As Year Four of Our Struggle Begins

As 2015 draws to a close, many of us will be looking back over the year, assessing what has been achieved and deciding what new needs to be done if we are to be more successful in 2016, than we have been in the past. This is a time of year for reflection and for resetting our compass, if we have started drifting off course, and it is the same whether we are considering our personal goals, our career and business goals, or our political goals.

WC 5This year, I believe that many more of our people have become aware of the impending demographic disaster that is looming for the British people in particular, and also for the peoples of Europe, and while this disturbs them, they cannot yet appreciate what must be done. They still cling in hope to the notion that someone in government will eventually step forward and begin taking the steps that we all know in our hearts must be taken if our nation is to survive. They haven’t yet realised that our nation is already fatally wounded – is already in a terminal state — and that the demise of the once familiar Britain that we can all look back to and reminisce about, is now simply a matter of time.

Migrants 4The critical factor finally starting to focus the attention of our people and filling them with feelings of foreboding has been the almost nightly TV news programmes showing a veritable armada of small, unseaworthy vessels, loaded to the gunnels with the flotsam and Jetsam of humanity, heading for the southern shores of Europe, and the vast herds of migrant humans — like migrating wildebeest on the Serengeti –- in scenes reminiscent of AMCs ‘The Walking Dead’ – heading across Europe in our direction.

 This year of course the human migration has been simply a mere foretaste of what is to come, as the migrants coming this year were only the trail-blazers and for every one of them there will be ten or a hundred coming next year. The poor of Africa and Asia have seen the trail-blazers ‘prove the system’, they now know that the governments of the member states of the European Union, not only have no intention of stopping migrants coming, but are depraved enough to welcome them and to actively assist their passage and settlement in our lands. Next year the migrant flood will dwarf what we have seen in 2015 and we must be ready for that.

EU & AU 1As I have explained in an earlier article this migration is not something that is unplanned, or which has come as a surprise to the leaders of the European Union. What we have seen this year are simply the early ‘gate-crashers’ of a migration that has been planned by the criminal leaders of the European Union for decades as the political testament of Count Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, entitled ‘Praktischer Idealismus’ demonstrates. It is a precursor to the creation of a single labour market stretching across all of Europe and Africa,as envisaged in the treaties between the European Union and the African Union. A single market that will eventually allow the entire population of African to come and live and work in Europe. All one-thousand million of them!

In short, if you think the immigration situation is bad now, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

The leaders of the member states of the European Union have for many years now performed like actors on a stage, feigning surprise and concern at the levels of immigration, at the apparent desperation of those wishing to come to Europe and at the numbers involved, but the one thing that none of them has done, with one or two possible exceptions, is to do anything to actually prevent that immigration taking place.

Here in Britain, the UK Border Agency has undergone several revisions and re-organisations as successive Home Secretaries have been publicly embarrassed by its lamentable performance, and have declared if “unfit for purpose”. In reality however, for decades, no-one in power has intended this agency to function effectively and its various restructurings have merely been pantomime designed to calm the masses and reassure us that something is being done in order to prevent public indignation and widespread popular protest.

Migrants 5A similar state of affairs exists with regard to one of the main route ways into Britain, the Channel Tunnel. Instead of effective controls on those travelling through the tunnel, implemented by the British government and for which they would be answerable to the British electorate, the arrangements made conveniently place control and responsibility for what happens in the hands of the French authorities. Consequently, as only feeble attempts are made to prevent illegal immigrants passing through this natural ‘bottle-neck’, our government can feign concern and throw up their hands in despair at the inadequacy of the French, while the French can throw up their hands and quite legitimately state that this issue is not really their responsibility.

Needless to say, the three-hundred Spartan soldiers who blocked the mountain pass at Thermopylae in 480BC holding back the countless legions of Xerxes would have laughed in derision at the claims of our politicians that it is not possible to prevent unarmed migrants from gaining passage through the Channel Tunnel! All that is lacking today is the political will and anyone with their wits about them knows that our government are doing nothing but placating public opinion, while their true plans, to flood this country and swamp our people beneath the teeming millions of the Third World, continue apace.

To those who still doubt what I write here about the intentions of the British government, I would direct them to the operations of the Royal Navy and the navies of the nations of the Southern European states in the Mediterranean this year.

Migration StatsInstead of intercepting the boats filled with migrants and turning them back, instead of rescuing those people who need it and taking them back where they came from, our navies have been rescuing the migrants from the ravages of the sea and delivering them safely to ports along the European coast! They have in effect been providing a free ferry service for any immigrants foolish enough to set out to sea in an unseaworthy craft. Can there be any clearer proof than this that our governments are busily facilitating mass migration, not trying to prevent it?

Furthermore, as immigration statistics show that approximately four-hundred thousand immigrants are entering Britain each year, the attention of the public has been deliberately diverted and focused entirely upon the plight of the additional twenty-thousand migrants that David Cameron has agreed we should accept as part of the EU response to the so-called migrant crisis. Talk about ‘not seeing the wood for the trees’!

Clearly therefore, 2016 will present an hitherto unparalleled opportunity for nationalist organisations to recruit new members from the increasingly alarmed British public. From among those who have finally realised the depth of the betrayal of our people by successive Labour and Conservative governments. Despite this however, 2016 will not automatically provide us with a bonanza in terms of recruitment and public support. Our government and the mass media will go into overdrive in their efforts to pull the wool over the eyes of our people and in order to suppress our natural instincts to defend our homeland and we must be prepared for this.

Most importantly, we must resist the call of those who urge us to waste our time electioneering. To once again follow this well-trodden path to nowhere is to not understand that electioneering in the current environment is an act of folly in which we ‘build our house on sand’, only to see it later crumble and collapse under the withering hail of lies, smears, abuse and denigration directed at us by the mass media, and as a consequence of electoral gerrymandering by the government.

To continue this Biblical analogy, we must instead first create firm foundations upon which to build our house, and this is the important work that we must undertake in 2016.

2016 must be the beginning of a step-change in our preparations for the nationalist revolution that must come if our people are to survive. We must recruit new members from among the disgruntled public and take them through a process of education in the realities of our political situation, and we must set them to work helping us to acquire the wherewithal needed to realistically challenge for political power in this country and in order for our challenge to be sustained until we succeed.

We must set these new members to work in acquiring the Six Prerequisites. Only then will we be in a position to mount our challenge, only then will we be at ‘RevCon One’ , only then will we be equipped to make a successful challenge for political power, in whatever form that may need to be. Only then will we be able to save our people and secure a future for our children.

I wish you all a very enjoyable festive period as this our third year comes to an end and the New Year begins. Those of you who have been actively involved in helping Western Spring to create our Movement of National Salvation can take this period of rest as your well-earned reward. Those of you who are new to Western Spring can us this period, as we do, to mentally prepare for the challenges ahead and let us all have faith that we will succeed in our titanic endeavour providing we maintain our focus and our commitment to our peoples’ cause.

May God bless all who fight at our side, let us push on with renewed courage and let us make 2016 a year to remember!

By Max Musson © 2015

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15 thoughts on “As Year Four of Our Struggle Begins

  1. Ask yourself: What props this system up ? What force maintains in power the present clique at Westminster, the Tory party, the Labour party and the Liberal-Democrats ? Decade in, decade out, the betrayal committed by the Establishment politicians continues, seemingly without anybody being able to mount an effective challenge.

    I ll put it to you that the regime in place in Britain and indeed in place across the whole of Europe is maintained in power by the presence of the American armed forces in Britain and across in Europe. (Germany, Italy, Poland, etc.) The Americans have had military bases in Britain and Europe ever since the end of the Second World War. And I put it to you, that the presence of the US military in Britain and Europe serves EXACTLY the same purpose as the presence of the Soviet Red Army in occupation of Eastern Europe, during the decades of the Cold War: from the 1940s, to the 1980s, the Red Army was there to maintain in power the Communist governments of East Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia and the Baltic states. In those unhappy states, no dissent was permitted: public denouncements in the press followed by loss of employment and jailings were what kept the vast majority in line. Of course the Communist party politicians in “power” in Eastern Europe knew to sing the praises of the Red Army and its heroic role in the Great Patriotic War, aka WW II. Exactly the same as here, n’est-ce pas?.

    Now, Max, you will know, I’m sure, of that useful piece of political wisdom: Never let a good crisis go to waste.

    I mean, whilst we have this on-going crisis of the “Syrian refugees “,set off by Mad Merkel, let us step forward and say, genuinely say: Yes, this refugee crisis is appalling: millions fleeing and abandoning their homes:dreadful. And not just in Syria, but right across the Middle East: and let us ask, What has driven these desperate millions to abandon hearth and home. what horrors are they fleeing ? The horrors they are fleeing, are the civil wars, the chaos and the crime unleashed by the destruction of their countries by the military forces of the NATO West. For the last twelve years, ever since Bush and Blair launched their war on the Iraq of Saddam Hussein, the American led NATO (with Britain, France and Italy) has been destroying one Middle Eastern country after another. .

    In conclusion, let it be acknowledged : Nobody abandons hearth and home and flees to some unknown destination except in absoluter fear of their lives. Let us acknowledge the war-crimes of Bush and Blair, Clegg and Cameron (for the destruction of Libya) and let .us make restitution for the damage done and let us help the refugees to return to their own countries and to make good their lives; AND let us close down the war-mongers of NATO, and require the American military to leave our shores. The rest will then follow. ,

    1. Very good comment, Richard, and I completely agree. Western intellectuals and policy-makers have a blind spot when it comes to their own culpability in the problems suffered by Third World peoples. They talk about ‘terrorism’ and expect moral outrage from us, but they never mention their own state-licensed brand of terrorism. They assume that we won’t join the dots. I also agree with you that, as Nationalists, we have special understanding to bring to this problem. This isn’t just a fight for European race and civilisation. As I see it, this is a fight for all civilisation.

      1. Tom Rogers writes: “we Nationalists have special understanding to bring to this problem. This isn’t just a fight for European race and civilisation. As I see it, this is a fight for all civilisation.”

        At the time of the First Gulf War, the attack launched on Saddam Hussein’s Iraq in 1990 by US President George Bush senior, Jean-Marie Le Pen of the French National Front stated the position of us Nationalists regarding the Third World: Le Pen said, we Nationalists deplore the bombing and the destruction of Third World countries committed by western countries and the American NATO alliance. Le Pen said that the deal that we Nationalists offer to the leaders of the Third World is, we won’t poke our nose into your business and in return you don’t poke your nose into our business. What this means, as Le Pen made clear, was that we Nationalists will halt the bombing and the destruction of Third World countries, and return the leaders of Third World will take back ( in a process of repatriation) all their people, let into our countries by the corrupt politicians of the West..

        After the fate suffered by Saddam Hussein, by Colonel Qaddafi, and presumable soon the current president of Syria, Assad, and whoever else might be in line for the chop, Third World leaders might well find us Nationalists the people to do business with.

  2. Those fugees are coming because they have been told that there is economic opportunity and they believed it. the Africans openly tell interviewers that. In the Americas, Barack Obama is telling it all over the countries south of our border to come into the US and they are doing it. All these people are being told there are jobs, jobs, jobs, and that they will be given help until they can get on their feet–which is never. but they are indeed being lied to. it is essentially that George Soros is funding an unbelievable amount of this apparently because he hates the world.

    All that being said, one thing that the common people need to understand is this: they are being played by being told that European and American imperialism stole everything they have from Africa–which is amazing and untrue because of this simple fact: The governments of those respective African countries were paid by the corporations who have been getting rich by exploiting them. In fact, those corporations paid more to those African countries every year than the U.S. government gave in aid–many times over. That money paid by those corporations went to their corrupt government heads who kept that wealth for their own instead of bettering their citizens’ lives. So that is the thing about “white guilt”; it is just the same as the fact that the United States BOUGHT that territory from Mexico that the Mexicans are now talking about taking back because it was stolen from them. This was all paid for but again, their corrupt leaders made themselves rich and cared not for their people.

    If you can once begin to convince people that those nations were paid handsomely by the corporations involved, just as the Saudis have been paid handsomely, then perhaps people can shake off that guilt mantra that seems to be working so well for Angela Merkel and the rest of the corrupt European and British leaders.

    1. And how did Angela Merkel and the rest of the corrupt European and British leaders come to be in their positions of power ? Merkel and all the other corrupt political leaders in Europe are there because they are the direct successors, in unbroken line, from those installed in post-war Europe in 1945 by the victorious Allies : that is the USA and the Soviet Union, the two powers that won the Second World War and then fixed the post-war political settlement to suit themselves. Essentially Europe together Britain lost the War, and we live with the dangerous consequences of that defeat to this day.

      And it is not a question of a “guilt” mantra: as you rightly say the Whites have absolutely nothing to feel guilty about; the problem is the state of demoralisation,deliberately induced into the Whites by the wicked system in place. How to break the evil spell cast by the system ruling over us ? : Speak the Truth and shame the Devil. .

    2. I very much doubt that ‘jobs’ have any appeal to nonwhite invaders. This is just a llie tossed offhand to naive whites. Only about 2% of invaders are employable (see reports from Germany) – most can’t read or write, for example. They are lured by lies (offers of rented housing are true, though I doubt the invaders understand the way the system works – corrupt politicians and owners of tower blocks etc funded by paper money). I think such things as football and black ‘music’ are another lure: the invaders probably really imagine they’ll be offered football contracts or music contracts. So are possibilities of white women as wives or prostitutes, as promoted in Jew-run films and TV.

  3. 2016 may well bring the EU referendum, which might be a turning point.
    If it isn’t, then more slow decline will follow.

  4. If a 1,000 million Africans get access to work here in the EU then I think the EU would collapse under the strain regardless if they come here for the jobs or not, the infrastructure couldn’t cope with the numbers.
    But that’s the idea behind it surely?

  5. The proof will be in the eating of the pudding. Who would have thought Donald Trump would be in the lead for the Republican Nomination with 43% at this early stage? Situations and circumstances can and have changed politics; many would never have predicted the end of the Berlin Wall or even the recent Jeremy Corbyn Labour Leadership victory. If Mad Merkel acted before the British General Election UKIPS vote could well have doubled to 8 million.
    The fight for the survival of European civilisation is upon us, the wheels are starting to turn against the Globalist Liberal elite. The Front National overcame torrid conditions to secure 45% of the vote last weekend!
    Our people will go to the Ballot Box on an in out referendum in the near future: surely, we can muster a United Nationalist effort to help defeat the traitors of our Country.
    Western Spring has a solid understanding of the fate of our people if we do not force the Conservative Zionist agenda into retreat.

  6. “Bleak!” is the only future for our people unless they wake up in the next five/ten years. After that it will be too late, immigration and birth rates may well have already sealed sown the fate of this nation but their is still a small window to salvage something of our homeland.

    Many believe we can deport all those or different races and nationalities already here, I fear that may no longer be possible. the numbers are now so huge it would take more resources than we currently have. Our combined Armed and Police forces are massively outnumbered. Gaining arms and explosives seems to pose no problems for the criminal underworld so why should these other communities situation be any different and some commentators have claimed large cashes of weapons are already here. We didn’t manage to stem the flow of arms to the IRA and people should remember that fact, neither did the IRA have backers in the middle East with so much money to support their cause!

    Now it is we that need allies, and our North European guests have a vested interest in our nation, to our cousins we are their best source of work, an income and a better life, we need to reach out and include them in our future plans.They also have the advantage of age, most being younger rather than older exactly what will be required for the fight and the rebuilding. They also seem less influenced by the sexual propaganda nor PC multicultural machine and see their masculinity and identity as assets to be treasured not ones to be denied!

    And even more controversial, in Nationalist circles, my next proposal may cause an outrage. We will, due to the current situation we find ourselves in, have need of an alliance with Civic nationalists and the true right of the current political parties,and it is we that must make the compromises, for now that is.

    The time for the battle of our differing philosophies is after victory!

    Fire away Folks but show me how, even if we attract 10/20% new members each year to the true nationalist fold, we can ever gain the numbers and influence, in the time frame left, needed to survive and prosper.

  7. “We must set these new members to work in acquiring the Six Prerequisites”
    Ok, fine. How is that to be done? There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of practical things to be done here.

    1. There is much that needs to be done and which can be done right now. The most important task at this point in time is to attract more contributing members so that our funds build faster than at present and so that we have more quality people able to take on the task of building our organisation. We need people experienced in public speaking to organise local branches with regular monthly or bi-monthly meetings and critically, we need people with a high profile and a good reputation within nationalist circles to speak out in support of Western Spring.
      When a man standing among a crowd of endangered people identifies where safety can be found, his perception is very important, but of equal if not greater importance is the man at his side who realises he is right and has the courage to stand up and be counted.
      We humans are herd animals and most of us need to see someone else ‘go first’, before we have the courage to follow a new idea. We need people from among the nationalist movement with that courage, who will not just support Western Spring privately, but who will stand up and publicly bear witness on our behalf — who will stand up and be counted — so that others will follow their example.

  8. Sorry, your post is wrong. America could not successfully invade Europe and would never even dream of occupying the continent.

    It would take a couple of days to mop up the troops they already have here and any transports they sent would be sunk by missiles without any difficulty at all.

  9. Politicians make me sick. They would betray every principle and step on every friend to climb higher up the ladder of politics to win a place in the cabinet. They believe in nothing beyond their own power and status . Even more astonishing when you remember (e.g. UK governments) our government is predominately white and quite probably Christians, yet are pushing ahead and promoting the Coudenhove-kalergi plan/the EU same plans without a thought for their great grandchildren. What sort of legacy to they think they are leaving? It is indeed a maniac’s world.

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