A Day in Rotherham

By Shaun de Moray:

Our coach left Thurrock Services at 7:00 a.m. and I soon realised that some of us were from the BNP, some were from the NF, some from the EDL, and others, like myself, from Western Spring. None of us particularly cared what organisation the others belonged to — we were racial brothers and sisters united by a common ideal: the desire to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children — and of course, if we are to win back control of our country, this is how it must be.

I admit I was a little nervous during the journey. Anyone with any political savvy knows that the regime under which we live is anti-White and I envisioned a familiar scenario with state-funded UAF turning up to throw bottles, bricks and punches at us and being allowed  by the police to get away with it. The cause of my nervousness was not however fear of the UAF, but fear of what I might do in response. My fear was that I wouldn’t be able to control myself and that I might end up getting arrested for unleashing the anger that I feel upon one of those loathsome counter-demonstrators.

Demo 2We were protesting against the worst crimes in British history: the paedophile rape of more than fourteen hundred young white girls by Pakistani Muslims in Rotherham alone; the luring of them into drug addiction and prostitution; and the fact that all of the authorities in Rotherham, not only failed to do anything about it, but actively colluded in covering it up and concealing the racial, ethnic and religious identities of the individuals concerned!

Worse still, the police had actively hampered any attempts by the parents and relatives of the victims from taking action to rescue their daughters.

There is a line in the affairs of men, beyond which acts committed are so grievous that they cannot be ameliorated, by the delayed actions of a negligent criminal justice system, reluctantly embarking upon too little, too late — beyond which righteous anger cannot be slaked or calmed without first boiling over into violence directed at those responsible — and my senses told me that this line had been crossed.

We arrived in Rotherham town centre at 12:30 p.m. The first thing we noticed as we stepped out onto the pavement was the noise. Both close by and far into the distance we could hear the roar of nationalists giving voice to their anger in all parts of the town.

A helicopter hovered overhead and in a yellow sea of high-viz jackets, policemen struggled to hold the line against hordes of angry nationalists; some  in small groups; some in large groups; and everything in between.

Had it finally happened, I began to wonder?

There were thousands of us — our people — had the British finally woken up?

Demo 1We marched into the heart of the town behind a BNP banner and several columns of British flags. The police shadowed our group and I noticed a swarm of people walking past me, from other nationalist groups. They were handing out leaflets, selling newspapers and putting up stickers, the best of which in my opinion, were from British Movement. Theirs was a simple design: a blue background bearing a BM logo and ’14 Words’ etched at the bottom in white letters. It communicated everything that needed to be said. The police bared their teeth as these stickers sprang up all over the town.

We quickly found out why the Muslim paedophile gangs get away with their crimes, not just in Rotherham but all over the country. Many of the police present had been drawn from forces as far away as Devon and Wales, but the one thing they had in common was no sense of shame at what they had allowed to happen. There was no show of contrition and many laughed and sniggered among themselves when we confronted them, demonstrating clearly that the culture of political correctness has turned them into mindless goons for whom ‘diversity’ is the highest ”moral” ideal. Many were incapable of acknowledging the tragic human cost resulting from this degenerate ideology: and if our children must be sacrificed on the altar of diversity and racial equality, it’s a price they’re prepared to pay.

I broke off with a group of friends when we reached the town centre and climbed a series of stairs that overlooked the River Don. In front of us the EDL were demonstrating in a huge group just beyond the river. The speakers demanded that Shaun Wright step down, the Muslim paedophile gangs be brought to justice, and our people fight back to win our country. The locals watching and clapped as an awesome forest of St. George flags swayed together in a smooth, revolutionary rhythm.

I put British Movement stickers up on the walls and the locals read them and nodded in approval, and it was at this point that I knew revolution was possible, if we nationalists can manage to unify as a movement.

Although the EDL have clearly been funded by Zionists, Neo-Cons, and arms manufacturers as a way of directing public attention towards Muslims and Islam, the rank and file of the EDL are fundamentally nationalist, and that is what matters. They need to be more disciplined and not drink alcohol while they march, but who knows, there may be a need for rough-and-ready types in the grand scheme of things? And perhaps we nationalists can as a movement, guide them into healthier, more disciplined forms of activism?

Demo 4Towards the end of the day our group, some NF members, some EDL, some British Movement, and some National Action found ourselves facing several lines of smirking, police officers. They were guarding a group of ”anti-racists” who had turned up to defend the Muslim paedophiles. In unison, we turned our attention to the police and demanded that they give us answers as to why they are allowing Muslim paedophiles to continue their crimes, but all we received back was their laughter, insults, and bad manners. We walked forwards and, as a group, we shouted at them, again and again, ”Traitors!” and the police officers retreated with us following them until we reached Rotherham town centre where we were joined by more nationalists.

Eventually the retreating officers were reinforced and our group was forced to return to our coach and as other groups began returning from all other directions, I approached the police lines confronting the officers once more, and something happened that I will never forget. I stood in front of a middle-aged police officer and as I berated him, I noticed his eyes fill with water and I realised that my words were having some impact — there are still some people within the anti-White regime who have the potential to feel shame, to feel remorse and possibly to change. Many of the officers however, showed no such qualms and were a disgrace to every value that puts man above the animals. They have lost their souls!

As one officer tried to push me back, I lost my temper. I pushed forward and shouted at him, ”We are going to have a White revolution and we will have a nationalist government, a nationalist leader,and a nationalist country, and you traitors are not going to stop us.”

The anti-White police continued to smirk, but I had made my point, so I made my way back into the coach.

As we pulled away from Rotherham some of the anti-White police gave us ‘the finger’, but we had learnt a very important lesson. We had discovered that nationalists can unify across organizations and we can overrun a town and dominate it irrespective of the wishes of the establishment. We also learned that we if we are sufficiently assertive, and show sufficient determination, the anti-White regime lacks the conviction to act resolutely against us. Despite these discoveries however, we cannot be pleased with ourselves, we stopped short of visiting righteous retribution upon those responsible for raping our girls. Reluctantly, with smouldering discontent, we must console ourselves with small victories and await another day — God speed the revolution!

By Shaun de Moray © 2014

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22 thoughts on “A Day in Rotherham

  1. Excellent piece, I don’t know about the copper but it brought a tear to my eye. The police are hard cases, after all they face demos all the time, but behind the façade are husbands and fathers – they’re as vulnerable as anybody else given enough time and repetition of message.

    Remember the lesson of Ceausescu, his goons finally cracked and joined the people bringing down the whole rotten state in Romania. The establishment will scramble to cover up the seething evil infesting Liverpool, Glasgow and every other city that’s been enriched by their treachery but the cracks are visible now. The public mood is shifting and with each new revelation – Rotherham being merely the tip of the iceberg – the hope expressed in your final tirade inches ever closer.

  2. Indeed an excellent piece. The young lads of N.A. are true patriots. They are the ones who are prepared to put their heads above the parapet. Gods bless them. Gods give them strength and above all Gods give them victory.
    The police are brainwashed scum. If you aren’t multi-culty you stand no chance of getting in. They are the first line of attack on white people. It’s the police that enforce the anti-white laws. When they realise they have backed the wrong horse we should allow them to join us. Then turn on them as they have us.
    The ‘investigation’ into the remaining 50 towns that where in the report seems to be at a stop. We should be pushing for full disclosure. I suspect that the Government will try to stop or hinder as much as possible. 1,400 in Rotherham means that Nationwide the figures are going to be truly horrific. At the moment I think most people are thinking Rotherham might be a single instance. In the back of their minds they know it’s not. We must make sure people are awakened. When they realise the true extent of the betrayal our other messages will be easier to get across.
    I congratulate all sides for co-operating in Rotherham. United we stand. The Nationalists united will win. It’s in our blood. Read Kiplings ‘Wrath of the Awakened Saxon’. He knew what the white race was and what it is capable of.

  3. The petition the British papers will not print. Large scale Child exploitation by Muslim gangs now reported in Rotherham, Aylesbury and now West Midlands on an even greater scale. Imagine what would happen if this petition went viral! Together we can crush PC and bring justice to those refused it for so long. Please read, sign and importantly SHARE The petition, SHARE IT! SHARE IT… Even if you sign it or not, SHARE IT and put it everywhere.


  4. The left are now saying we are expolting these crimes ”for our own ends”. I can’t believe that they can’t understand that we never wanted these to happen in the first place. I hate the left! I admit it. Bring on the nationalist revoltion. We must ensure that these types of crimes never happen again.

    1. If the left had not been so wilfully myopic there wouldn’t be any immigrant crimes to capitalize upon . This includes all major parties in the uk . All support mass third world immigration.
      When these very same accusers shout ‘nazi scum’ aren’t they attempting to capitalize upon the holocaust legend in which it is claimed by them that the German National Socialists planned to genocide the Jews living in Europe.
      Is not political capital made out of every situation by all those in politics who can do so ?
      It is only by being able to wield supreme political power that we are able to prevent these tradgedies from being meted out to our people . In order to achieve that we must highlight our areas of concern in order that our people can make informed choices ie we make political capital. This is the nature of politics .
      Of course when these genocidal maniacs make this cynical claim , they are reckoning on being able to hoodwink our folk to this truth.
      By deliberately enabling these Pakistani rapists of English children through the systemic coverering up of immigrant crimes, they are doing the very same thing of which they accuse us, making political capital capital out of multi racialism/culturalism. Only in their case it is sugar coated shit.

    2. Yes, the liberals are extremely annoying with their attempts to capture a moral high ground on this. If it was not for their idiotic and failed world view (and their arrogant sense of superiority over anybody who disagrees) none of this would even be possible in the first place.
      I was redirected to some lefty site the other month (might have been ‘hope not hate’ or some other clone) where they even admit that they formed a ‘consensus’ to dismiss all the BNP claims about the abuse – even though they obviously hadn’t a clue whether it was true or false. They clearly did not care about actually finding out – they cared more about covering it up and/or brushing if off as lies.
      Towards the end of their blog article, it turns to the issues of how to “manage” the situation and how to, in effect, capitalise on it in terms of making sure nationalists do not get any support heading their way. Manipulation of the events seems to be okay….providing it is on their terms and for their views and goals.
      A comment left there on an accompanying article suggested that we don’t really care about what is going – on or for the victims and that we are just using it to ‘push’ our message of ‘hate’ (or whatever else they flippantly dismissed it as).
      Clearly, this whole concept of theirs is absurd.
      By their own words we are supposedly ‘far right’ and ‘racists’ and ‘nationalists’. Does this not mean, by default, that we care very deeply indeed for people of our own race, particularly our precious young white women (the only ones who can provide a future white demographic) when they are being defiled and abused in the most awful of ways by those of another race and in some cases even bearing the children of these animals as a result?
      ‘Race and Nation’ is what it is all about for nationalists. This is what people on the “far right” are here for! – To suggest we do not care about what has been going on (or for the plight of the victims) and that we are just using it as an “excuse” to be “racist” is utterly ludicrous and it just goes to show that these people do not have the first idea of what is going on, or what it is all about.
      Would they like it if if was their own daughters being treated this way? Obviously not.
      Yet for us, our people are our nation. They are all of our daughters. They have been subjected to crimes that should not be possible in a decent society, by people who should not even be present here. Of course we are going to care about it, be angry about it and point to the facts of who is doing it and how it has come to this!
      Their society, their liberal society, is rotting in filth and degeneracy of their own historic policy making. Aside from the perpetrators, they are the real scum in this picture, not those nationalists who are outraged at what things are coming to.

  5. Well done to all those in attendance.Stand together and create terror in the hearts of the corrupt filth that inhabits the political class

  6. Colonization of the UK, wholesale rape of under age English girls. Police, CPS, Politicians and the Establishment ignoring and covering up this defiling of the UK.

    It sounds like the plot of a futuristic Sci Fi Film.

  7. I was there as a WHITE, ENGLISH WOMAN for my daughters, and grandchildren. I will NEVER allow the scum of this government to change me, and I will always speak out about what is wrong with this country!
    This government allow Muslim and anyone else for that matter, to rape and groom our white children … why? … because they are scared to be called racist! Well I am NOT SCARED….and I am PROUD OF MY COLOUR!

    1. I second that Carol. I’m proud of the English, Scottish and Irish blood that flows through my veins — it’s all White! I’m proud I don’t belong to any other people! We nationalists are going to grow, and White women such as yourself prove we’re not only going to ”survive”, we’re going to win. You’re a personal inspiration.

  8. The modern day police service is disproportionately made up of men and woman in their 20’s and 30’s. Politically idealistic, eager to fill their superiors command, a corps de esprit second only to the armed forces and the provision of remuneration and working conditions far above what most people their age could receive.

    Never see the Police as a barometer of support as it is a subverted institution of the state. It will always have a stream of 20-30 year olds to be the boots on street and follow orders. It is telling about the middle aged police officer you referenced. No doubt on these demonstrations they bring in the most politcally reliable officers aka the youngest as they are children less.

    In century’s past Europe was filled with ‘Men-at-Arms’, mercenaries for hire who would fulfill whatever their paymasters commanded, whoever the people. The swearing, mocking and insults of those Police Officers is just the same as how those past mercenaries would laugh and drink as they took the peasants possessions and burnt their land. The youth of the Police service are not moral bastions of generations past but the moral gutter.

    It is we who are morally self-righteous, they stopped being that a long time ago

    1. The rape of children is the common denominator between the two issues. The differences are that the likes of Saville and Harris acted alone and were not choosing their victims on the basis of ethnicity . Apart from Saville who was a very well connected celebrity which other celebrities that were raping children were being sheilded by the police. Saville was sheilded because of his connections and in all likelyhood because he could name others and bring them down also. These pakistani rapists were shielded because those in positions of authority with a duty of care to these vulnerable girls were afraid of being accused of racism. A culture of cowardice and an atmosphere of fear has been nurtured within the Police , Social Services and all the public institutions and society at large , by and through the implementation of Political Correctness for the sole purpose of presenting the Multiracial/Multicultural experiment as a success. These girls , many of whom were known to be being abused , by the Police and the Social Sevices were sacrificed in order to present a lie as the truth.
      Nobody can or should compare the suffering of the victims of Saville , Harris and other so called celebrities with those of the Pakistani rapists . However this is where any similarities of the two types of crime end .
      Saville and Harris and other celebrities acted out of a desire to satisfy urges to rape or abuse children.
      The Pakistanis acted out of a desire to supply young English children as prostitues for others in the Pakistani /Musim community of Britain. The failure to act by the authorities in question was borne from a politically motivated lie. That is the difference.
      The establishment figures and their goons in the UAF may attempt to muddy the waters on this by pointing to the crimes of Saville as evidence that the Police were merely acting incompetantly , but those claims just simply do not bare scrutiny.

    2. …who are given disproportionate media coverage to cover up the big problem.

      It’s not just muslims either, I doubt non-Muslim immigrant gangs care much about the following the law; or the police enforcing it.

      They’ve thrown the Muslims under the bus to make it an issue of religion instead of race, to further the Zionist agenda of bringing further ‘order’ from chaos in the Middle East and to protect the ‘British black’ and ‘British indian’ so the whole thing does not become a full rejection of multiracialism.

      In England the Pakistani population is around 1.2 million when the non-white population is 8 million (not counting illegals). Do we really think in those seedy areas of London, Birmingham, Manchester etc that these non-white gangs accompanied with booze, drugs and money, driving around towns at night are not doing just the same to naive British girls as the Pakistani’s in Rotherham? Are black drug dealers pimping women hooked on drugs abiding by the age of consent?

      Same Social Services
      Same Police Service
      Same Politicians
      All throughout the country

  9. Shaun Wright has resigned so obviously the march worked and did its purpose.

    Time to sue the Police for negligence, it will serve them right. Perhaps we should contact the UN about child grooming and if they do nothing go straight to President Putin and embarrass our corrupt leaders.

    1. It’s great Max, that we’re starting to get people listening. When I was younger, I took many, many years of abuse because I CARED about my race — nowadays, it’s changing, and the nationalists are starting to be the ones who point the finger. We, however, aren’t cruel like them: we will restore a country where White children won’t have to deal with the mess they made — of course, that makes us ”Nazis”. Well, call us what you like. We are fighting for the 14 words; what are they fighting for?

  10. Whilst eating my breakfast this morning before heading off to work, I caught a glimpse of the National Action video (and banner) being shown on the BBC Breakfast programme.
    Apparently, according to some unnamed source (that the BBC must have talked to down the nearest pub), there is a ‘far fight nationalist’ backlash going on in England….and some lads walking down the street with a banner stating ‘white youths against….” was chosen as the accompanying visual.

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