Alex Davies – 2017 Jonathan Bowden Oratory Prize Nominee

Last year’s winner of the Jonathan Bowden Oratory Prize has been nominated once again for a very passionate speech delivered at the South West Forum.

Last year Alex was unique amongst current nationalist speakers in that he has the ability to deliver long coherent speeches with little or no reference to notes, and while other young speakers have caught up with him in this respect, he remains the man to beat, combining fluent delivery, with dramatic impact and great passion for his subject.

Alex makes good use of humour, irony and emphasis, with dramatic gesticulations employed to emphasise the important points he makes, and as I have said in the past, his passion betrays an intense sense of mission on his part.

Editor’s note: It should be noted that while Alex Davies was once associated with the now proscribed group, National Action, this speech addresses a broadly based nationalist audience and should be interpreted as advocacy of nationalist political activism in the broad generic sense rather than specific advocacy of the aims and tactics that were specific to that banned group. The purpose of this article is merely to showcase Alex Davies’ public speaking style and there is no intention on the part of this website to promote any proscribed organisation or the tactics that led to it’s proscription.

By Max Musson © 2017

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One thought on “Alex Davies – 2017 Jonathan Bowden Oratory Prize Nominee

  1. I agree. The speech at Bristol was exceptional. He also delivered another blinder in Yorkshire at the weekend. I was there with other factions.

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