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Western Spring is a growing British-based movement representing the interests of White people everywhere, but in particular the interests of the White people indigenous to the British Isles: the English, the Irish, the Welsh and the Scots. As such, our aims are inextricably linked to the cause of Western civilisation – steeped in history and tradition as it is – while at the same time concerned with the vital task of renewal and of forging radical new tactics and survival strategies if our people are to have the energy, the confidence and the will needed to survive and thrive in an increasingly hostile world.

Western Spring seek to draw together and co-operate with like-minded organisations so that we can co-ordinate our efforts and through synergy, maximise our impact.

Please read the following defining articles and if you support our aims, we hope you will join us:

Manifesto: Essential Truths -The Six Prerequisites

Essential Truths

Essential Truths – The First Prerequisite: Over six-hundred, quality leaders; approximately one for each Parliamentary Constituency.

Essential Truths – The Second Prerequisite: White enclaves, ideologically aware communities, from which our bid for power can be launched.

Essential Truths – The Third Prerequisite: A network of 5th columnists working behind the scenes, ready to tilt the balance in our favour once the time is ripe.

Essential Truths – The Fourth Prerequisite: An alternative media, including internet sites and a T.V. station.

Essential Truths – The Fifth Prerequisite: A powerful street presence.

Essential Truths – The Sixth Prerequisite: The necessity of a financial war-chest.

Essential Truths – The Ethics of Funding Nationalism

Key Texts

The Great White Hope?

The Great White Hope – Revisited

The Great White Hope – Encore

The Path To Power – Be Under No Illusion

The Path To Power – Laying The Foundations For Success

The Need for New Vision

The British People -Which Way Now?

Electoral Corruption

The Futility of Electioneering

Towards a New Kind of Democracy


Western Spring is not just a website. We are a community of people dedicated to achieving the Six Prerequisites and thereby acquiring the wherewithal needed to win political power and through that secure the future survival, proliferation and advancement of the British people and other White peoples of European descent, wherever they may live. Please join us:


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