10th John Tyndall Memorial Meeting in Preston

By Max Musson:

This weekend in Preston there was a packed hall at the 10th annual John Tyndall Memorial Meeting with an audience in excess of one-hundred and thirty gathered to hear speeches from a lineup of eight distinguished speakers, in addition to meeting chairman Keith Axon, and event organiser Mark Cotterill.

Tyndall 1John Tyndall is widely regarded as one of the greatest, if not the greatest British nationalist leader our nation has so far produced. He was a theoretician, tactician, and writer of great merit, and of course an exceptional orator. It was under Tyndall’s leadership that the National Front reached its zenith in 1979, with approximately 22,000 members and was able to field 303 parliamentary candidates in the general election that year.

There were eight speakers at this years meeting, in addition to the chairman and organiser, including; myself; Andrew Brons (BDP); Peter Rushton (Heritage & Destiny); Jez Turner (London Forum); Richard Edmonds (NF); Steve Frost (British Movement); a representative of the World Church of the Creator; and an irrepressible Francesco Fontana, the veteran Italian Nationalist.

The main theme for the meeting was set by Keith Axon in his opening address when he stated his dissatisfaction with the current fractured and divided state of nationalism in Britain today, and his hope that some way of bringing about greater unity would soon be found.

This theme was reinforced in my speech when, referring to the ‘pathological altruism’ that we Europeans are alleged to suffer from, I asserted that ‘pathological egotism’ among nationalist leaders was if anything an even greater problem and is the primary cause of the current nationalist disunity. I pointed out that of the myriad number of nationalist political parties and groups that have existed in recent years, most of them have near identical policy schedules, and most if them advocate near identical methods for promoting their ideas.

I stated that for some so-called leaders, the importance to them of having their own particular favoured wording on the policy schedule and their own name listed as leader, is more important than the fate of our nation, and that this is a betrayal of our people. I called upon such people to dare to be ‘big fish, in a big pond, with other big fish’, rather than remain the sole ‘big fish, in their own little pond’.

In my speech, I pointed out the thoroughly flawed and corrupt nature of the current electoral system in Britain and that this factor alone would make it impossible for a nationalist party, relying solely on electioneering, to acquire political power in this country. As a consequence, I called upon other nationalist groups and parties to stop wasting time, energy and resources in futile electioneering and to throw their weight behind our drive to achieve the Six Prerequisites, without which it will be impossible for our nationalist movement to gain power.

I stated that a moratorium regarding electioneering is required, during which we nationalists should take the time needed to acquire the assets required if we are ever to mount a serious challenge for power in this country. To this end I quoted the great oriental strategist Sun Tzu, from his book The Art of War, I also quoted the late great Dr William Pierce, and I quoted John Tyndall himself, who stated on page 491 of his book The Eleventh Hour, “From 1983 onwards, we resolved that our party would concentrate its entire resources, such as they were, on a programme of long-term organisational development, with a view to eventually acquiring the means necessary to make its voice heard properly by the nation, rather than continually butt its head against the brick wall of the electoral system in circumstances in which, as at that time, it had no hope of making any significant dent.”

John TyndallIn particular, I referred to the Sixth Prerequisite, concerned with the creation of a funding system capable of raising the vast sums of money that we nationalists will need in order to equip ourselves with the wherewithal needed to secure political power. I mentioned how the suggestion of this was critically received in some quarters; people who were somewhat jaded following the financial controversies surrounding the decline of the BNP; people who have suggested that such a fund raising programme is not feasible; or who have suggested that it is immoral to ask poor people to donate on a regular basis, however, I went on to quote the following paragraphs from John Tyndall’s The Eleventh Hour, showing that in every respect, the Western Spring fundraising programme is entirely in keeping with John Tyndall’s values and beliefs:

On page 530: “There is a further need which requires strong emphasis. In various places throughout this book I have pinpointed the role of money in making for political power. It is indeed the crucial role, for behind every degenerative and nationally ruinous tendency that we can see in British life money will be found providing the fuel and giving the direction.

“If a great movement with policies for national recovery is to be created, vast resources of money will be needed to make that movement possible. Money is required for the construction of an effective political machine, with full time professional operatives in every area. Money is needed to create counter-media to oppose the mass media of the present, with the inestimable billions that they have behind them. Money must purchase the amenities for the patriotic message to be properly heard.

“In this regard, patriots of the British race must learn something from the example of those of other races, notably the Jews, whose money power has set up the juggernaut of World Zionism. Zionism is today powerful — some would say all-powerful — precisely because within Jewish communities everywhere there is ample number of people prepared to put huge funds at the disposal of those who operate the International Zionist power machine. As long as this remains a fact, and as long as those who are the victims of this power machine are unprepared to put their own money where their sentiments are and finance a machine to counter it, it could be said that there is some justice — however disagreeable it is to us — in the hegemony that the Zionists enjoy.”

JT 11th HourAnd on page 531: “As I write these words, I am reminded of an elderly couple in the Western part of the Greater London area who once regularly sent us cheques of £100 or £50. I know their means were very modest, and that they could not really afford this generosity, anymore than we could afford to refuse it!! These people put to shame others of much more substantial means whose contributions do not even match theirs in absolute terms, let alone proportionately.”

In closing, I stated that it was a betrayal of our people to continue to waste valuable time, money and resources on futile electioneering; it is a betrayal of our people to deny the overriding need for us to accumulate vast resources before we can realistically challenge for power; and it is a betrayal of our people to allow egotism and personal ambition prevent the unity that is so desperately needed if we are to achieve our political aims.

I can report that I am currently in the process of contacting the leaders of other nationalist groups and parties, to sound them out regarding a unity conference that will hopefully set in motion a process of convergence leading to greater unity. I will report again later this year on the progress in any, that I have been able to make.

By Max Musson © 2015

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23 thoughts on “10th John Tyndall Memorial Meeting in Preston

  1. Spot on Max!

    As always, you nailed the important points home to which there can be no reasonable response from those who heard the speech or have read the above article, other than to agree with you.
    I hope your mission to bring other ‘leaders’ together in some sort of ‘unity’ bears much fruit and that these ‘leaders’ take cognisance of the fact that they are currently wasting everyone elses time, money and resources.
    Excellent work, Max

  2. I am pleased to hear of your efforts to establish firm common ground for true British patriots. Those who are honest will abide, those who are more interested in their own self-aggrandizement (no matter how petty) will not.

    As H, the Great One himself, once said, “The smaller they are, the bigger they must make themselves appear”.

    I must say, i’ll bet Mr Edmonds was spitting feathers when you decried the shambolic impertinence of electioneering among so-called patriotic parties that are simply not equipped (in any way) for a modern democratic process that is fundamentally built to prevent their ascendancy.

    The future must be based on a seizure of the reins of this nation – Westminster simply will not allow Proportional Representation in this country; not when the National Debt would be at risk of default (the full reason for the emplacement of our modern degenerate Parliamentary Democratic multi-party system). But first, True Britons must be coaxed into seeing their existence through a racial lens. Materialism is for Marxism.

  3. It’s certainly the right thing to do if a little ovedue to contact other Nationalist leaders, but I know of others who have tried the same thing and failed. For some strange reason it doesn’t seem to be in our nature to pull together when it comes to politics, that is how we are being picked off.
    Third worlders can come into this country and in a short time be elected into Government, we all know who we’re talking about here, yet Nationalists can’t even get a seat.

  4. Probable one of the most important articles ever posted on this site. Building a genuine movement of unity is necessary for the survival of our Nation.
    I agree it is pointless throwing money away at contesting elections in the current climate. Being a Nationalist is an expensive devotion, however I am sure committed activists will set up standing orders etc once there is something concrete assembled. I sense a coming together certainly after the events at Dover a number of weeks ago.

  5. Max Musson:”it is a betrayal of our people to allow egotism and personal ambition prevent the unity that is so desperately needed if we are to achieve our political aims.”

    Absolutely spot on Max! I hope those refusing to even discuss the issue will be named and shamed, so that they and their organisations can be exposed, shamed and shunned..

    This is not the 1960’s,70’s,80’s etc when there was still time to try different approaches. The situation now is so dire, the time left so short, and the future,without unity, so bleak, nothing less then the all of Nationalism fighting as one will do!

    Sadly money will always be an issue, probably more so now than in the recent past, as it is our own kind, the British, who pay the real price for all this massive immigration, The British are the ones being forced into poverty,unemployment or under-employment, homelessness and despair.
    We Nationalists must prove we can offer our own a decent future!

  6. Max, you write of your dissatisfaction with the current fractured and divided state of nationalism in Britain today, and you express your hope that some way of bringing about greater unity will soon be found.

    But Max, the Preston J.T. meeting that you attended and addressed is itself an excellent example of Nationalist unity: the one hundred and thirty or so in attendance, the speakers on the platform all come from different parties and organisations or none, And there are other such successful gatherings taking place up and down the country where Nationalist, irrespective of party card, meet up and confirm our common principles. This is the working, pragmatic Unity which we enjoy at the moment. And given the bigger picture of British society and politics, and given the destruction of the BNP, it is quite sufficient.for now.

    We know that the four million votes that went to UKIP at the General Election, were cast to a one-man band, protest party without any roots or presence in the community. And there is every prospect that the Labour Party will experience soon a very destructive civil-war, following Corbyn;’s promotion as leader of that hateful party. Meantime there is the serious threat of more NATO-led wars, more mass migration of multi-millions, and a further deterioration in peoples’ standard of living. The important aim is to keep the nationalist movement together, “party unity” can come later.

    1. Hello Richard, When you refer to the “important aim [of keeping] the nationalist movement together”, I believe the ‘togetherness’ to which you refer is illusory. There may be a number of meetings at which a variety of individuals belonging to various nationalist groups occasionally meet, and while this may be sufficient to enable us to each get to know other like minded people, there is no unity of action, there are no economies of scale and there is no synergy at work, to aid the advancement of our objectives.
      You still seem to be labouring under the misapprehension that electioneering is the ‘be all, and end all’ of nationalist endeavour, when in reality it is at present one of the least effective forms, if not the least effective form, of political activity. Furthermore, we should not be content to wait in the hope that future events outside our control may one day align in our favour, because this may never happen. We must take the initiative and be the masters of our own destiny and that means working together as a united movement at the earliest possible opportunity.

  7. I applaud the steps being taken to bring unity. It doesn’t matter if it has been tried before and failed. That doesn’t mean it will do so again. As already stated things are different now. General publics attitudes are changing too.
    Good idea to name and shame those who won’t pull together.

  8. Max – I applaud your efforts for Nationalist unity, but I doubt if it will be achieved by telling the leaders of our various Nationalist political parties that they are wasting their time. Perhaps they are, or perhaps – as per Richard Edmonds above – a change in the tide will bring back electoral success.

    I think we need a political party to keep a nationalist presence in the public eye – one political party, not half a dozen tiny grouplets. We need a street presence (EDL, NA, Britain First) for the same reason. We need social and networking opportunities such as those provided by the London Forum. Finally we need a wider movement to develop intellectual, ideological and fund raising activities – particularly among people who cannot otherwise be active – and that is where Western Spring comes in.

    1. Great minds think alike, as they say. Frederick Dixon puts the very points that I was mindful to say: we do have a functioning movement, which of course needs to be deepened and expanded in all fields as Frederick Dixon describes, and in the time there will be a natural convergence towards unity. IMO that will take time. But given that the problems are accelerating mightily and the dangers of us becoming a despised, dispossessed minority in our own country become ever more obvious, the circumstances driving the Unity you seek, Max, may come more quickly – challenging though those circumstances may be.

  9. Michael Woodbridge

    - Edit

    John Tyndall would have been pleased had he been able to see how on the tenth memorial anniversary of his death racial-loyalists started to look for ways in which they might effectively work together again.
    There is however one proviso. Martin Webster, love him or hate him, once said when asked about the scope for co-operation with other European patriots that there are enough “nutters from our organisation without having to take responsibility for continental “nutters” as well. Whilst I don’t generally agree with Martin on this point I was perturbed about Max’s reference to the “irrepressible Francesco Fontana” who had, mistakenly in my view and the view of quite a few others, been asked to speak at the John Tyndall Memorial Meeting.
    Mr. Fontana isn’t some sort of comic character from an Italian operetta, he is a member of the Azov Battalion fighting the Russians in the Ukraine. Although not every one would agree that Putin is a more worthy champion of our European values than the American/Zionist puppets in the Ukraine,the weight of racial-nationalist opinion is nevertheless probably on Putin’s side.
    Mr. Fontana has come to Britain with the purpose of recruiting supporters for his absurdly named “Misanthropic Division”, “division” being the operative word! He spent the first part of Andrew Brons’ speech chatting in a loud voice to all and sundry so it was difficult from where I was sitting to follow Andrew’s words, until that is,a public spirited member of the audience marched across the room and rapped on his table in a threatening manner.
    It soon became apparent that Mr. Fontana was what is referred to euphemistically by journalists as “tired and emotional”. Instead of giving a speech he just chatted with the audience but didn’t stay on to hear anybody else. All this might have been forgiven if we hadn’t also learnt the measure of the man who has admitted that by joining the Azov Battalion he wanted “a chance to kill people without responsibility” http://www.liveleak.com

    1. Mike, I agree with you that staging the interview with Francesco Fontana as part of a series of political speeches was probably a mistake, not least because of his irrepressible manner such that interviewing him was rather like interviewing Oliver Reed for example.
      While Francesco Fontana is ideologically motivated, he is not a politician, he is a warrior and his words are therefore not carefully chosen in the way a politician’s words would be. He expresses himself through words that reflect his un-restrained emotions, without any artifice, and as a consequence, he upsets some people and because of his lack of polite manners, he irritates others, but the interview with him was valuable in that it gave us an insight into his world; fighting for National Socialism in Ukraine against Putin’s Russia and fighting for National Socialism in Syria against Obama’s New World Order. He was the first to admit the irony of appearing to fight in favour of the current pro-Western government of Ukraine, which he detests, and appearing to fight in Syria alongside the allies Putin, who he similarly detests, but he felt that Pravi Sektor and the Azov Battalion deserved his support in Ukraine and that Assad deserves his support in Syria.
      As I have said, he is a warrior and makes no pretence at being a political leader or theoretician and therefore we must judge him on that basis. As for the interview? In my view it would have been better to have interviewed him privately, so that a wider audience, of a possibly more delicate disposition, could have watched an edited final product rather than be ‘rudely’ confronted at a political meeting by the raw and unexpurgated Francesco Fontana, who I actually liked and found an amusing and interesting person to speak to.

  10. All this talk of uniting existing Nationalist groups is a fantasy, most of the groups and parties around don’t actually have a lot in common. Ignoring the street gangs, we have the BM,NF,BDP,BNP,NA and LibertyGB, can any sane person see any of these two groups uniting, if so why?

    1. Hi John, BM and NA have for some time been engaging in joint activities, as have some elements of the NF. Then BDP is a clone of the BNP and was deliberately established as such by the party’s founders, and Liberty GB is little different, and therefore there are great areas of tactical overlap in adition to the obvious ideological overlap. With the exception of NA and BM, the main factors holding these groups apart are the egos of their leaders.

      1. Max. I’m sure what people are thinking about is an all embracing united Nationalist Movement. I do accept that the BM and NA would co-operate, however, the BM (like the NF) have been around for years and I can’t see them submerging their identities. The BNP leadership have a tight grip on the party, and in a small way are gaining strength so are only interested in swallowing up other groups, the BDP are proud of their clean image and likewise would see uniting under the BNP banner a step backwards etc etc.
        Like a lot of former BNP members I favour the electoral road, I’m not attracted to anti-Muslim groups like BF or Liberty GB, or National Socialist groups, or street groups (like the NF have become), Griffin has dragged the name BNP through the mud, so it’s an easy decision to support the BDP.

        1. Taking your last point first, British nationalism will not achieve political power through electioneering until we have first achieved the Six Prerequisites. Without the Six Prerequisites, or the direct intervention of the Almighty (if you believe in such things), it will be impossible for a British nationalist political party to win a general election. So supporting the BDP, BNP, Liberty GB or BF, is a futile waste of time, money and effort.
          I don’t make the foregoing statements with any pleasure. It would be wonderful if all we needed to do is get lots of people to stand as candidates and to wage the best campaign we can on a relative shoe-string for electoral success to be ours, just as it would be nice if it really was Christmas every day, but an adult appraisal of reality tells us that cannot be.
          It almost certainly will not be possible to achieve total movement-wide unity, but we must try to get as many groups as possible committed to a process of convergence that will bring as many together as possible.

          1. Christmas every day!
            I find once a year hard enough!
            Or expensive enough.

            But yes hopefully we will see more cooperation which would be the Christmas present we hope for.

  11. Although I don’t say electioneering is the be all and end all, small sensible demos have their place and other propaganda stunts. However, it is through election work that people are recruited on the door step, propaganda is distributed, contacts are made with other non- Nationalist parties. Like it or not the man or woman in the street will invariably only join a ‘normal’ political party that does things like other parties do i.e fights elections. I don’t think we will ever have a Nationalist Govenment, however, look for instance at the Green Party who will never take the reigns of power, but look at the influence they have. Even electing local councillers very much pushes the cause forward.
    I’m too old to spend time and money on fancy full ideas that lead to yet another dead ends, so we are not getting MP’s elected, but we are recruiting and spreading our ideas which in the present climate is, in my humble opinion, very much cost effective.

    1. Hi John, you state, “Like it or not the man or woman in the street will invariably only join a ‘normal’ political party that does things like other parties do i.e fights elections”, however this is not true. Western Spring have successfully recruited people who have never previously been members of a political party and who have no desire to join a political party. They have joined us because we offer a new and different way of furthering our cause and of achieving political power, which is not in the slightest bit fanciful.

  12. The New British Union, a party that seeks to carry the legacy of Sir Oswald Mosley into the 21st Century, was also represented at this grand pan-nationalist meeting. I delivered a speech on the ‘Quiet Revolution’, a concept that evokes political activism rising from the local level of Parish and Community Council representation.

    Unity can only exist in a sphere in which petty factionalism is put to one side. Some of us will invariably disagree with Sir Oswald Mosley – we are all human beings, afterall, with different tastes. To attempt to delete from the record the participation of a particular nationalist group in the John Tyndall Memorial, would seem to myself counter productive. Nonetheless, I look forward to achieving without any allowance for personal hurt feelings. I look forward to updates, and more so, to doing my part if called upon.


    1. Hello Gordon, You will notice from the way it is phrased that the list of speakers I mentioned in this article was not intended to be exhaustive. There were two other speakers who were not included on the list. There was therefore no intention to specifically ‘delete’ anyone or any group from the record.

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