or interest and thus this may have influenced his subsequent actions. Mr Mair may have been aware of Mrs Cox’s commitment for addressing Muslim and minority complaints and perceived this as a preference for the welfare of the minorities over that of the indigenous population. It would be revealing if records were made available which were to confirm that Mr Mair had visited Mrs Cox at one of her surgeries or at the Labour Party Headquarters in Batley.

  5. As once proud heirs
    To this our Island home
    It goes against the grain now
    To approach the High Table
    Beggin bowl outstretched
    We take our new place amongst the Other
    Players in a game of victims
    Bearing not the shame of a defeated foe
    As in the Jackals eye we are
    Our mutton skins slewn about our weathered flesh
    We know who we are.

  6. I think with regard to advocacy groups for us, the government won’t listen to them on the ground that White people are not a minority in the UK…yet.
    But if enough people are saying the same thing & bombarding them with demands, then they will have to make concessions, if we can get a couple of million around to our way of thinking, then maybe?

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