Adam T. C. Wallace – 2017 Jonathan Bowden Oratory Prize Nominee

Adam Wallace is a young man who appeared on the nationalist scene this year having risen to prominence in a less orthodox manner than most, having made a name for himself as an author on the West Coast Reactionaries webzine and as a vlogger, with his own YouTube channel, The Plebeion Podcast.

This is only Adams second speech in front of a live audience, but the experience he has gained producing his podcasts is readily apparent, in that he is confident and composed when speaking in public and also has that rare ability to speak either without notes, or with scant reference to them. Readily apparent also is Adam’s familiarity with metapolitical intellectual concepts, and his speech is richly endowed with insights that one would normally expect of a much older person.

Adam’s speaking style is fluid and interspersed with many asides in which he shares with his audience, the thinking behind the way in which he is about to approach his subject or has just dealt with it. This again is the sign of a mature speaking style and indeed many of the traits exhibited by Adam can be attributed to speaking practice he has gained as a vlogger, emphasising once again the need for those who aspire to leadership to gain as much practice as possible.

By Max Musson © 2017

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