Annihilation Begins

Is that heading too dramatic for the recent atrocity in Manchester? I don’t think so. What else is it when a member of an intrusive population targets our girls and young women for mass slaughter? He has wiped out a section of those who would otherwise bear the next generation of our people. It is already the case that with a White British birthrate of 1.6 children per woman the dial is set to slow extinction. Now the timetable is advanced a little, and in the cruellest possible way. And with a Pakistani birthrate in the UK of 3.6 children per woman,  replacement draws nearer – by those from whose ranks the perpetrator was drawn.

Bad enough, you might think. But the notorious targeting of our young women, and their corruption and defilement by gangs of Pakistani taxi drivers, is very much part of the same process. The means might be different, but the victims – appropriated by the intruders for their own vile purposes – suffer greatly reduced and damaged chances of  normal loving relationships with White British men whose children they would otherwise bear.

Whose fault? The direct guilt belongs to the perpetrators of course. But the deeper guilt belongs to those of our own people who have permitted the establishment of  dangerous alien populations in our midst. Why did they do it? To break our nation down and ultimately to dissolve it. Why? Because of a rift which  opened in this country in the soft Marxist cultural revolution of the sixties. This rift separated those who hold to the once universal love of Britain from those who have absorbed the Marxist dogmas of internationalism and equality. The latter, who dominate all of our institutions, including all three main political parties ,have repeatedly demonstrated contempt for our country and our people. They disclose that prejudice in their repeated insistence that immigration is good for Britain – meaning that the less British Britain becomes the better it is!  To quote a former leader of the Conservative Party, immigration “has made Britain stronger and better”. Stronger and better than what? Better than the all- White, all-British country which saw us through two world wars?

Well, now we see just how much better it has made us.

By Frederick Dixon © 2017

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16 thoughts on “Annihilation Begins

  1. The horror is felt here across the pond. I have to be careful how I say the following. Total sorrow and sympathy for all those who suffered in Manchester,at the hands of the maniacs, but a question for the parents. Why would any caring British parent allow their children to attend a ” concert ” featuring pure crap ?

  2. The Murder of our children may be a turning point, for the first time on radio presenters have spoken out in strong words that would have got them the sack only a week ago, also a ex soldier on Sky this morning suggested round them up and deport entire families again even a week ago this would not have happened in the media.
    And now we have Soldiers on the streets of mainland Britian, Let’s hope this is the beginning of our fightback against this evil.

  3. Despite the horror expressed at this diabolical outrage, a constant theme has been uttered by prominent members of our society, namely that we should all remain united and that there is more we hold in common than what divides us. The underlining assumption of these views is that the violence is only perpetrated by a minority and that Islam is inherently a peaceful religion. If that really were the case than there would not be a need to constantly defend it and declare its peaceful intent. Like all so-called “revealed” religions, including Christianity and Judaism, Islam claims a monopoly on truth and is not tolerant of alternative world views. A consequence of the recent atrocity will be that Muslims will claim that they are feeling vulnerable and threatened and the Establishment will claim that Islamaphobia has increased greatly. This is all party of a continuing narrative whereby non European immigrants are presented as hapless victims of racism and intolerance. Alas, nothing will change yet. Consider how in Pakistan, Nigeria and parts of the Middle East where Christians have been murdered simply for practising their faith, while here Muslims have perpetrated the worst atrocities with impunity.

    1. The mantra chanted by those in the media is that ‘we will not let this divide us’, however this terrorism is taking place precisely because we ARE divided. A multiracial and multicultural society is one in which the population is divided into various groups on the basis of race or ethnicity. A state of division is the defining quality of a multicultural or multiracial society. In the absence of division, a society could not be described as either multiracial or multicultural.
      It would be wrong to blame the entire Muslim community of Britain for the acts of terrorism committed by young Muslim extremists, but it is undeniable that the Muslim community provides fertile soil for Islamic terrorist groups wishing to recruit young men and women into their ranks, for two reasons: firstly, because Islam is a religion which does not tolerate dissent founded by a prophet who used violence and terror to establish it, thereby setting a clearly unhealthy example; and secondly because young people in the 16-30 age group, living as part of a minority community among a majority population with whom they feel aggrieved, are easily swayed and easily induced to adopt violence as their preferred course of action.
      No matter how many young Muslims our security forces identify as ‘at risk’, no matter how many are apprehended and stopped from committing terrorist acts, Muslim terrorist organisations know that each year a fresh batch of naïve and idealistic young Muslims will leave school and be ready for them to groom and turn a number of them into killing machines. Furthermore, they know that as each year passes our security forces become increasingly stretched and increasingly underfunded and it will only be a matter of time before terrorist numbers reach an uncontainable level and the terrorists begin to gain the upper hand.
      It is undeniable that if there was no Muslim community in Britain, preventing Islamic extremism would be a cinch, because there would be no-one susceptible to the terrorists message living in our country. Therefore the only way of solving this problem is to separate the various ethnic groups comprising our so called multiracial and multicultural society, repatriating the minority groups to their land of ethnic origin. Any other solutions proffered by our political establishment, or anyone else for that matter, are illusory and doomed to fail.

  4. I do wonder how often the same tired old excuses & reasons can be trotted out before the public get wise to them, do we need to force feed them red pills?

  5. Also this nonsense about us all being together, I bet most of the idiots mouthing that mantra don’t spend time with other races to any degree.
    I heard one saying that UKIP types weren’t welcome at the vigil, they just want to be in their own self reinforcing little bubble of self righteousness, going on about diversity, inclusivity, not understanding their version of society comes at a price, one that not all of us wish to pay.

  6. I wonder if Prince Charles ascended the throne whether he would put up with it. He makes no secret of the scorn and contempt for underlings that his father has so freely expressed over the years–although it must be that an awful lot of money is passing to the Crown to get them to allow all these low-IQ scum into the country. and meanwhile patriots such as Tommy Robinson and the EDL are the targets of scorn and disdain and arrest–anyone who speaks out becomes a pariah. and after all, Libya was not even a Crown Colony so I certainly do not understand why Libyans are there in the first place. and i certainly also cannot understand how a muslim could be elected Mayor of London!!! and his decree–essentially, get used to it and get over it. and how about all those Paki gang rapes on children?
    after all, it is the duty of a government to protect its citizens.

  7. I agree entirely with Max’s statement.The outpouring of the same platitudes after every atrocity sends me into orbit.We are clearly divided along many lines.Those who are not brain dead can see the future, the soldier on SKY news was spot on when he mentioned ‘the stacking up’ of these problems.
    The mantra of ‘we are united’ is losing its power,only the fools believe that now.Methinks the traitors who rule us are going to be forced to change their tune,not their agenda though.

  8. I should have added that this government has 3,000 of these so called ‘jihadists’ under 24 hour surveillance 7 days a week at a cost of 9 billion per annum,this is unsustainable.How many more are under the radar?How many more are known to the police/intelligence?

  9. Their will never be peace in Europe while Muslims live here in numbers, whats worth mentioning the chances of being a victim of a terrorist attack is remote, but daily our people are Murdered, Raped, Maimed, Robbed, by everyday crime, mostly committed by immigrants.

  10. This was an evil terrorist outrage carried out at a venue my family members and i have attended many times. This being said we seriously need to question what & who is really behind this atrocity??
    It is no use to simply go along with the establishment narrative of the ‘War on terror’ being a fight against those extremist radical muslims who hate our way of life & wish to destroy western societies.
    We need to ask why have traitorous establishment politicians brought huge numbers of muslims into the UK; large numbers from warzones? Why has the establishment politicians, in this case the conservative party of Thatcher allowed Libyan terrorist members of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group settle in Whalley Range, South Manchester.
    We also need to ask this question of why British security & intelligence services such as MI5 & MI6 who knew Abedi allowed him to travel to Libya, Syria & back to UK without any monitoring or surveillance?
    Another question we need to ask is why Britain is involved in all these wars in the Middle East? What is the purpose of toppling regimes such as in Afghanistan & other stable & prosperous regimes in the region such as Muammar Ghaddaffi’s Libya ,Iraq & Basher El-Assad’s Syria?
    Finally, we need to ask the question who benefits from these neverending wars of aggression in the Middle East? It certainly isn’t the British people that is without doubt.
    We as nationalists should not fall into the trap of demonising all muslims, supporting foreign wars & supporting more draconian so-called anti-terror measures such as Theresa May’s Tories are proposing in their manifesto, which has plans to implement China-style government policing of the internet. We need to withdraw from foreign wars which only seem to benefit Israel, secure our borders & remove Zionist influence from our government then we may be safer in this country!!

  11. The idea is to depopulate the Middle East of young Muslim men of fighting age from Countries surrounding Israel, into Europe, where they will cause chaos and distruction. and eventually civil war,
    The Jews will just sit back and see Europe destroyed, which they have always wanted since the Romans destroyed the second temple in Jerusalem.
    Jews have long memories.

    1. Certainly the marxist jews hate us with passion and even after saving them during WWII.

      What tbey don’t realise is that once western Europe falls, the jihadists will turn on them and it will be game over them.

  12. Has anyone noticed that the MSM has downplayed the Religion of Peace mantra following the atrocity. This is a significant development.

    How can a country so bitterly divided following the 1948 Empire Windrush ever unite? It won’t. Even the indigenous are divided into nationalists and multiculturalists.

    There will be war whether we like it or not.

  13. The only times we have won wars is when the left and right were united behind a cause. This is why we won two world wars and the Falklands Conflict in 1982.

    If there was any way could get the left to understand the islamic threat we would be able to deal with the islamic problem very easily. The fact that the left have gone into overdrive to protect their ‘pet’ muslims and other BME groups suggests that our future survival is not guaranteed.

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