A Tale of Two Activists

By Max Musson:

Bert’s Tale

Bert walks down the bare concrete steps from the foreman’s office with a heavy heart and he thanks his old mate Geoff for his support. The two men have worked together at Ferndale Metal Fabrications for almost thirty years now and although Geoff has always been a socialist, his brand of socialism is of the ‘Old Labour’, patriotic socialist variety and of all the shop stewards at Ferndale’s he has been the only one to stand by Bert – after all, they grew up in the same neighbourhood and were at school together – they have known each other all their lives.

The visit to the foreman’s office was for a very difficult meeting with the firm’s personnel manager following a complaint by two of their Pakistani workers that Bert had made thinly veiled racist comments during an incident in the staff rest room.

The allegations are nonsense of course, but Bert is an easy target for allegations of this kind because of his known BNP activism. He has twice stood as a candidate for the party in local elections, and he has been the local organiser for the last six years. Following this latest incident – one of perhaps twenty that have involved Bert over the years – Bert was issued with a final written warning and must now ‘walk on eggshells’ if he is to keep his job. Thankfully Geoff was there to provide support, or the outcome might have been much worse.

Later, Bert arrives home and is conscious of the busy evening he has ahead of him.

It is mid-May and Bert has organised a leafleting team for tonight that should be able to finish off the last half-dozen or so streets of Parkside Ward in support of their local candidate. It’s Bert’s brother David who is standing. He has been a party member, on and off, since the days of JT’s chairmanship of the party.

“How did the meeting go today?”

It’s Susan, Bert’s ‘other half’. The couple were married over twenty years ago. They have three children and Susan has been a good wife, returning to work once the children were old enough and while she has always worried, she has seen the decline of their hometown due to immigration and she has always supported Bert in his work for the BNP.

Bert explains the disciplinary situation and as he does so, he is aware of the tension and the look of worry in Susan’s eyes. They both know that they could not survive on her wage alone and if Bert was sacked for a racially related reason, they both know that he will probably not find work again.

In previous years Bert had been the candidate in Parkside, but this time he has opted to let David stand instead. Susan had urged Bert to adopt a lower profile and with this new disciplinary charge bringing further pressure to bear, it was now virtually certain that Bert would step down from being the organiser once these elections are out of the way.

It’s not just the work situation that is driving this winding down of activity on Bert’s part, his duties as organiser have in recent years meant that he has had little time to spend with his family and their three bedroomed semi is now showing the signs of long-term neglect. The garden is a mess and there is a list as long as your arm of DIY jobs that Bert has been putting off.

With his oldest already at university and the next one due to start next year, there will be a heavy drain on the family purse and both Bert and Susan have agreed that dire though the state of the nation is, the needs of their children must come first for a while.

To be honest, Bert is quite relieved that he will soon be able to hand over the responsibility of organising to someone else. Despite the steady stream of enquiries that have flowed from all of the leafleting activity, the branch has not grown at all in recent years, due to a number of people dropping out and the lack of time that Bert has had to follow up enquiries and convert them into new members. Bert has been conscious of the fact that trying to build a BNP branch in your spare time is damned near impossible given the time constraints, and it has preyed on his conscience that despite all of his efforts, and the valiant efforts of his small activist team and their occasional successes, little or no progress is able to be sustained in the long-term and existing members are dropping out as quickly as new members can be recruited.

Richard’s Tale

Just as Bert and his team head out for that last big push to finish their leafleting, a car pulls up by the side of the road in the adjacent Greenvale Ward, and out steps a smartly dressed young man carrying a brief case. He knocks at the door of one of the nearby houses and after a warm greeting from the occupants, is let in.

Our man fulfils a role that is difficult for some people to get their heads around, because it represents an unprecedented evolution and melding of roles that have hitherto been regarded as entirely separate and in many people’s minds incompatible.

The family receiving this visitor have for about eighteen months been members of a tightly knit community formed with the intention of eventually transforming our society, but more immediately, with making Greenvale district impermeable to encroachment by the town’s growing ethnic minority populations. This is a project that our visitor, Richard began about three years ago and the Hanley family who have received him this evening, are some of his most enthusiastic supporters.

Richard’s visit to the Hanley’s this evening has been to complete the arrangements for a new property acquisition in the area.

In the next street a house has become vacant and Greenvale Community Housing Trust, have arranged to buy the property using money that has recently become available as a result of two local retirements. Mr Hanley and another neighbour have just reached retirement age and they have agreed to invest a proportion of the lump-sums from their pension plans, through the auspices of the trust, to provide the deposit needed for a buy-to-let mortgage for the purchase of the newly vacant house.

Once purchased by the trust, the house will be let to a trusted nationalist family who wish to join the Greenvale Community. While the letting of the property will be administered by Greenvale Community Housing Trust, the rental income received will be paid to Mr Hanley and his neighbour to provide them with a return on their investment.

Since beginning the project three years ago, Richard has recruited into Greenvale Community Action Group a total of 152 families and as part of their commitment to the project each family has agreed to make regular donations to facilitate the growth of the organisation and the fulfilment of its objectives. Their contributions now total over £9,000 per month, approximately £2,800 of which is paid in return for Richard’s full time commitment in the role of Community Activist.

The members of Greenvale Community Action Group, are conscious of the dedication and professionalism exhibited by Richard in the fulfilment of his duties and they realise that the project of which they are a part, could not function properly or hope to succeed without someone like him to lead it.

With the rest of the money now being donated amounting to over £6,000 per month, this means that the Greenvale Community Housing Trust will be able to purchase a new buy-to-let property every few months from regular income alone and still have enough money left over to help promote the businesses that the community have created to provide employment for the nationalist families they have lining up to join them from other parts of the country.

Unlike Bert, Richard is able to perform most of his duties during the working day and his commitment to building a White Britain does not therefore impinge too much upon the time that he needs to spend with his family and that he needs to devote to the upkeep of his home.

Unlike Bert, Richard does not need to make himself a target for attack by ethnic minorities resentful of his beliefs. Richard does not advertise who he is or what he does, he does not need to. He just quietly goes about his business with complete peace of mind.

Furthermore, Richard does not have to worry what his employers might think of his vocation, because it is Richard’s vocation that provides his income, and the harder he works, the more he earns. There is no conflict for Richard between his working life, his duty to his family and his duty to our people. Unlike Bert therefore, Richard is very active, highly productive and enjoys great job satisfaction. He has no intention of curtailing his activities, because the cause he serves, that of bringing salvation to the British people, is a cause to which he has dedicated his life.

Richard is the local Community Activist for a nationwide organisation that for many years now has remained almost unseen by those outside it.

An attractive website acts as the ‘shop window’ for this organization, generating enquiries from all over the country and part of Richard’s job is follow up those enquiries and persuade the people concerned from his area to join Greenvale Community Action Group, to move to Greenvale and to make regular contributions to the organization.

In Greenvale, other members of the group act as a community, helping to find affordable housing for the newcomers, helping to find them work and helping to induct them into the life of the community.

Five years ago, Greenvale had just started to experience encroachment from the nearby Asian area of town, but as a result of Richard’s work and the work of the rest of the community, this encroachment has been halted and Greenvale Community Housing Trust together with the members of Greenvale Community Action Group now own many of the houses adjacent to the Asian area forming a permanent barrier to further encroachment.

Today, Greenvale Community Action Group control the local Parish Council and therefore the local community halls. They have a majority on the board of governors of the local lower school and one of Richard’s major achievements recently was to organise the purchase of Greenvale Church, which had closed due to lack of attendance and re-open the church as a community centre, holding regular Sunday morning meetings with members of the Greenvale Community, his loyal congregation. In this way, a real community has been created, in which young and old, rich and poor, come together as one.

Greenvale has always been a Conservative area and as a result of concerted action by the members of the Greenvale Community Action Group, all of whom have joined the local Conservative Association, they were able to have one of their members accepted as the local Conservative candidate and she is now certain to be elected as the local borough councillor.

As a result of Richard’s good work the future looks bright, in fact the future looks White, for the people of Greenvale, and the good news for Parkside residents is that as a result of the successes achieved in Greenvale, Richard has been able to recruit John, a former BNP activists, to take on the role of Community Activist for a newly formed Parkside Community Action Group.


Obviously, these two tales above are fictional, one reflecting the reality of the past, while the other reflects the possibilities for the future. There are however already people like Richard and John in various parts of Britain, who are just beginning our quiet revolution and if you can’t wait for them to reach your area, then contact me today, max.musson@hotmail.co.uk.

By Max Musson © 2014

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32 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Activists

  1. Michael Woodbridge

    - Edit

    This is the key to our racial salvation. Can anyone think of a better way? If so please tell us because, “time and tide”… and all that.

    1. Michael Woodbridge
      June 17, 2014 at 5:23 pm
      This is the key to our racial salvation. Can anyone think of a better way? If so please tell us because, “time and tide”… and all that.


      Put all our resources into truly informing the thinking part of our population of what is really going on. That a hostile alien elite has hijacked our countries through money power and are hell bent on destroying the White race.

      Lay it all our with irrefutable evidence. Name names. Tell them the truth about 20th century, and recent, history. How they have been deeply deceived by this hostile alien elite. How Whites have been slaughtered in wars because of these people and their goy toadies.

      We don’t need to go after the unthinking masses of people that inhabit all classes of society, just the thinkers. And the mass of these thinkers have been blindsided by the mass media and are oblivious to what’s really going on.

      We now have a tool, the internet, to communicate the truth to these people.

      We won’t win this war house by house. We will win it owning mind by thinking mind. The thinkers in our societies are, because of their nature, in key positions throughout society. It will be them who will overthrow our corrupt and evil “overlords”, as the thinkers determine what the non-thinkers think.

      1. If what you say is true Katana, then the struggle would already be won. There is more than enough information on the internet already to convince anyone who can think and who has an enquiring mind.
        The mass of the thinkers have indeed been blindsided by the mass media, as have the mass of those who don’t think. Both are equally susceptible to the propaganda produced by our enemies because our enemies in the mass media control the cultural environment within which we live and most people, intelligent or otherwise conform to their environment. This is why we need to create enclaves, so that in doing so we create areas of our country where WE control the cultural environment and therefore is WE who mold the minds of those who grow up within them.
        The creation of enclaves is just one of the Six Prerequisites. Please make yourself familiar with them all.

        1. Max, the existence of arguably “enough information” on the internet is only a small part of the issue. If you went back 100 years ago there was also no doubt enough information sitting on the book shelves of the British Museum for anyone curious enough to figure out who the real string pullers were and what they were up to.
          But mere existence, whether it’s on dusty book shelves or on “forbidden, hate filled, neo-nazi” or otherwise obscure websites does not make it “White race saving” information.
          For that, “White race saving information” needs to satisfy three preconditions to succeed:
          1) Exist in a coherent organized form.
          2) Be widely accessible.
          3) Be widely wanted.
          Of the above prerequisites only the first is partially fulfilled.
          As you say, thinkers have been blindsided, therefore nullifying the potential of the information that is out there, just a few mouse clicks away. The mass media propaganda is so strong that whole areas of thought are off limits to the vast majority of thinkers.
          We need to convince the thinkers first. As that happens then your Six Prerequisites can start to be carried out in a virtuous cycle. The Six Prerequisites represent a cart. They need a horse before them.

          1. Hi Katana,
            You are mistaken. There is a vast amount of information on the Internet detailing the dire state of our nation, how we came to be in this mess and who is responsible. Furthermore, as you state there has existed a similarly vast amount of information within the bookshelves of the British Museum library for many years and with the arrival of the Internet, this information which was once ‘buried’ within the pages of dusty tomes, is now just “just a few clicks away”, but still the majority of the ‘thinkers’ within our society remain unmoved.
            The reason for this is that most people, even those ‘thinkers’ of high intellect, do not make decisions based upon logic. They make decisions based upon emotion and then construct a framework of convenient ‘facts’ and ‘reasons’ to support their emotional decisions.
            The majority of ‘thinkers’ within our society make the wrong emotional decisions because they are driven emotionally to conform to the environment in which they live – an environment created by those who control our mass media.
            If we are to mold the minds of our people, we must do more than simply present coherent arguments that are widely accessible, because we already do that and it is evidently not enough. We must build a nationalist media (Prerequisite No.4) in order to influence as much as possible the socio-political environment of the nation as a whole and we must establish enclaves (Prerequisite No.2) within which we control as near as is possible, the socio-political, spiritual, educational and physical environment within which the hard core of our followers live. Furthermore, we must create and send out among our people an ‘army’ of evangelists who are trained in the art of persuasion (Prerequisite No.1), we must attempt to covertly influence the operation of the institutions of the state (Prerequisite No.3), and through street demonstrations create emotionally stirring occasions that will capture the imaginations of our people (Prerequisite No.5).
            It is only by attacking on all fronts that we will maximise our ability to shape the emotional environment within which our people live and thereby cause them, great thinkers or no, to make the right EMOTIONAL decisions. THEN, AND ONLY THEN will they have the desire to seek out the coherently organised information that has so patiently been awaiting their attention on the Internet and within the pages of the dusty tomes within our national libraries.
            The lesson we in nationalism must learn, is that the vast majority of people, irrespective of their intellectual or academic ability, make their decisions based upon emotion and not logic. Therefore our appeal to them must initially be emotional and if we are to maximise our ability to influence their emotions, we must as far as is possible create environments that stimulate the emotions we need to arouse.

          2. For white activism, the internet is almost useless in my opinion. I say this because in order to read/view the abundance of information available, one needs to know it exists. Most Britons don’t know the information exists.

            The reason mainstream media is so successful, is because it is forced upon the population. They’ll passively watch their television sets and read their newspapers irrespective of what’s on/in them; whereas the internet requires one to want to find the information sources oneself. No one can be bothered to do that, especially when the mainstream media sources say such information is evil etc.

    2. this is an excellent suggestion to compliment the BNP activism. However it leaves out one Critically important area. The counter indoctrination of our youth , or rather the inoculation of our youth to the indoctrination they receive in the so called British educational system and the entertainment system.
      The proponents of Globalism have clearly understood the Generation Gap and have sold a pup to the younger members of our society in the form of a complete disdain for British Nationalism, You will note the small size of the Nationalist Youth movement in this generation and the complete absence of any nationalist role models in the music and entertainment industry, The powers that be have well understood that the model of the drug soaked British Rocker, Started by such icons as the Beatles and the Stones and continued in the current generation with the rappers, has captivated most of the British youth.
      The only opposition model is the Christians and they are mostly apolitical, not understanding the relationship between the globalists and the forces of the antiChrist.
      You could tell them about this Max but unfortunately you are not a Christian, so this is just another fairy tale to you.
      So your community model would enjoy limited success and then fall victim to the Younger generation that would, Like Marine Le Penn has done to the organization started by her father, the Front National, steer that organization off into the wilderness of being solely opposed to Muslim Immigration, Since,as Nick Griffin has pointed out, the sole purpose of Muslim immigration is to fan the flames of a war of civilizations the Neocons intend, to both reduce the “surplus” population of the west and eradicate Islam from Africa to Afghanistan, In service of such a religious war, we are soon to be inundated with Jihadist returnees from Syria as well as more radicalized Pastuns from Pakistan.
      Jesus Christ is the answer to all things but unfortunately Max, you do not believe that.

      1. Hi Johnb, Yes this is an excellent suggestion and one which makes BNP activism redundant.
        This one article does not discuss what measures can be taken to counter the indoctrination of our youth, because the purpose of this one article is to compare styles of activism and the measures of which you speak are discussed in other articles.
        You are not the first person to criticise me for not being a Christian, but of course I am a Christian of sorts in that I was raised in a Christian household and am what I would call ‘culturally Christian’. By that I mean that I admire and respect much of what has been achieved in cultural, architectural, artistic and spiritual terms by Christendom over the last two millennia.
        For the purpose of this discussion I will not delve into theological matters, I will instead simply bring to your attention the fact that the established Christian Churches, the main proponents of Christ’s teachings, without exception, are all hostile to racial nationalism and preach a message of universalism, multiculturalism and multiracialism.
        I have great respect for those nationalist Christians who defy the teachings of their church and continue to fight for the survival of our people and I have no wish to alienate them, but we must not live in denial and must instead recognise that however much we may wish it was different, however much we might believe that Christ would have it differently, the Christian Churches as they are presently constituted are our enemies and we must search for ‘the answer’ to our problems elsewhere.

        1. Max there are two types of Christians. Believers who have experienced the spirit of Christ and who thus understand that it is Christ that is the most important thing in the world. and those who have fallen away choked by worldly concerns. The Christian who helps illuminate the light of the world, Christ, are correctly so overawed by the presence of God that they rightly put all else second. However their ignorance of the evils of the globalists makes them prey for globalist propaganda. I do not believe Jesus intended us to be ignorant of the schemes of the Evil one and his minions.
          Max if you only could realize that Jesus is not some system of beliefs but is the incarnate savior of this world, the one who will deliver you from your personal bondage to sin. then you would be able to warn people about the snares and the wiles of the wicked

          1. I’d love to believe what you say Johnb, but if what you say is true, wouldn’t it be whole lot simpler if God were to save all the pain and suffering and use his omnipotence to make us all aware of the schemes of the Evil one and his minions and put world right immediately?

  2. I think this short story explains how White people are going to have to behave if we are to ensure our long-term survival. Look at the alien races that have settled in our country: they all — even the Blacks — practice collectivism.

    In the long-term, we will have no choice other than collectivism. That or death. It is all workable, all these ideas can become manifest with applied effort, it is a case of team work, correct timing, and will-power.

    At the moment the media will attack a White mass movement the moment we start becoming a threat. I think there needs to be a question answered (to see our potential): how many members, how many donations, and how many votes can you secure when we have a hostile, anti-White media.

    This question would involve a dedicated study of the nationalist movement since the invasions started in the late 40s. We need, however, to find this out — once you know your potential, you can organize…. Then, from that, you can get to the next level.

  3. A very good allegory. We all know of the failure of the BNP, NF, and others to make any progress; and it is madness to continue doing what they are doing. I have great respect for the activists and their hard work but it is a waste of time because the end result will always be the same. So stop banging your heads against a brick wall and look at this new way of doing things.

    When we can form nationalist enclaves working together as a co-operative it will be liberating. (Just imagine being among your own folk and being free to speak your mind without fear). And when we have these enclaves then and only then can we make political progress .

  4. Saving rural towns is nice and all but how do we push through our victory? These towns won’t elect nationalist politicians to Westminster so them acting as a beacon of hope is out.
    In the end we will need a few thousand men in good shape willing to push the blade into the metaphorical dragons neck, not a few thousand well off families with cash on the hip.
    I still think we are better off stoking flames of protest, perhaps funding something similar to what that kike Soros has done in eastern Europe and allowing a core of radical National Socialists to steer the crowds towards nationalism and revolution. We would have Westminster a few months later and a mass of dead traitors.

    1. Hi SS, I appreciate your sentiments, however if we use Ukraine as a model it is easy to see how a revolutionary nationalist movement like Pravy Sektor can lose the fruits of their revolution so easily if they do not have the wherewithal, need I say it, the Six Prerequisites, necessary to emerge in control once the dust settles.
      Pravy Sektor were so close to securing control of Ukraine and they could have done it had they planned beforehand what needed to by done to cement their power.
      You are right though, we will need more than just enclaves composed of consciously White communities if we are to win and this is why we need the other five of the Six Prerequisites, and as you correctly point out, the Fifth Prerequisite especially so.

      1. With respect, I think there is a 7th pre-requistite: attitude towards the struggle. To beat these anti-White bastards there is a huge need to be better than them — we can’t be like the nationlaists of the past. We need to be better, fitter, stronger.

        For instance, we are spied on all the time. Some of these professional activists work full-time to moniter the activties of White people who oppose the genocide of their race — the nationlalists! This spying, however, could work both ways. Imagine the disgusting activities our enemies are up to? Think of the possibilies….

        Also, they engeneer events and all that. Why can’t a commited group of nationlaists do the same? The amautuerish approach to the struggle is the core reason we haven’t succeded. I have studied the so-called Far-Right right down to the begening of the last century. At that point, we had the British Aristocracy on our side and we still couldn’t win.

        It has always been the same reason why we have failed to topple to the moneyed establishment that rules over us: stupidity. The System is crumbling around them, but the establishment still thinks the British people can’t rise in their own protection. The NS beat the Marxist-capialist scumbags who ruled over them because they were superior to their rulers — we need to understand this lesson at the deepest level.

        1. There is a need for us to attend to our development as individuals – to strive to be the best we can be – and such an approach will help us to win, but such an attitude of mind is implicit within traditional nationalist thinking and does not constitute a 7th prerequisite.
          A primary reason for past failure is indiscipline and a feature of that indiscipline is the failure to act upon what we know to be right.
          We all fear failure, and while some of us can overcome that fear and take action, many people cannot. Instead, they conveniently invent all sorts of reasons for not doing what they know must be done. Subconsciously, they reason that if they don’t take action then they cannot fail, without realising that inaction is the most certain cause of failure there can be.
          When presented with a plan that will work, such people avoid playing their part enacting that plan, by endlessly inventing further refinements of the plan that shift responsibility for taking action onto the shoulders of others, and in this way they and those around them remain inert until it is too late.
          What we need to do is to focus on the Six Prerequisites and ask ourselves whether there is something more that we can do in order to enable us to acquire those assets?
          We must ask ourselves:
          Could I become one of the 600+ evangelists Western Spring seek to recruit?
          Could I join one of the enclave communities Western Spring are attempting to create?
          Could I be one of the network of 5th Columnists that Western Spring seek to create?
          Could I assist Western Spring in the task of creating a nationalist media?
          Could I become one of the street activists that Western Spring seek to recruit? … and most importantly,
          Could I join Western Spring and support their growth by making regular monthly donations?
          If we are disciplined enough to ask ourselves these questions and take the action needed to maximise our contribution, then our success will be assured.

          1. Max, these questions you pose are pertinent and I feel constitute an article on the subject of, say: “What You Can Do” or “Help Us to Help You”. Such an article could serve as a rallying point, focusing folk’s attention on what needs to be done, how to do it, and how they can help.
            The activities necessary in achieving each of the Six Prerequisites are not, of course, best-suited to everyone. That is to say, not everyone is willing or has the ability to, say, be an activist with leadership skills. Likewise, not everyone is persuasive and suited to the task of recruitment.
            I’m of course pointing out the ‘bleeding obvious’ but I do so to suggest that folk need look carefully at their own skills and interests and how they might be applied to one or more of the Six Prerequisites. In then pin-pointing an area they feel well-suited to, it is in this area where they should apply their focus and not try to be ‘everything to everyone’.
            To that end, would it not be a good idea to better organise and collate the abilities of those onboard with Western Spring/Movement of National Salvation so that, say, each person interested in the concept of, for example, nationalist media can be brought together and thereby work together for this end? The ‘media’/agitprop is, I feel, my own area of interest and ability and I at least know of one other person onboard who thinks likewise. But how many more in the Cause are of the same mindset but feel, rightly or wrongly, left out and disconnected and so have their ideas but not the support to formulate them? .
            I’ve previously suggested a private/non-public forum (vis-a-vis that of W.I.N.) wherein there could be six sections each addressing the Six Prerequisites. Here folk could thrash out ideas and move things forward. Or else, would it not be sensible to connect, by perhaps sharing email addresses, those of a similar mindset so we can get the wheels turning and initiate action rather than relying on ideas and abstraction, as I feel we presently are?
            The sincerity of those who have subscribed to Western Spring… has been ascertained. There is no reason why those onboard cannot be connected so we might actually have some action. Admittedly, there is movement behind the scenes –but how many of the members know of this? Of course, we are moving surreptitiously –but how long before members become frustrated and stagnant in view of perceived inaction?
            My constructive criticism comes from a well-meaning heart. I wouldn’t be onboard otherwise. But the movement needs to be much more that just a well-comprised and interesting website.
            I do not of course make these suggestions without myself first coming forward to assist. My time is yours. Please make it so.

            1. Hi AAA, I take on board your comments which are valid and constructive. My apologies for not making better use of your good will and desire.

      2. There are reasons beyond what is commonly known for the events of Ukraine, suffice to say the nature of the protests was never pro-EU bar in raw economic terms and pro-Ukraine entirely. The Russian proxy invasion changed matters http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2014/06/the-ukrainian-conflict-a-ukrainian-nationalist-view-part-3-the-conflict-with-russia/
        Though as you say the prerequisites would have helped. I still think a rapid upsurge in patriotic feeling coupled with street action would help, but how we do that is anyones guess.

        1. Hi SS, you say that “the prerequisites would have helped”, almost as an aside, whereas in reality the prerequisites would have assured Pravy Sektor of victory, because their prior acquisition would have meant Pravy Sektor would have thought through and planned their response to the occurrence of a revolutionary window of opportunity and they would have had at their disposal the wherewithal necessary to cement their momentary dominance.
          As it is, when the revolutionary moment of opportunity opened up before them, they had no nationwide team of evangelists, they had no nationalist enclaves, they had no network of 5th Columnists within the Ukrainian establishment, they had no nationalist media and they had no war-chest capable of sustaining their challenge and of providing them with the arms and influence necessary to secure the levers of power.
          As a street army, they had the power to defeat the police in the streets and occupy government buildings – in short to create anarchy and a power vacuum – to open a window of revolutionary opportunity – but they lacked the resources necessary to keep that window open and take advantage of it. This allowed Putin to step in, in Crimea, and take advantage of that opportunity instead, and it enabled pro-NWO factions the time needed to recover and re-assert their authority over the rest of Ukraine.
          There is an old army saying known coincidentally as the ‘Six Ps’, that “Prior preparation prevents piss-poor performance” and Pravy Sektor for all their gallant efforts and good intentions allowed victory to slip through their fingers through lack of the ‘Six Ps’.

  5. This is an OT comment, but since there is nowhere else to make such, here it is.

    It’s regarding the the photographic imagery in the banner photos of this site, the latest consisting of a close up of flowers in a field set within a blue and green out of focus background. Absolutely beautiful and also very calming. Whoever takes such photos or selects such photos for this site shows great sensitivity and a love of nature. It’s noticed and appreciated.

    But … perhaps, another aspect of nature could be occasionally emphazised, something more aggressive, more “red in tooth and claw”, to reflect our reality as we are being genocided day by day?

    1. Crazy Englishman

      - Edit

      It’s noticed and appreciated.
      I do anticipate seeing new photos you have chosen, well done on all your choices, totally suited for the new peoples dawn.
      No need to change it into something dark.

  6. It is sad this subject on the indigenous people’s survival is even being discussed. Sad is a gross understatement, perhaps the word I am looking or is tragic. I was beginning to think our only salvation due to the unrelenting numbers of immigrants and the threats of Islamification of Europe and the UK causing serious white flight would be partition like we forced on other countries in the past, but when I look at those countries I see that did not work either.

    Things WILL change of that I am sure but not until a real and violent threat to Christianity comes to the mainland of Europe.

    1. The smart thing to do, is not wait until a violent threat comes to our shores, but to act as we advocate before then.

    2. Forgive me for suggesting this, but I believe ”a threat to Christanity” has already been and gone. For instance, the Church of England are now banning ex-BNP and NF members from joining thier church. These people are pro-gay, pro-government, pro-Israel — they are anti only one thing: their own race — the White race.

      This isn’t the Middle Ages. ”If Christanity is attacked”, the churches will come out with nonsense like ”freedom for all faiths” and ”Biblical teachings teach us to be tolerant of evill”. Please, don’t get pessimistic we just have to know what we are dealing with.

      No, there are many things we have to do and many things we can do. Start with the most hated creature on this planet: young White males from 17-38. The media tells these people that to be accepted as a human being you have to be ok with all the anti-White double standards that exist in your culture, the rampant anti-White crime that is happening on such a regular basis to the vulnerable members of your race, and, for working-class White males, the recent phenomena of Asians, Africans and Arabs outperforming you in school.

      Mocked, discarded and dissillusioned, these people will be the engine of our much needed social change. You have to give these people a purpose and they will die for you. Don’t underestimate young White males — once they are motivated, they are stronger than any church…

  7. Quite a lot of white men in their 50’s find themselves redundant & unwanted, they would be likely to do voluntary work, hopefully this cause could appeal to them.
    They would have useful skills.

  8. Thanks Max for your reply.
    We seem to be in agreement that the information has been out there for a long time, although it’s obviously increased dramatically in recent years (via the internet) for those paying attention, along with a lot of corresponding misinformation and disinformation that has blunted its impact.
    Now, what you have said about the emotional barriers erected by the mass media that stops thinkers and others (more so) from delving into the real “why’s, how’s and who’s” of our planned racial destruction, is somewhat correct. But such thinkers are not all a bunch of squealing schoolgirls waiting for the right emotion to change their minds. But yes, you do need to feel something, a sense of outrage, perhaps, or something stronger.

    I came to my “awareness” not really emotionally, but through constantly “feeling” that two plus two doesn’t equal five.
    Where I take issue with you is in regard to strategy on the use of resources available to us. For me all efforts should be towards raising awareness of the threat that face Whites and the solutions to it. Whites are mostly oblivious to the threat and who is behind this threat. We need to pour all our resources into exposing our enemies and fighting them.
    Your prerequisites that help that cause are welcome, but prerequisites that talk about spending big bucks on Whites enclaves, are a waste to my reasoning. We already have White enclaves, i.e., our countries.
    In plain terms, every million bucks spent on buying White enclave properties would get far greater returns through changing minds by pro-White promotion. For example, investing one million in emotional and well done videos could generate far more returns than investing in some enclave property and its owners.
    We are in a hearts and mind war that requires a practical calculus.

    1. Katana, I have not stated that there are ’emotional barriers’ erected by the mass media. However the mass media do employ emotional appeals in order to influence the choices our people make.
      It is not a matter of acting like “a bunch of squealing schoolgirls” or of feeling “a sense of outrage” or “something stronger”, it is more often than not quite understandable everyday emotions that determine what people decide.
      Where the suppression of nationalism is concerned, our enemies have gone to great lengths to create an emotional link in most people’s minds between nationalism and Nazism and therefore between nationalism and hideous acts of genocide. This link is not created by logical argument, it is created by exposing children at a vulnerable point in their development to grotesque images of starved and mutilated human bodies, what I call ‘atrocity pornography’, in conjunction with images of National Socialist Germany. Instead of considering nationalist arguments rationally, many of our people have a Pavlovian reaction, that if you are anti-immigration you must automatically be a ‘Nazi who wants to kill six million Jews’.
      When we win, it will not be because we will have logically proven that the Holocaust has been grossly exaggerated, but because we will have created a stronger emotional link in the minds of our people between ‘diversity’ and White genocide, and between multiculturalism and child prostitution by Asian gangs.
      In order to do this we will not win if we merely attempt to ‘shout down’ the mass media, because we cannot do that unless we create an equally large nationalist media (Prerequisite No. 4), which will require vast amounts of money (Prerequisite No.6), or unless we can create for our core supporters and their families, enclaves (Prerequisite No.2) in which we can by sheer weight of concentrated numbers, dominate the environment in which they live and thereby neutralise the emotive impact of the mass media.
      Enclaves will also provide a second very important benefit, that of physical security, because while we may all hope that we can turn the situation around in five or ten years, it may actually take ten or fifteen years, or even twenty and our people are not going to be responding positively to propaganda that we broadcast if they have by then been forced to submit to life under Sharia Law and access to television and the Internet has been denied them, or like the occupants of the cars fleeing the advancing ISIS in Iraq, they have been dispatched by an AK47 wielding Jihadist.
      We don’t already have White enclaves. There are rural areas that are still almost entirely White, but they are White solely by default, because no ethnic minorities have as yet chosen to settle there. An enclave is not just a White community it is a community of White people who have made a conscious decision to remain White and who are prepared to militantly defend that choice, by all means possible.
      We are in a ‘hearts and minds’ war, and you should be aware that ‘hearts’ are swayed by emotions, not logic, and that it is the ‘hearts’ that we must win first, so that the ‘minds’ will follow. It is not simply coincidence that the phrase is ‘Hearts and minds’, rather than ‘Minds and hearts’.

      1. Max, thanks for your reply.

        “This link is not created by logical argument, it is created by exposing children at a vulnerable point in their development to grotesque images of starved and mutilated human bodies, what I call ‘atrocity pornography’, in conjunction with images of National Socialist Germany. Instead of considering nationalist arguments rationally, many of our people have a Pavlovian reaction, that if you are anti-immigration you must automatically be a ‘Nazi who wants to kill six million Jews’.”
        When I was about 10 or so, my parents went out for the evening and I stayed up late watching TV. And this “documentary” came on about the Nazis and Hitler’s rise to power, etc. Well, besides all the footage of the Nuremberg rallies and so on, the tone of the documentary turned decidedly dark, and harrowing scenes of skeletal bodies in concentration camps were shown along with harrowing music. The monstrous images of crematory ovens with remains of bodies made a searing impression, especially when I took the voice over explanation to mean that the Germans stuffed alive people into these ovens before burning them. And I suffered nightmares over those scenes. The emotional impact that these “facts” caused, along with future exposure that reinforced that narrative was that I never questioned the “Holocaust” for several decades. But now, after researching the whole thing, I realize that it’s indeed the hoax of the 20th century, or more.
        So, I’m in agreement with you there Max. The enemy of White people have not only guilt tripped us into a state of defenselessness and passivity through many decades of intense propaganda, it has got many Whites actually celebrating, cheering on their racial destruction.
        “We are in a ‘hearts and minds’ war, and you should be aware that ‘hearts’ are swayed by emotions, not logic, and that it is the ‘hearts’ that we must win first, so that the ‘minds’ will follow. It is not simply coincidence that the phrase is ‘Hearts and minds’, rather than ‘Minds and hearts’.”
        While I think the “hearts and mind” idea is useful, we shouldn’t be beholden to its literal expression. The emotional and the rational, logical aspects of our being are all intertwined and can’t be really separated out.
        For example, why do people believe in the “Holocaust”? Is it a “heart” thing or a “mind” thing? Well, obviously it is both. It started off with the “irrefutable, on the ground facts” that a holocaust took place. People’s rational side were engaged in getting to first accept these certain “facts”. At the same time the emotions were engaged with photos, film, “trials”, “testimony”, and so on to firmly fix the “Holocaust” in peoples’ “hearts and minds” as something terrible. Hollywood has then carried on with emotionally driven drivel to keep it all firmly fixed in our hearts and also preventing our brains from getting engaged.
        The same with mass non-White immigration into our countries. The jewish supremacists have laid the “intellectual groundwork” over the last few generations through subversion of our institutions to support the “rational idea” that we are all the same and that for Whites to think about their interests is “racist” and morally and rationally wrong.
        That’ll do for now.
        BTW, this is a friendly discussion I’m having here with Max, so I encourage others to pipe up and add their take.

        1. There is no logic employed in the propagation of the Holocaust narrative. It is entirely emotional.
          This is why a logical appraisal of the ‘facts’ and the numbers etc., always leads anyone with an open mind to conclude that the Holocaust did not happen in the way alleged by Judaeophiles. You were taken in initially, solely because the events were presented to you employing atrocity pornography, in such a way that the logic centres of your brain were ‘switched off’ for many years by the emotional impact of the grotesque images.
          Only when you had sufficiently recovered from the emotional impact of that atrocity pornography could you conduct a rational re-appraisal and realise that you had been misled.
          Belief in the Holocaust is therefore a ‘heart’ thing, and this is why believers so readily become hysterical when you question it’s truth. The moment one tries to examine the logistics involved, i.e. applies logic to the issue, the contradictions and logistical impossibilities become glaringly obvious.

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