Are There Good Jews, Blacks … ?

Whites who say there are good Jews, Blacks, Browns, Yellows and Reds, and who believe that Awakened Whites are wrong to focus on race, fail to understand the deeper meanings of what makes a people a people and of the ways of existence itself and about our survival as Whites.

Of course there are good individuals of every race. And, by good I mean people who are nice, polite, mind their own business and mean no one any harm.  But, being “good” is not the issue.

What non-Whites can never be is White and the issue is that our survival as Whites means we must stay White in all ways and not allow any non-White genes into our personal or collective White genome. In other words, we must not let ‘genome hackers’ hack into our White genome and turn our White family genetic programs into non-White family genetic programs, which then use our own DNA to spread their DNA to compromise more Whites.

All non-Whites can hack our White genetic program.  They simply have to mate with us. This takes 23 of our White chromosomes with about 10,000 of our White genes and combines these with 23 of their non-White chromosomes and about 10,000 of their non-White genes.  And, this means any children born of such matings will not be fully White and these children are then carriers of non-Whiteness which they spread through the White gene pool when they in turn mate, which is often with Whites who now find them more attractive due to their carrying some White genes along with their non-White genes.

To be clear, because  non-Whites can mate with Whites and because they carry non-White genes and because those non-White genes automatically compromise our White genome when non-Whites mate with us they cause us harm even if they have no evil intent.  The harm they can do to us is automatic.

This sexually transmitted ‘bedroom genocide’–compromises the White genome and turns White families into non-White families.  Just as  germs or other  organisms don’t have to have evil or harmful intent towards us but can still sicken and may ultimately kill us, so is it with non-Whites who can mate with us. Down at the end of this essay I’ve included a quote that explains this in other terms.

Whites need to understand that we, as Whites, are in a struggle for our existence as Whites and that anything that decreases the amount of the White genome in existence is not good for us personally or collectively and can lead to our extinction and absorption into non-White genomes, just as surely as modern White humans absorbed the genomes of Neanderthals in Europe and caused their extinction.  In this regard, you are probably aware that almost all Whites have a small percentage of Neanderthal DNA in us.

This struggle for existence–this competition–which is a struggle to be and to be more is found throughout nature and it exists as a necessary part of evolution.  The difference between us and so-called lower life forms is that we can understand this and see how it works and we can use our conscious minds to take the right path.

In its basic form–this competition–is not difficult to understand. It is nature constantly tinkering with life to adapt it to ever changing conditions so that some form of life–and all life carries the life force within it–will not only live in the changed conditions but will thrive and replace earlier types that are not as well adapted for those conditions. This is evolution and natural selection.

This struggle has been fought since the beginning of time and by all organisms and even by so called non-living matter and even before matter came into existence by all that underpins matter in the sub-atomic realm of existence.

The struggle permeates all of existence and we often convey this in the simplest way by saying there is only one best seat in the stadium  and everyone can’t sit in it so there is a struggle for that seat.   And, following on in this metaphorical vein we can say we see  the struggle playing out in many  cases among some organisms, including humans, in ritualistic or agonistic combat rather than in actual physical fighting for that best seat.

In this case, it is the one who is able and willing to pay for that best seat in the stadium who gets it.  In our real world human struggle, however, it is a struggle to the death (often unconscious) between different races  to rise to the top  and get the best seat in existence.

In Europe, Whites won the earlier competition and  got all the  seats as nature tinkered with the earliest people who were there and caused them to adapt to a less sunny area than further south and this led to white skin that could more easily make Vitamin D in such conditions.  And, in time it led to lighter eyes and hair and various other features that we now see as common among White people.  And, the further north one goes, the more pronounced are these white features usually found.

But, evolution never stops and  we can never say that this  or that White type is the end all and be all of Whites even though we do believe there is an ideal White type which we see in the best of our kind.  However, if the so-called best of our White kind don’t make more like themselves so that they fill the planet with their kind they will be replaced by others who do.  And, this leads to the dictum that if you don’t breed or if you don’t breed pure White, you will go extinct. Nature doesn’t care if you live or die, you have to care.

We cannot coexist complacently with those whose genes can harm us and wipe us out.  Our struggle is to remain White and to evolve White to become the dominant human type.  We have reached a point in our evolution where we must take over from the blind workings of nature and consciously seek to evolve along a White trajectory.  The most basic things we can do are to avoid miscegenation and to increase the number of pure White children we have.

And, the struggle is the same for all non-Whites and their genomes. Again, nature doesn’t care who wins. It is blind. One struggles, competes and wins or one loses. It is up to us to make sure we win.

By H. Millard © 2017

HERE’S THE IMPORTANT QUOTE I MENTIONED UP ABOVE: “Living organisms must necessarily compete, for food, for mates and for living space, especially with other members of their own species. They must avoid predators and other dangers. For all these various reasons, some will leave more offspring than others, and it is the genetic characteristics of such preferred replicators which will be passed on preferentially to succeeding generations.  This is the essence of natural selection.”  Francis Crick, one of the discoverers of the shape of DNA.

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5 thoughts on “Are There Good Jews, Blacks … ?

  1. The answer to the question, “Is there any such thing as a good Jew?” is simple to answer.

    A good Jew is one who admits that Whites have the same rights to freedom of association as all other people. This means that they have the same right to have communities, institutions, and countries that are homogenous. A good Jew will also admit that currently, Whites are being denied this right by powerful Jewish interests in an effort to create a One World Government dominated by Jews. And finally, a good Jew will move out of any country that isn’t Jewish (if he currently lives in one) and into a Jewish country (whether that be in Palestine or elsewhere).

    Since I have never met or heard of any Jew who will do these things, then the answer is: there is no such thing as a good Jew.

    1. I can understand why you might think that Russ, because as a non-Jew you probably don’t know many Jews personally. You will know of prominent Jews through the news media, but you are unlikely to know many Jews personally.
      What we have to understand is that Jews are under the same social and legal pressures as non-Jews to toe the politically correct line and not speak out against the evil manifest within our society that is the product of some of their co-religionists. There are however Jews who do disagree with the genocide that is taking place in Europe, but they are few in number and even fewer of them have the courage to ‘break ranks’ with their co-religionists and speak out.
      Millard does not acknowledge this, but Jewishness is not as some belief purely a matter of religion, and neither is it purely a matter of race or genetic inheritance, although race and genetic inheritance do have a part to play. Jewishness is primarily a matter of identity: you must identify as a Jew; and other Jews must recognise you as a Jew.
      If you are of Jewish descent but do not identify with other Jews, identifying instead with the people among whom you live, then the bond between you and other Jews has been broken and you are no longer a Jew. Conversely, no matter how strongly you want to be accepted as a Jew, if other Jews don’t recognise you as such, you are not a Jew. Jews are not a race, they are not a religion, they are a hereditary masonic community – unless you are born a Jew, you have to want to be one of them and they must accept you before you can be a Jew.
      This is why Jews impose a difficult and laborious process of conversion; in order to deter frivolous conversions; and in order to reassure them that your desire to become one of them transcends everything else in your life. To reassure them that once you are admitted to their ranks there will be no going back and that your loyalty will be to them before everything else, for ever more.

      1. Whites need to create a tight closed community of their own; in this regard Jews could serve as an example. Only the conscious whites are of real worth. All those who have white genetics but don’t value it and follow along the line prescribed by the system should be regarded as enemies even more dengerous than aliens. We can see plenty of such people; they are white but their soul is thorougly black; these ones are the main problem.

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